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'^ ' 




As we walk across this stage, we start a new chapter 
Never forget the good times of joy and laughter 
New memories to be made, a new life to begin 
Never forget this day, we all grew within. 



Class of 2006 Yearbook Staff.! 

Christopher ISIosal, ^PD^dJ^ Sto^S, <AUpuyr^<i>v<i1iia^, 

manda Wockins, JAsfiCey Sampson, Qle^^wHohney, 

SamantHa Sweeney, (S^mily Perkins, JiCCian Viaferio 











ffi» lOSS'St ai a S 





» : , \.,^- 



Joanne Agular 
Allied Health 

Kimberly Allen 
Social Studies Department 

Tracy Anzuoni 
Educational Support Staff 

Nichelle Armstrong 

World Languages 


Thomas Banning 

Special Education 


Mary jane Banville 

Special Education 


lames Barton 

Michael Bastoni 

Technology Education 


Marilyn Batchelor 
English Department 

Christine Belmonte 

Special Education 




Diane Blaisdell 
Mathematics Department 

Christine Benoit 

Colin Brodd 

Worid Languages 


Edward Brown 
Mar/cet/ng Department 

Susan Burgess 
Secretary-Main Office 

Carol Burke 

Special Education 


William Burkhead 
Athletic Director 

Arthur Butters 

Health Education 



Karen Bernstein 



Hii ^1 

Gary Boccaci 

^^H ^ ^^H 


^^B. ^^1 

Jackie Bouley 

^Hl ^^ l^^l 

Family & Consumer 

^^^^^B ^^^^1 

Sciences Department 

^^Bm. j^H 

Judith Brisbois 

^^^Kl^ ^^H 

Educational Support Staff 


Michael Cabral 
Mathematics Department 

Michael Canavan 
Adjustment Counselor 

Mario Cedrone 
Credit Recovery 

Nancy Chadwick 
English Department 

David Clark 
Social Studies Department 

David Clemence- 


Special Education 


Emerson Coleman 

Physical Education 


Gloria Comeau 
Educational Support Staff 

Elaine Connell 

Special Education 


Walter Correa 

Stephen Corvini 
Mathematics Department 

Meredith Cossehoom 
Educational Support Staff 




yanef Costa 
Educational Support Staff 

Barry Cowgill 
Marketing Department 

Jennifer Crane 
Educational Support Staff 

lames Crosby 
English Department 

L Sheldon Daly 

Special Education 


Leonel DaRosa 
Guidance Counselor 

Maria daSilva 

Nancy Dawson 

Virtual High School 


Dawn Diedricksen 
Science Department 

Melanie Dolloff 
Mathematics Department 


Sarah Dominick 

World Languages 


William Drew 

Physical Education 


Andrew Dugan 
English Department 

Donna Eddy 

Health Education 


Kimberley Edson 

Special Education 


Rachel Fallon 

World Languages 


William Farrell 
Social Studies Department 

Stephanie Finn 

Physical Education 


Gardiner Fiske 
Science Department 

Nancy Flanagan 


._.__1 U_JHJJ..», 



Kathleen Fleming 
Educational Support Staff 

Eric Foley 

Physical Education 


Margaret Foley 
Mathematics Department 

Dorothy Follette 
Secretary-Student Services 

Jeanne Gillis 
Educational Support Staff 

Patricia Clynn 
Science Department 

jo-Anne Cretemeyer 
Guidance Counselor 

Douglas Griswold 
School Psychologist 

Jeremy Hales 
Social Studies Department 

Betsy Hall 
Guidance Counselor 


Dianne Harrison 

World Languages 


Susan Hillman 
Educational Support Staff 

Emily Hogan 

World Languages 


Elizabeth Hugties 
English Department 

Mary Humberd 
Mathematics Department 

Cynthia l-lunter 
Educational Support Staff 

Karen Irvine 
Science Department 

Donna Johnson 
Educational Support Staff 

Robert Jones 
Mathematics Department 

Eileen Kelley 
Secretary-Main Office 


r-jCTc/* . A M > ._«ft JB .m^-M 





Maureen Kemmett 

Special Education 


Erin Kennedy 
Social Studies Department 

Karen Kerry 
Educational Support Staff 

Paul King 
Mathematics Department 

Lynn Larracuente 
Social Studies Department 

Sharon Lasky 
English Department 

Kim Latosek 
Educational Support Staff 

Bryant Lefehvre 
Mathematics Department 

Lois Levine 
Science Department 

Emma lo Manley 
English Department 


Frank Marino 

Special Education 


Marijane McCormaci< 
Englisti Department 

Jacky McDonough 
My Turn Coordinator 

Glenn Meunier 
My Turn Coordinator 

Steven Moore 
Social Studies Department 

Leslie Morris 

Benjamin Morse 
Science Department 

Ann Motyka 

Physical Education 


Jill O'Reilly 
Educational Support Staff 

Dana Perlow 
Social Studies Department 


'1 ■ . -'UBCftf S<: a^ . 

Roger Perry 
Science Department 

Donna Petrangelo 
English Department 

Jonathan Porter 
Music Department 

Linda Randall 
Mathematics Department 

John Ready 
Social Studies Department 

Patricia Reardon 
School Nurse 

Elizabeth Robbins 
Science Department 

Maureen Rosa 
Secretary-Data Processing 

Carolyn Roseberry 
Educational Support Staff 

Nancy Rozak 
Science Department 


Catherine Sampson 
Art Department 

Christine Sampson 

Special Education 


Irene Sarke 
Educational Support Staff 

Robert Savage 

Technology Education 


Cynthia Scan Ion 

Erin Serrilla 
Educational Support Staff 

Diane Sherman-Colerick 

World Languages 


Douglas Short 
Art Department 

Susan Silva 
Educational Support Staff 

Deborah Smith 

Special Education 



M.A/J.'.jl, ■« lAi 

'~ "■*■*' ' - - 



James Soden 
Mathematics Department 

John Swanson 
Science Department 

Mark Tanguay 
Guidance Counselor 

Beverly Thomas 

Family & Consumer 

Sciences Department 

Stephanie Thompson 

Physical Education 


Sylvia Thornton 
Music Department 

]udy Tortora 

World Languages 


Andrew Williamson 
English Department 

Dorothy Woods 
Secretary-Main Office 

Elizabeth Zurolo 
English Department 




» 1 NjBt/Coiiilcsy Evjiett Collcclion 





Fi/AP«ide World PholosI 

"'^^tj An()rea-Bsoli«i/AR/Vyi(Jc.W9riIf15T[ITO5 

^ *''"^>./'», 

V /'^ ' 


• * • « • • 

■ ;t ^ , ■ 

ViMor R Caivai 

SDoris • Faces 

Mario Tama/Getty Images 

. "••if» 

' '-n- 

4 -f^^ 

25 Hurricane Katrina strikes Florida. 

Hurricanes ravage the Gulf Coast region in the fall of 2005, posing an unprecedented test of 
the United States federal emergency response efforts. Hundreds of lives are lost and thousands 
are left homeless in the wake of Category 4 Hurricane Katrina, followed by Rita and Wilma. 
The tragedy spurs contributions of money, talents, homes, food and more in an attempt to 
-y raise spirits and rebuild the area. 

muvUPmU World Ptiofcs 


28 Mandatory evacuation of both New Orleans 
and Mississippi is ordered as Katrina becomes | 
a Category 5 storm in the Gulf of Mexico. 

29 Downgraded to a Category 4 storm, Katrina 
hits land. 1 .3 million homes and businesses 
lose electricity in Louisiana, Mississippi and 
Alabama. 30 levees are breeched, flooding 
New Orleans and leaving 1 00,000 people 
stranded. After slow government response, 
civil unrest and looting begins. 

IfM^- < Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, 
-' ' - rsn President Bush and New Orleans Mayor Ray 
^ Nagin survey the damage in New Orleans. 

31 President Bush surveys the damage. 

1 30,000 National Guard troops are deployed. 
Gas prices spike to as high as $5 per gallon. 

2 President Bush visits Louisiana and signs 
a $10.5 billion relief bill. Nearly 154,000 
evacuees arrive in Texas. 

4 The New Orleans Superdome is evacuated. 

6 President Bush and Congress pledge to 
investigate the flawed disaster response. 

9 Government-issued debit cards are 
distributed to evacuees. The program fails 
and is ended days later 

12 Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency | 
Management Agency resigns. Flooding is 
down to 50 percent in New Orleans. 

14 New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin announces 
a phased repopulation plan. 

1 5 New Orleans begins to reopen. Katrina is named 
the most destructive hurricane in U.S. history. 

20 Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco 
declares a state of emergency as 
Hurricane Rita strengthens off the coast. 

22 Rita hits the Louisiana coast and heads 
for Texas. 

23 Thousands evacuate eastern Texas and the 
9th Ward of New Orleans floods once again 
after levees are overrun. 

24 Hurricane Wilma hits southwest Florida. 

Thousands of Louisiana evacuees receive shelter and 
medical care in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. 

Micfrael OeMocho^ll^tiouse News Servicelandov 

•■ Many animals left behind during ' ■ 
evacuation are rescued and given 
shelter or reunited with their owners. 

Homes across the country 
are opened to families left 
homeless in the wake of 
Hurricane Katrina. 

Thousands of volunteers help 
Habitat for Humanity rebuild 
homes in Louisiana, Mississippi 
and Alabama. 

■*■ Three months after Katrina 
strikes, the first New Orleans 
public school reopens on 
November 28. 

EPA/n|mel DemeiunMk ^ ^^B*^ 

ISusan Walsh/AP/wme World 



On October 15, Iraqi voters ratify a 
U.S. -supported draft constitution tfiat 
estabiisfies a federal state. A second 
election, in December creates tfie 
new government's first parliament. 

■*• Several airlines declare 
bankruptcy due to huge fuel, 
labor and security costs. 
Passengers see fees for pillows, 
aisle seats and more as carriers 
seek new revenue sources. 

During rush hour on July 7, 
London is hit by terrorist 
attacks. Bombs strike one 
bus as well as the city's 
underground trains, leaving 56 
people dead and 700 injured. 


\ # 




^ John G. Roberts Jr. becomes 
the 1 7th Chief Justice of the 
United States Supreme Court 
following the death of William 




Faces of Melh'7Courtesy Mullnomali Count'' 

r^^ ^^1 



In January 2006, Ellen 
Johnson-Sirleaf Is sworn 
in as Liberia's president, 
making her Africa's first 
elected female leader. 

Vice President Dick Cheney's 
top aide I. Lewis "Scooter" 
Libby resigns after being 
indicted in October on criminal 
charges relating to the leaking 
of a CIA officer's identity. 

Despite his years of anti-gang 
advocacy while in prison, on 
December 13, former Crips 
gang leader Stanley "Tookie" 
Williams is executed by lethal 
injection for four 1979 murders. 

Methamphetamine use becomes a national 
crisis as meth-related crimes skyrocket on the 
West Coast and in the Midwest. Pharmacies 
remove pseudophedrine products from shelves 
in an effort to control meth production. 

E^jt>Np^ f^^^ 

Lanclou Boti Strong. Pool/AP/Wide World 


' On January 2, 2006, an explosion at the Sago Mine 
in Tallmansville, West Virginia, traps 13 miners 
260 feet below the surface. Sadly, only one of the 
miners is pulled out alive. 

► In October, former Iraqi dictator Saddam 
Hussein goes on trial in Baghdad, pleading 
innocent to the murder and torture charges 
against him. 

i Hoping to restart the peace 
process with the Palestinians, 
Israel evacuates the Gaza Strip, 
an area it has occupied since 
the 1967 Six-Day War 

■ Civil unrest rocks France as more than 
300 towns and suburbs explode with 
riots and arson. High unemployment, 
racial discrimination and rage are 
blamed for the outbreaks. 



and Ralnre 

"*• A global pandemic Is feared as the avian 
flu claims 73 lives in Asia by the end of 
December and threatens to spread across 
the world. 

■ After seven years and 2.88 
billion miles, NASA's Stardust 
capsule returns to earth carrying 
dust particles from the tail of the 
comet Wild 2. Scientists believe 
the samples hold clues to the 
formation of the Solar System. 

■*■ The American Dental Association 
cites bottled w/ater and its lack of 
fluoride as a major contributing 
factor in the rise of tooth decay 
in children. 

■*• According to recent research, 
chocolate can be a healthy 
treat thanks to its high content 
of flavonoids, which help maintain 
good circulation and reduce 
blood clotting. 

Bogdan Cnslel/Reuters/Corbis I 

i Trastuzumab 
;^^ With Diluent 

Muiti-dose Vat 

\ 440 mg 




LOT 43 -' 

A vaccine that may potentially fight recurring 
cancer cells is successfully tested on 14 
breast cancer survivors. It is hailed as the 
first step toward preventing the disease. 

AP/Wide World Photos NASA TV;AP;Wi()e Woild Plidic 



■^ The Sichuan Wolong Panda 
Protection and Breed Center in 
China deals with a baby boom — 
16 pandas, including five sets of 
twins, are born between July and 
November 2005. 

► In August, U.S. astronaut Stephen 
Robinson successfully completes 
an unprecedented emergency repair 
of the space shuttle Discovery while 
in orbit. 



Hikers scaling Mount Mendel 
Glacier in California discover 
the remains of Leo Mustonen, 
a World War II airman whose 
plane crashed in 1942. 

■ U.S. scientist Gregory Oisen 
pays $20 million for a trip 
to the International Space 
Station aboard the Russian 
Soyuz spacecraft. 

The ruins of what may be the 
oldest Christian church, built 
in the third or fourth century 
A.D., are discovered on the 
grounds of Megiddo Prison in 
northern Israel in November. 


"^ Anticipating the G8 summit in July, Bob Geldof 
organizes musicians for a series of concerts 
around the world to highlight the problem of 
global poverty. 


i Bill Gates, Bono and Melinda Gates are named TIME'S Persons of 
the Year for their efforts to battle poverty, AIDS and malaria in Africa. 

Holloway Family Photo/AP/Wide World Photos 


''^ ^ 

i f k 

k j^ 

MONDAY, MAY 29, 2005 1:30AM 


S'4" 110 LBS. 1 8 YEARS OLD 


PLEASE CALL 587-6222 


Natalee Holloway, 
an 18-year-old from 
Birmingham, Alabama, 
becomes the lead 
story for every major 
news outlet after her 
disappearance while 
vacationing in Aruba. 

JeH MIlcliell/BeflftrSlandoV 

< In August, American anti-Iraq War activist Cindy Sheehan, 
whose son Casey was killed in action in 2003, holds an 
extended demonstration at a peace camp outside 
President George W. Bush's Texas ranch. 




i Everywhere you look 
this year sparkle is in 
with teen girls. 

From preppy to vintage looks, 
vests make a bold statement 
in the fall of 2005. 

■^ Cowboy boots see a rise 
in popularity, and not just 
for line dancers and country 
music fans. 



f 14 

• \. >■ / 


■*• The "hoodie" is a staple 
In most teens' wardrobes. 

► Blazers with a retro fit make a 
big splash on the fashion scene. 

%.■ / 

Style gets a 
dose of fun 
over formal 
with these 
unique fashion 

C,K.\,i\i VI.&E TABLES 


The new food pyramid recommends 
that kids eat more fruits, vegetables 
and whole grains than in the past, 
and exercise 30 to 60 minutes 
each day. 

■*■ Biogs become the biggest Web 
craze since the inception of 
the Internet thanks to sites like 
Bloggercom and MySpace com. 


c Bros 'Courtesy Everett Collection 


Praised by critics and audiences alike, 
Peter Jackson's remake of the 1933 
classic King Kong becomes a giant 
box-oftice success. 

Golden Globe Best Actress 
nominee Keira Knightley 
shines in the hit movie Pride 
and Prejudice, based on the 
1813 Jane Austen novel. 



^ Moviegoers rush to see March of 
the Penguins, a surprise hit 
documentary that foKows a year in the 
life of a flock of Emperor penguins. 

"The boy who lived" returns 
for more adventure In the 
fourth movie installment of 
the Harry Potter series, Harry 
Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 

The life of the late Johnny Cash is ttie l)asls 
of the Golden Globe-winning Walk the Line. 
starring Best Actor winner Joaquin Phoenix 
as Cash. 

. Wall O'snty/Cowtesy Ev«(M Cofetlic 



Box-office profits are down 
in 2005, due in part to the 
trend of movie fans opting 
for the quick release of hit 
movies on DVD. 

► The beloved C.S Lewis series 
comes to life on the big screen 
in Walt Disney's The Chronicles 
ofNamia: The Lion, the Witch 
and the Wardrobe. 

BGSI PiCllirB * ^''°'^^^'"^^ li/lountain 

Academvlluiaril iS' 
nominations • ^°°^ '^'s^^^ ^"^ ^°°^ ^"^^ 

• Munich 

\ r 

*^^^l llllll 

l^BJ^l s^KtE-i 

Geena Davis receives popular 
approval as television's first 
female President of the United 
States in one of the year's 
best new shows, ABC's 
"Commander in Chief." 

• Based on the childhood of 
comedian Chris Rock, UPN's 
"Everybody Hates Chris" is a hit. 


Doctor "McDreamy," also 
known as Dr. Sheperd, and 
the rest of the staff at Seattle 
Grace Hospital achieve 
healthy ratings in ABC's 
"Grey's Anatomy." 

Viewers can't get enough of ABC's "Lost 
The show earns a Golden Globe for Best 
TV Series Drama and spawns countless 
fan speculation sites. 

© N8C/Coijr1esy Euerett Collection I 

1\\ ■ 

■rr l| 



NBC finds a new hit comedy with the 
quirky story of a man in search of 
redemption, "My Name is Earl," 

» .-/ 

< Surprisingly 
high DVD sales 
influence FOX to 
bring back the 
formerly canceled 
cult favorite 
"Family Guy." 

Tlourtesy Everett Collection 

< America's No. 1 rated show for 
2005 is the CBS crime drama V 

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." 



'• 7 

lor Favorite Reality 

"Survivor" (CBS) 


■^ Green Day tops off a career year 
with seven MTV Video Music Awards, 
including Best Video of the Year 
for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." 

■ With Late Registration, Kanye 
West maintains his status as 
hip-hop's top dog, landing on 
top of Rolling Stone's Top 50 
Albums of 2005. 

■*■ Reggaeton, which blends 
influences of hip-hop, Jamaican 
reggae and dancehali with Latin 
American bomba and plena, 
reaches its height in popularity 
in 2005. 

■* Seattle indie favorites Death 
Cab for Cutie break into the 
mainstream with the album 
Plans and "Directions," a 
series of 12 short films. 


2006 Best lieui Artist -^iara 
Grammy ilotnlnations .Keane" '^ 

•John Legend 
• Sugarland 

Nintendo DS owners can now 
be virtual dog owners as well, 
thanks to the wildly popular 
Nintendogs series. 

-*■ J.K. Rowling releases yet 
another bona fide best-seller 
with Harry Potter and the 
Half-Blood Prince. 

The Star Wars franchise 
remains a juggernaut in the 
videogame industry with the 
winter release of Star Wars: 
Battlefront II. 


Gamers wait in line for hours to get their 
hands on the year's hottest holiday video 
game console, Microsoft's Xbox 360. 




In June, the San Antonio Spurs win the 2005 
NBA Championship over the Detroit Pistons 
in a thrilling seven-game Finals series. Spurs 
forward Tim Duncan wins MVP honors. 

^ In February 2006, figure 
skater Sasha Cohen leads 
the U.S. Olympic Team into 
the XX Olympic Winter 
Games in Torino, Italy. 

Danica Patrick, 23-year-old 
race driver, wins Rookie of the 
Year honors in both the Indy 
Racing League's IndyCar 
Series and at the Indianapolis 
500, where she finishes fourth. 

■*• Citing conduct unbecoming 
to the team, ttie Philadelphia 
Eagles suspend wide receiver 
Terrell Owens for four games 
and deactivate him for the 
renuinder of the NFL season. 

than Fefry/GMty Images 



. V 




^ The Pittsburgh Steelers hold off the Seattle Seahawks 
for a 21-10 victory in Super Bowl XL. Future Hall of 
Famer Jerome "The Bus" Bettis retires after ttie game. 

© Kurd;uk Tony/Star Ledger/Co|ta^ G«ry C. Caskey/EPA/Landov 






NHL hockey returns in fall 2005 
after losing the entire '04-'05 
season to a labor dispute. Fans 
flock to see players in new 
uniforms and exciting innovations 
like tie-breaking shootouts. 

Hawaiian golf phenom Michelle 
Wie turns professional on her 16th 
birthday and signs endorsements 
worth $10 million, making her 
one of the highest paid female 
athletes in the world. 


American Lance Armstrong 
wins his unprecedented 
seventh Tour de France in 
July. Armstrong then retires 
from competitive cycling. 

■*■ BMX superstar Dave Mirra wins 
the gold medal in the BMX Park 
Finals of X Games XI. 

▼ Longhoms quaneroacK vin 
leads Texas to a national championship 
with a dramatic 41-38 comeback victory 
over use in the 2006 Rose Bowl. 


ff* • 


f< »'.1^' 



7 %r a« / _ ^ 



wLm 1 




-^ >< 


an 88-year wait, the Chicago White Sox win || 
the 2005 World Series, sweeping the Houston m 

Astros in four games. White Sox right fielder 
Jermaine Dye is named Series MVP. 

Michael Bush/UPI/Landov John Sommers/Reuters/Corbis 

i Two-time champion Tony Stewart 
wins NASCAR's Nextel Cup Series 
and a record $13.6 million in 
winnings in 2005. Stewart's 
career Cup earnings now total 
over $48 million. 

Swiss tennis superstar Roger 
Federer wins two Grand Slam 
titles, at Wimbledon and the 
U.S. Open, along with all four 
ATP Masters Series events. 

1K::»« 'M; 


ColufflBCoiirirs\ Evi'u'll Coiieciion 


■ Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks dies at 92 in 
Detroit. Parks' refusal in 1955 to give up her 
seat on an Alabama bus eventually led to laws 
desegregating public transportation nationally. 

-* Beloved "Gilligan's Island" 
funnyman Bob Denver dies 
of cancer at 70. Although only 
98 episodes of the popular 
sitcom w/ere made, Denver was 
typecast as the nutty Gilligan 
his entire career. 

-^ Kristin Cavallari, featured 
on the MTV reality show 
"Laguna Beach," becomes 
one of Hollywood's hottest 
young personalities. 

-*■ Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang 
shines in the lead role of 
Sayuri in the film adaptation 
of the acclaimed Arthur Golden 
novel Memoirs of a Geisha. 





-^3^^-? ... 



Throug^tp mirror of my mind 

Time after time 

I see reflections of you and me- 

Ref lections of the way life used to be.. 

W^ -(Diana '^ss ■ 

•»■*'—'«■•>• '■'■' 

Courtney A. Agnew 

"Turns out not wtiere but who you're with that really 
matters " — DMB My girls* Alison, Sara, Briana, 
Carly, Ashley, Caitlin, Meaghan, BT. AT •»■ I love you, 
thanks for all the memories My guys —thanks for 
all the laughs & good times -3 Mom & Dad- thanks 
for all your love and support, I love u so much & 
Jeff- know that I'll always be there for u, good luck 
bud, I love u "memories: girls nights, dance par- 
ties, bday weekends, ziggy girls, NYC, MV-'dance 
Martha dance", bri's room, bri's boat, trevys, MN's, 
tmoys, black out @ AP's, fire nights, Friday dates 
•»■, OAR, "1/2 days", ski trips, July 3. late night cheers, 
$ rages, ME trip, Boston'*, road trips '* Good Luck 
Class of '061 

Allison Albert 
Ttiere are sonne things from our high school 
experiences that we will carry with us for the 
rest of our lives and some memories that we 
choose to forget But when we look back at 
those experiences, we'll see our friends . . . 
the ones who got us through everything and 
we'll realize how lucky we are to have them. 
Joelle and Jen good times, movie nights and 
Chinese food!! Christina big mud and "lil' 
keke wouldn't know what to do in baby time 
square" B A., MS Brittney and Mary I love 
you and I'll miss you so much! EF, KW, KS, 
MP, AG And the best for last My Mommy and 
Daddy! I love you so much! 

Tanya Angelique 

"These are the moments we remember all of our Irves'-EM 
* Krislen * BFF " I couldn I have made il without you 'AM * 
NJ • SO • NO • AM ■ AM * KL ' EB * JF • SH • AS * CD • 
KM • you girls are the best friends I could ever ask for, so 
many good times <3 Always Remember <3 DANCE PAR- 
TIES * Prom • Homecomings • Krislens * Kristas ' Klings * 
Nats ' Crels beach • Razz • Boston Trips * powerlines ' 
Aruba • Vermont * 31 1 * MJ AM * Erins jeep " the Cape " 
conlio/laropa • KPP • slumbers ' campouts " sessions * 
Sams • boot pond * A lot • Oct Fest * Late nights • WPC 
< 3 JDS-youll always be m my heart < 3 Mom. Nikki. & Papa- 
Itnank you tor being there when I needed you most, I love 
you so much < 3 Clique of 06 < 3 No matter where life takes 
us we all take a little bit of each other, everywhere we go 
<3 We did It' 


Megan Arthurs 

Jessica Avery 

96 "Are you suggesting coconuts migrale''"-Monty Python 
Thanks to all my Family & Friends, your love & support 
have always meant the world to me Thanks to my 
teachers, esp Crosby. Bobbins. Rozak, P'Trange. Porter. 
& Sampson I'll always fondly recall the memories of all 
the dancing, band trips, NYC 2X, movie nights w/ ceiling 
candy. Fruits 8 & odd creatures, '1 remember the 
bunnies', prom, per 6 art discussions, dino noises, 
invading PI 3X a week. PageMaker crises, questionable 
poems w/ DPS. all the StuCo stuff, & so much more 
Futures are bnght: good luck '061 © "This is your lime, 
this IS your dance, live every moment, leave nothing to 
chance, swim in the sea. drink of the deep, embrace the 
mystery of all you can be. "-Michael W. Smith K 

There are not that many people or things that have had a 
real effect on me in the 4 years at North I tried to do my 
best to help myself and anyone else that might have needed 
It A lot has happened to me and the people around me Im 
surprised at myself that I made it through all 4 years of this 
school At a few points I didn't think i would, but my struggles 
with my mom made me want to do good for myself, and 
without my dad especially, and my little brother too I wouldn't 
have made it this far Favorite People AM. JR. KM PD. JG. 
You guys made it easier to come to school every day Most 
of all I want to thank my Dad Even when I was having a 
really hard time you were always there, I love you dad Also 
thank you James Michael. I love youl 

Sara M. Balboni 

"This IS Itie lime to remember tsecause it will not last for- 
ever These are the days to hold onto tjecause we won't 
although we want to "-B Joel Mom & Dad- 1 tove u so much! 
Thank you for all your love & support' Megan-You re my best 
friend. 1 love u & know tbat Im always here for you Nick- 
Keep being the amazing person that you are' I love u' All 
my girls-'Many people vwll walk m & out of your life, but only 
true friends will leave footprints m your heart '-Unknown 
Courtney. Carty Alison. Bn Ashley Meaghan. Caitlm BT 
<3 all the guys <3' Thank u tor all the memories' '-Bdav 
Wknds. Dance Parties HC 02-05 Prom 05. 4am Nites Ski 
Trips BMs. ME Trip 04 Blackout AP Trevys. Manna. Bos- 
ton Niie-Exil 9-CS. Fire Nites. Cheers 6M. 1/2 Days MNs 
Road Tnps Good Luck Class of 2006' <3 



Nicole Barger 

Mom thank u for being there for me ur love & advice 
got me through Grams ur strength amazes me Bran 
1 am so proud of u AZ family I love u Garrett ur my 
everything The girls, girls can pound! KS where'd u 
go? MU unlucky futon haha the whole deck AM paris 
'05 Pushe me! Oops AR if we don't move maybe he 
won't c us Amy study did u c ur mom'' AS The boys 
GC they r gonna b so mad at me JC and TD guys let 
me in come on ha! MD I wanna be a kanga-roo CB 
omg there's dye in my hair I can't do this Is that a 
boy?! 02-05 downtown west school the ponds pulled 
over in Rosa there could be an explosion dude chick 
w/a dude. 

Alma Barnes 

"There are 3 things we all should do every day. #1 
is laugh. You should laugh every day. #2 is think. 
You should spend some time in thought. And #3 is 
you should have your emotions moved to tears. If 
you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day." — 
Jimmy Valvano, Mom + Dad-I appreciate all you do. 
Because of you I succeed! I loveyou.Jared-l couldn't 
ask 4 a better brother! Love you. Jenna-1 3 yrs. Court- 
countless memories, ly. Emm-Thanx for everything, 
ly. Rocky-thanx 4 being like a brother to me. Don't 
ever change, Dan-You mean so much to me. Its been 
a while + I couldn't imagine spending it w/anyone 
else! Thanx 4 all the memories that are too many 2 
list: Soccer Girls ^ BBall Girls ■»■ -i- all my girls -i- 
boys-u know who u are! Good Luck Class of 2006! 

k .'^•^m 

Alexandra Katharine Barry 

For I can do everything God asks me to with the help 
of Christ who gives me strength and power. Phil, 4:13 
To everyone who makes me me: I love you with all 
of my heart, family, for pushing and nagging daily, I 
mean all your love and support :) Chickolos for hours 
of sweat and love. A mes amis, ahem: je vous aime. 
can you get this from my band uniform? to my hero: 
<2 you. procro! sci fair bus ride convos, getting 
pulled over before calc tests, oh chem. Cuente. Bar- 
barian Horde, Taming the Perilous Skies, CT com- 
petition, state champs, B-! Doc + Mr Physics = too 
much fun. Hardcore badminton. Mondanock. 
Chrysalis, (hug H). Alex Barry is — yelled at lunch. 
Band 1 2 3 4. Stu Co 1 2 3 HMUN 3. Math Team 1 2 
3 4. Lit Mag 2 3. NHS 3 4. PNCF 4. Always smile. So 
call me when you're all famous. 

Lazaro Bettencourt 

So it's finally over. First I like to ttiank my Mom for always 
being there for me no matter what I love you Thanks to my 
family for always telling me not to give up "The game gives 
you what you give it"-Sean Combs, Thanks to all my coaches 
for teaching me the game and also lessons in life. Todd 
thanks for keeping me in the shape. ACL CHAMPS 4 years 
making history #25. Alex, Voci, Brou, Bellis ill season man. 
Track and Field it's all about long jump and breaking records. 
Good laughs on the bus rides To all my sons Toney, Rate, 
Iv/lorton, Bruce Bruce Daddy loves you. Fires at Kerrs. Par- 
lies at Snortys Chillin in random parking lots, UNO CINCO 
UNO!! Prom King. Andrew you're my boy. R.I P. Weezy I 
miss you and you made it to. Peace Out Skeet Skeet 

Cliristoplier Bircli 

I Will Remember Every day that I spent 

with you and everything we ever did together! 
You made my life worth living, thank you for 
believing in me! Samantha <3 To my guys, 
Late Night Rides , . . CARS, Weekend parties 
at Dyer's house, MU KS NB, Tin Foil Helmets 
EN, Tent Times JR MS SS RQ JC, Prom Party 
Night at Emily's, Pa diddle car rides after con- 
certs BS MD DAD thanks for the advice and 
helping me out, MOM thanks for helping me 
push on and graduate. 

Andrea Bisson 

These years have been great. Thank you to my fam- 
ily: Mom, Dad, Alyssa and Aaron for your undying 
support and unconditional love. I would have never 
made it this far without you all. And to my four best 
friends: Gia, Caitlin, Sean and Ashley. We've had 
some great times. Chag Racers 4 Life, Portland "It 11 
last foreverrr," Movie Nights, SBS, Phantom, the 
Boston Tea Party, Quebec -»• , Le Francais, dinner in 
the North End, the "Manimal," the Campus, Uno's, 
DDR, Mathleles, jumping into the Atlantic Ocean, 
and fundraising at Shaw's. Thanks for always being 
there >-. 



Zachariah Blegen 
Thank you, to my family and friends, 
especially to my mother and father. 
My friends who were and are always 
there, it's been awesome. The last 
four years were great and I learned 
so much about myself and others. 
We've just completed the first chap- 
ter in our lives and now we're moving 
on, going our separate ways. 
"Success is the best revenge." 

Robert Block 

Thanks to my family for all of tfie support, 
Mom, Dad, and Lauren. To my friends, thianks 
and good luck next year: Alex, John. Chan- 
dler. Dylan, Peck, fvlartin — good times at the 
beach. Meghan — I'll always be there. Ryan. 
Marco. Chris, Molly, Addie. Alma, Jenna, 
Lauren, Adnen, Maggie, and everyone else 
— keep in touch and don't forget all of the 
fun we've had. Try not to take life too seri- 
ously, and never be afraid to laugh, "I hope 
that some day we will be able to put away our 
fears and prejudices and |ust laugh at 
people." — Jack Handy 

Amanda Bongiovanni 

"Success usually comes lo those who are too busy 
to be looking for it" Henry Ttioreau. Memories: Soc- 
cer 1 Team dinner Winter track 1 2 distance running 
to Dunkin Donuts Spring track 1 Softball 2 DECA hot 
guy' California trip scavenger hunt Trip to Boston 
with French club! 7th period French with Madame 
Lehmann Homecoming '03 '04 Prom '05 Prom night 
at Emily s Who s blue car is that? Disneyland and 
ski trips! Aalxy's house Powder puff 03 Clyde's 
Crew Talks with Katie" 3rd and 4th of July! Sum- 
mer at the beach New years eve 04 Red sox game! 
AE crew' Friday night football games' To the girls 
you know who you are' Thank you to all the peple 
that have helped me along the way especially to Mr. 
Tanguay Good luck to the class of 20061! 

Christopher Bongiovanni 

"You've got lo trust your instinct, let go of regret You've got 
lo bet on yourself cause that's your best bet " 31 1 Fav Ppl- 
CVT, Nadile Jaeger N/loylan Mill at Ernie Rock Burton Dan O 
Ricfi IVIos WPG T all my girls good times: 311, Warped 03 
04, 05. Ttie Last Dispatch, DtvlB, Eminem. KI^K. River Rave 
Summer Jam, Fire nights. Sox + Pats parade Blackout + 
APs. Trevs 16th "the infamous run-barefoot and bare chest' , 
Freeslyiin', Voyers Prank CD. N/loylans, CV rides. New Years, 
Gazebo. "1/2 days" July 3 + 4. Close Calls w/ 5-0. Bris/ 
Marina, Wendys Runs. Fresh While Boyz RJ + TB + RC + 
PS Diss That Leaked Mom, Dad, Katie thanx for everything 
I love you all I couldn't have made it this far without you 
And to the class of 2006 I II NEVER forget the memories, 
best of luck lo everyone 


Ashley Joy Bonito 

I want to say thanks to my family- my mom. espe- 
cially: you have been there for me through every- 
thing I want to say thanks to all of my teachers who 
have helped me through the years, especially Mrs 
Murname: you were always there to help me through- 
out elementary years To all my fnends DANNY GIRL, 
and BRIT i love ya. DANNY GIRL I love you you're 
so hotl. BRIT: "It must be love, it must be," It was 
hard for me last year starting at a new school but 
having found you two as friends was the best thing 
that could have happened to me 
Good Luck in the Future Class of 2006! 

Alexander Joel Boris 

"The Years Teach Much Which the Days Never Knew'-RWE. 
In this crazy expenence we call high school I ve made tnends 
with some great people, realized nny passions and had a 
very good time along the way GooO TIMES HC 02 smells 
like gum, JB 61 , Prom Wihe king, Ashkans humble abode 
Rockin' out with Bosco s Disturbance Snowball fights & 
narrow escapes. Battle of the Bands, Kane s tires Cruism 
the Cutlass. Track. Jumpin High. Everywhere RHCP Right 
field, Cottee shop jams Fav Peeps LB SP MM JB KP 
CD, KR. JK, RB MN, AD, AH, BOSCC Many Thanks to mv 
awesome family for ali the incredible support and inspira- 
tion Much Love Mom Dad Connor The setting sun deals 
harKls of gold'-Queens of Ifie Sloneage Im Off' 

Elisa Bourdonnay 

"There is nothing like dreams to create the future" 
Victor Hugo 

Being an exchange student here this year means a 
lot to me, I came here with the first objective: learn- 
ing English, speaking English, living in English , , . 
But this year is not just about English, it's also about 
new friendships, new opportunities, new culture, a 
new whole life In fact! It Is a really great experience 
that I recommend to everybody, even If it was not 
easy every day I have survived! IVIany thanks to ev- 
erybody I have meet this year, teachers, students, 
host families , . - Thank you especially to the Rotary 
club of Plymouth for hosting me. It's been a great 
year, a year I will ever remember. 

Michael Bradley 

Luke Brech 
For those about to rock, 'we salute 
you!-AC/DC memories: Bosco's con- 
certs, soccer, wendy's, beach, snow- 
ball fight, fires, ucu, swass, track, 
costa rica, Mortons, Redsox, play- 
grounds, periwinkler, music theory, 
random parking lots, techno car. 
Thanks to my amazing friends, 
Kaytee and my family. I love you all. 
Good luck class of 2006. 

Jenna Lee Broderick 

"We can not really love anybody with whom we never 
laugh "-Agnes Reppller. To all of my friends, thank 
you. I wouldn't have been able to make It all of these 
years without you, I love you all. Uz, Beth, Nat, Katie 
Dee and Emm -»■ To Mom, Dad, Kevin & David, thank 
you for your love and support; I love you. Alma -13 
yrs. -*■ u. Good times: reject turtlecove fresh b-ball 
Stephens field sleepovers maine trip tbow house FH 
fire nights stafo dances Wendys fall Boston Thurs- 
days beach summer nights Quebec lists concerts 
It's everywhere . . . TG st like things cem and it's too 
much. To the Class of 2006-"Don't Worry, Be 
Happy "-Bobby iVlcFerrln. 


John T. Brouillard 

"Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, 
confidence Is the key to all locks.- Joe Paterno, 
Shoutouts: MM, BM, AM, AP, CS, CA, SB, CD, AL, 
CS, RC, DM, TK, MM, TN, TM, CB, JD, PB, RJ, JT, 
homecoming, 04, 05, prom, bri"s, ap"s basement, 
six flags, Nortons house, fire nights, ski trips, boat 
trips, "half days" third, fourth of July, ziggys, Nadiles 
sixteenth b-day. New Years, Meaghan thanks for al- 
ways being there through everything and '"bringing 
me out of my shell"" Mom and Dad, thanks for al- 
ways believing in me, love you both, Matt, good luck 
and enjoy high school while you can, Tim, thanks for 
always being the older "role model" 

Melinda Brouillard 
Its been a long four years, but it's finally over, 
I want to thank my parents for pushing me 
through! And to my girls: Amanda- Always an 
adventure, thanks for always being there! 
Irish friends since the 7th grade and going 
strong. Renelle- its been fun, good luck love! 
Also CL (selects), TB, KS (hey boo), JR, AG, 
BJ, JS Best of luck, I love you all. Congratula- 
tions class of 06! 



Colleen Brown 

I have no quote because sometimes you get miss 
quoted. To all that are leaving. I hope the best. A 
shout out to, MF, MT, BW, BP. JW, SK. MJ. SF, BM, 
BB, AW, MR, JP, JO, VH, JO, EO, CV, JV. AS, CO, 
NL. A special thanks to my parents that have always 
been there for me and made me who I am today, I 
love you, Athena thanks for every thing, Maria you're 
the best, I will always have the good times to look 
back on I love you bunches, Maria, how about that 
coffee cake, Morgan I will always remember the fun 
drives shaking that laffy taffy love ya. North, and the 
people in It. made an impact on my life, now I am 
ready to greet the world thanks to everyone who 
helped me 


Paul Bruce, Jr. 

KTBI First of all my boys Trib, Kelly, Chip, Dennie, 
Grattan, Rate, Sawyer, Mort, Roo. Ferazzi and 
TMoore And BE, NM, JA, AM. AM. RH, KW. AK, and 
everyone I else I rolled with You guys made it mad 
fun I would like to first thank my mom and my brother 
for everything and always being there. My dad. aunts, 
grandma. Andrew, Jessica, and my uncles-thank 
you And I am not going to use a quote but I am 
gonna say to the underclassmen just have fun 
and appreciate your four years at North. And Se- 
niors-best of luck to you in the future; it has been the 
time of my life Thank you Mr Tang. Mr Azavedo, 
Ms Manley. Mrs Sampson, and Mrs Bernstein. 
Football Allthatimer and Mathews and Lee and the 
rest of you young ones win it next year 


Corey Bryant 
So I'm sitting here writing my senior bio on 
the very last date it will be accepted. I realize 
now that this is what I have been doing 
throughout my entire high school career. I pro- 
crastinate and I realize it and do nothing to 
stop it. These four years at Plymouth North 
have been pretty good to me; I've had some 
good times here, and Ive had some bad ones 
as well. I've made some friends. I've lost some 
friends, and I think that I finally am realizing 
that it is time to grow up I don't have a quote. 
I don't have any "shoutouts." You should al- 
ready know who you are 

Patrick Burke 


Erin C. Burns 

Thanks to all my friends for the good times and memories I 
love you all * NJ KL Al^ CW 01^ AC NO TA KK TC AM AC 
At^^ KM LM MD AM SO JF AS SP AA AH SM* The Ladies <3 
Girls nights, dance parlies the leep. boot pond, corner store. 
tables, forest rides, hockey express, oct fest. water supply. 
Cabrals class, ptown. Tanyas. 311. late nights at Markys. 
DBS car, chapel hill, Boston trips, Vinny. the pond, chal- 
lenger, off road sledding, the blimmy/|azer. 1 23 04 scoot n 
go. MMR. Armands empty house, the snowstorm, etc Nina 
& Krista <3 BFF! Anna, oh boy we ve had some good times 
these past 18 years love you ' Mom & Dad- thanks for put- 
ting up with all the stupid things Ive done. I wouldn't have 
been about to do this without you <3 I love you both so 

Erin Elizabeth Burns 

'Pursue some path, however narrow or aooked m wfiich 
you can walk with love and reverence ' Thoreau a k a EEB 
or Bums To my family — especially Mom. Dad. and Rogef 

— thank you for always having taith m me To all my fnends 

— new arKJ old ■ lite wouldn t be the same without you To 
my girls — you truly are the best I could have ever asked 
lor Twinny. Procro' Homecoming. Prom. Oklatioma' Sing- 
a-longs. Chatties Hot Chocolate Dates. Band Bus R(des 
NYC. Europe-Albmo Duck' Red Man — Green Man Over- 
night Train Rides Toledo. Hotel Roomies. Burtxjjas' Car 
ndes Summer Nights Failed Bonfires. Chinese Movie Nights 
5D Chats. Golfing Adventures. 'The future belongs to ttxjse 
who believe in the beauty ol their dreams ' E Roosevelt 


Tyler Burton 
"Let the wind be upon your back, and if there's 
sun let it shine on your face."-Braddigan. To 
nny boys: Taros, Moskos, Costa, Richard, and 
Jaeger. Forever we ridin' and to all my other 
friends, thanks for making high school unfor- 
gettable, stay VP, MK, SG, MM, NB, JB, CL, 
DF, SF, KT, SB, LB, AO, BE, AL, ET, BK, KD, 
DL, NJ, LC, AM, CS, CA, JC, BM, AB, CK, 
LM, MD, SM, KK, AC, MR, AD, SL, PW, TN, 
PM, WPC, And a special thanks to my family 
who supported me always. I love you. 

Robert Campeau 

First I'd like to thank my family, my mom for being 
my inspiration to do well for myself and others, my 
father for showing me right from wrong but still trust- 
ing me to make the right decisions, and my brother 
for not just being family but for being a friend to me 
as well, I love you guys. Thanks to all my coaches 
and teachers had a big impact on my life. 
Thanks to all my friends for giving me a reason to 
look forward to school and for all the memories 
you've given me. Thanks to Sara Stas I had a lot of 
fun with you. Thanks to Jillian Vecchi your one of the 
nicest people I've ever met. And thanks to Alma 
Barnes since seventh grade you've been my best 
friend and neither school of my life would be the 
same without you 

Tanya Cappola 

Ail my girls. I love you Can'l wail for ttiis summer. I still re- 
member Erin's house back in ttie day with Cait. Amanda, 
and Anna Can'l forget linere, crazy quad rides with Jade. 
Courtney. Caitlyn and Erin. Miss you girls. 311 saves the 
day, and OAR with all my girls. Good times. Alex can't for- 
get mean girls. It was always a good lime in the Explorer 
never a dull moment Skiing in New Hampshire, Halloween 
Allison trips to the beach all summer with our usual Gunther 
Tootles visits Marin, Lindsey, Jade, Hayley, Jill and Reggie 
Thanks for always being good friends I love you all And 
Scott thanks for always being there for me I'll never forget 
all the good times we had together last year and over the 
summer I love you Mom, Dad, Emma, Jenna, Antonia, 
Tristan, Gram, Papa thank you for everything I could always 
count on you guys I love you all 

Christopher Caputo 
I had a great time at North, I'm going 
to miss not being in high school any- 
more. Thanks to my mom, dad and 
sister for helping me through and 
thanks to my friends I've had through- 
out high school for being there for me, 
I had some great times: SFBR's, wpc, 
West Rec, all the parties, it was all 
awesome. Peace out North 

Thomas Carey 
Happiest when playing baseball, golf 
and working. Played baseball all four 
years of high school. These have 
probably been the funniest and the 
fastest four years of my life. 

Stephen Catton 

I want to say thanks to my family and friends. Hunan 
Kingston- Yeah Chris, the other-other-other thing- 
Chrlstine, Ghostbusters- Ivlelani, Saran-wrap- 
Michelle and Joslyn, touche- Zak, drop-back- Tim. 
look it's a pigeon- Phil, Burnouts- Kevin. Trips to Bos- 
ton, Birthdays at Hooters, drumline, Friendly's, Third- 
Left shows, so much fun. Thanks mom and dad for 
always being there and supporting me. "Everyone 
needs someone close to you when you're down, I 
can't turn my back and walk away this time around."- 
The Hill Song, Third Left 


Mikaela Cerio 

"Can we start again'' Go back to wlial it meant bacl< then . 
. Open minds and open liearts The things that set us 
apart . ,' - Bane *■ Ash & Ali, thanks lor all the amazing 
memories - 1 love you girlies BFF , •»■ TS ~ AG - AN - LD 
- MS ~ KS - EEB - MG - EM, my field hockey girls, and 
of course my amazing hardcore' crew, especially Sarah * 6 
Flags, Panera, Dons Louise Glanders, Comstar, "Will you 
come bail meouf", Flancerihardy, Sam Rhine is love, dance 
parties'. "You cannot leave without a ticket'". New Years 
"05. Romans, Tapps, "Eat the tooood' ", TWT Smackdown. 
"Stains'i", BMH , >■ Mom, Dad, Chip, MJ, and the rest o( 
my family, thank you for everything I love you guys tons! 
Thank you to the Weeks family 'Bryan ■ you're my every- 
thing goof! I love you with all my heart ' ^ 

Nantalie Grace Chochrek 

"Long you live & high you fly & miles you give & tears youll 
cry & all that you touch & all you see is ail your life will ever 
be" Pink Floyd/ First to the Council im never eating green 
beans again, or anything green for that matter ' Why resur- 
rect old wounds why go thru this again, I havent thought of 
you since I cant remember when" Boston,' Thanks to 
MArme. Aynsley & Evan for putting up with the pouting & 
the yr of the bowl cut/ SSCA despite the espestos I miss it 
ABS youre like my sister'" Need I say more'' Daniel my 
brother, MJ stip pool IT I like girls MD too many memo- 
ries & certainly all of my girls' NORTH 1st period you girls 
are hilarious Yosh some day we will hang out Rae we 
are so much tjetter than Lisa Frank!/ Manny of Nazareth 
youll always be my fav brother in law 

Emerson Coleman 
Memories: Mr. Perlow's period 4 
class freshman year, laying bricks 
with Big EM and snowboarding at 
Cranmore and Sugarbush. Hopes to 
continue in the masonry field follow- 
ing my father's footsteps. Thanks to 
Mom and Dad and my whole family 
for being there and supporting me. 

Abigail Faith Conley 

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go Some 
stay for a while and leave footprints on your hearts, and we 
are never, ever the same "" -Unknown Mom & Dad Thank 
you for your support, encouragement, your faith and always 
believing in me You are the best thing in my life: you have 
been there through thick and thin 1 |usl wanted you to know 
how much I really appreciate you The best memories in 
school are the Junior Prom. Oktobertest, Cooking class 
People that I will miss and good luck to in the future EB, NO. 
CB, VH, BW. KM, Elaine, Ml, CC, J, W, KMC in chorus To 
everyone in school never forget what is important in your 
lives You are all in my prayers and may God bless and keep 
you in his prayers. 

Caitlin Corvini 

Michael Andrew Costa 

"A person is a success if they get up m the mommg and get 
to bed at night and in between does what he wants to oo'- 
Bob Dylan memories Richies Ijasement-summer 05 -the 
txiat. Kimballs house Portugal Np beach, tanyas 18 benut, 
prom, homecoming 04 05". the Taurus, skim boarding. New 
years, fire nights-ACL champs 04" 05' PN soccer 12 3 4, 
forever we ride" tfianks for always being there Patnca- 
Kimtjall /\nd to nxjm and dad thank you fof always pushing 
me to do better in everything, I couldn t have done it witnout 
you-kathleen, rob sarah, loanna efin-l kjve you guys thianks 
for putting up with me "in the end we will all be togetfief 


Cheryn Jin-Hee Couter 

Find the script that makes you smile. 

One act where all things seem possible. 

Where all things are possible, and all the world is a stage 

Is the blurred line between reality and script. 

Somethng you want to define'' 

Ab Sm Am Lm D| Av Rd Km Nc Ch Sa rang heh yoh. 

Plus que tu pense que tu maime, SIvlTW 

Alex-Words will never be enough Dan — I'm truly lucky to 

have come to know someone so wonderful 11/8/04. 

Abracadabra my name is Jack, Trigun Brilliant Kishig 

SW Chorus, Ivladrigal. & Men's Choir = the best friends 

you'll ever know Drama geek. Hoognkizzle. Hyannis 

Sound Ivlinority Report. Earl. 4'10 club. Worried face. 

Argos Equiano 

Richard B. Covell III 

Thanks to Dad, Mom, Eric and the Connelly's for al- 
ways being there for me and getting me to where I 
am today. I love you all. One love to my boys: Moskos 
Costa Dano Voyer Jaeger Burton Nadile Lat "For- 
ever we ride." Wpc Boys: CC CM JP JS Sawyer Nick 
CL, JT JD, The girls, Briana & Courtney thanks for 
everything Memories: Prom, Beruit, The boat, Bris/ 
Marina, Kimball's, The Rec. Field. Tanya's 18th, 
Norton's, Taurus, July 3 & 4, Soccer, Hockey, Bus 
rides, the Basement, Dave & OAR, Pats game, 
Pitfset, New years, APizzle's, NP Beach, Skimming, 
Amherst, Bi^ant Parties, Lindseys house, the neigh- 
borhood. Every man has the right to choose his own 
destiny. It's been real class of 06'. Peace. 

Joseph Crawford 

Elizabeth Dorice Currie 

"Only those who nsk going too tar can possiblyfind out how 
far one can go ' T S Eliot. Thanks to my girls & the guys, 
you are the ones who made my high school experience so 
amazing "Life is partly what we make it, and partly what is 
made by the friends whom we choose" T Hsieh. Ivlom & 
Dad: thank you for always supporting my decisions & being 
there for me Alex & Kate thanks for always looking out for 
me & pushing me to do my best Kuhns Kerrs & Janssons 
thank you for always welcoming us into your homes and 
hearts fire nights cem & stayfo blue couches texas- sum- 
mer nights Nov 8th nyc soph bio gift swaps beach tramp 
pool cover cruises Stephens field "This is not the end. It is 
not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps the end 
of the beginning " Winston Churchill 

Lauren A. Damiano 

"What lies behind us and what hes before us 
are tiny matters compared to what lies within 
us "- Ralph Waldo Emerson First off. thank 
you Dad, Mom, Evan, and Sawyer, I don't know 
what I would have done without you guys. 
Thank you for never giving up on 
runs, blood thickens " Adelaide, 
Meahan, Kathles, Ivlaggie (my 
crime") and Bunny: White Horse 
tempted bonfires, Chinese IVIovie 
rides, dance parties, Cuente's 

me. "Water 
Burns, AK, 
"partner in 



many good times. Also TD, MG, MC. RD. RB. 
IVIS, MG, AS, EM, KM. CC, and the XC & Track 
teams Ya'll mean the world to me. Thank you 
for everything, I love you all! Best of luck 
in the future everyone, never forget PlyNol 

Christine Delaney 

I want to start by saying thanks to my family: I appreciate 
everything you guys have done lor me Thanks for the long 
talks and always being there for me. Donald. I would like to 
thank all the wonderful teachers that have made an impact 
in my life and education, special thanks Mr. Phillips, Mr 
Porter, Mrs. Harrison, and Mrs Larracuente. I would also 
like to thank my good friends Melani-bff, RD. JV, CG-Hunan. 
Steve-the other-olher-other thing. EEB. Depasquals. KC- 
pasta night, and MV Shouts Drumline band, geeks, Bos- 
ton trips, band camp. Barbarian Horde, FH team dinners, 
Friendly's summer crew, and Prom 
"Everything becomes your life learned lesson, where will you 
take yours "-SL. Third Left MB 



Braden Dennis 
"If everything seems under control, 
you're just not going fast enough"- 
Mario Andretti Tliank You to Mom, 
Dad and anyone else who helped me 
in the last four years of my life. Good 
Luck to the Class of 2006. 

Ashley Depasquale 

"Here, at the end of all things' high school (thanks 
Frodo), and it's already time (or goodbye To my best 
friends— Kitty. Michelle, Chrissy, Tabitha. Caitlin, 
Megan — I love you To my little brother — I'll always 
be your "ashy fnend " To my CG — Love right slam. 
To Mrs Sal — I love you and I miss you. Hope NY is 
treating you well To JJCIV — thank you To the rest 
of my classmates — all the best Never forget this 
place — the past is what revives us every day F Scott 
Fitzgerald said it best "So we beat on. txiats against 
the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past". 
Here's to poetry, to living. Make it worth something. 
—DP 06 

Jason Dexter 

I would Ike to thank my family: Mom, Dad, Allison; 
you guys have always been then for me and I couldn't 
have done it without you! A shout out goes to my 
boys Marco. Doodle. Norton, bf, ss, td, cs, jt, am, 
mk, cb, tn, im, rj. al, tb, dm, re, and all the ladies 
Thanks for all the great times Memories that will 
never be forgotten: Nortons, Nadiles, Bris, Tmoys. 
Bacons. Beths. AP's blackout, fires, downtown. 
Ziggys. Clam Pudding. Prom, Homecomings, bridge 
jumping, Wendy's, off reading, English class Get 
your wood off my desk", Haha Tardy and Doodle 
Hockey boys, it was a fun four years. "The name on 
the front of your jersey is more important than the 
one on the back " — Herb Brooks Thanks to every- 
one and good luck in the future! 


. I 



Jillian Patricia Diaferio 

"Ufe brings tears smiles and memories, tears dry, 
smiles fade, but memories last forever" -Anon- I 
want to thank my Aunt, Uncle, Dad, Shannon, and 
the rest of my family, without all of you I wouldn't 
have made it this far. To all my friends and my friends 
in the past, without all of you, I wouldn't be who I am 
today I love you all, ■»■ Thank you for dealing with 
me and all my craziness, you are all truly amazing * 
EG GS CB TM JW Amanda, a best friend like you is 
truly hard to find Thank you for everything! •»■ Con- 
gratulations and Good Luck! Class of 2006!! 

Courtney Elizabeth Dial 

Thanks to Amy. I^ike, Caillm Krista, l(/lum. Dad, Chris for 
everything you've done for me Aimers, my sis: we should 
have our own TV stiow-don I forget good times in Volvo/ 
Explorer, Bourne trips, NH, Martha s Vineyard, Cedarville 
house, tram station, love you, thanks tor being my tsest fnend. 
Mike, thanks for making my life so much fun. I love you w/all 
my heart Caitlin & Knsta-v^here do I start' So many memo- 
cies-thanks for being such good friends, good limes @ 
Hamilton St CP, cabin, 4pm, tjeach crew, toga Party con- 
certs. Sots leep. Josh & Adam, Sam, Marty, Quebec w/ 
Jenna & Addie, Amy, Cait, PC, LM. SH KS. TB, TA, AB. AM. 
LM, weekend crew, thanx for the tun times MA, KS, CC. TM. 
CM, AM, MM. TN. BH, TW, SR "We are on the brink of for- 
ever " E Vedder 

Ryan Downey 
We know what we are, but not what 
we may be, -William Shakespeare 
Much thanks to AH, friends, family. 


Tamara Jean Doyle 

It's hard to believe that high school has come and 
gone, but these past four years have been a blast. 
Thank you to all my teachers, friends and family who 
have made it worthvi^hile Mom and dad: thanks for 
always supporting me, Tim-we may not always get 
along but I'll really miss you next year. Thanks for 
always making me laugh. To my fnends-l ■*■ you all. 
Thanks for being who you are. We've had some great 
memories. Homecomings prom movie nights Sun- 
days volleyball Monadnock yg Switchfoot 04 beach 
days all niters + lots more! PN XC you guys are 
awesome . . NYC team dinners pizza nights bus rides 
trail blazing puddle jumping wall ball . . + to 
"brownie" thanks for helping me believe in myself "I 
can do all things through Christ who strengthens 
me." Phil. 4:13 

Caitlin Duggan 

"Roil down the window and let the wind blow back 
your hair, well the night's busting open these two 
lanes will take use anywhere"-Bruce Springsteen. To 
all my girls, thanks for the good times esp Briana 
Alison Meaghan Ashley Courtney Carly Sara. OAR, 
Birthday weekends, Bris, Trevors, Sloths, Nov 8, 
Firenights, HC, AP's, July 3, late night cheers, road 
trips <3 Soccer girls CK, AB NJ BK IvlM Keene 05. 
Mom and Dad-You've been there for me whenever I 
needed anything, I love you both so much! Conor 
and Brendan-Two of the best little brothers, good 
luck in school and sports, I'll miss you guys! "The 
future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of 
their dreams "-Eleanor Roosevelt. Good Luck '06! 











Brian Eby 

I've had a fun four years here at Ply- 
mouth North. When I moved here as 
a Freshman I was nervous, but there 
were a lot of good people who made 
my four years here great. There are 
too many to name but you know who 
you are. Special thanks to Pat, Billy, 
Joey, Zach, Jim, and Scott who I've 
had great times with. Most of all I 
would like to thank my Mom for do- 
ing her best to make me happy. 


Brian M. Ellis 

Thanks to my family — Mom, Dad, Dustin, Chris and 
Jim for always being there. Thanks to Wiz. Gmis, 
Finn, Kenny, Santos, Shanley, Carco, Emie, Ted, 
Gram, Doug, Voyer. Voci, Fal, Emily, The Coaches, 
The Team and anyone I missed — Good Times. 
Memories — The Summers, CVT, Doug's house, 
plantation, Undsey's, my house, the GARY, and Foot- 
ball ACL CHAMPS 02' 03' 04' and 05'. "The differ- 
ence between a successful person and others is not 
a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather 
a lack of will."-Vince Lombardi. 

Tabitha Eno 
Thanks to Meredith, my sister and 
best friend. Ashley, Katie, and Megan 
for the fun we had in P1 . Nearly daily 
trips to Dunkies helping me get 
through the day. LOTR and HP, 
Mercedes Lackey, Dawn Cook, and 
Robin Hobb. 

Marion Fagerberg 

"Remember today, it is the beginning o( always Today marks 
the start of a new future filled with all our dreams Think truly 
of the future and make those dreams come 
true. "-Anonymous Ivlany thanks to Mom and Dad, I love 
you both, where would I be without your guidance' Ivlole. 
keep up the hard work love you too Brian ••■ Love You My 
Sweeli 10/30/04* |What a trip Clique 06 esp KL AMc 
NJ-Love You All) •»■ dance parties, hockey express, chapel. 
LIndsey's, Krister's, Octobertest Girl Nights, Mckennas. 
dances, beach days, check in & check out, tricksters * Al- 
ways remember-PARTY TIME! • Bretter-never forget crusin 
in the Sentra! "There's no point in getting to the end of the 
road unless you've enjoyed the lourney '"-anonymous 




Kevin Shota Ferazzi 

"And I'm not afraid to speak my mind no matter the 
consequences, stay true to yourself through the 
humble eyes of a child we will realize true equality " 
KSE I'd like to thank my parents, my brothres, Elaine, 
Bowser, Panda Manda, my friends- > Steve, Gallivan, 
Tobin, Chip, Paul, K-Gunz, Erin, Voci, Tom, Michael 
Tribble, MAJASTEE crew, Katie Kerr, Natalie, Jess 
Smith, my cousin Mia, Crawford, Corey, and every- 
one else I forgot, Fav memories. After prom, T- 
Squad, chillin' in the basement, b-ball court, in front 
of my house, Cali, Katie Kerr's fires, B-pong, Maui, 
Wal-Mart, Target's free hotdogs am I right Crawford, 
Loretta the Beretta, rockin' out to music while get- 
ting food with the crew, In-n-out burgers . . , 

Stephen Ferro 

Anna Figueroa 
Favorite saying: Gee Thanks, Yes ma'am, NO. 
Favorite people and tamily: Melo Figueroa, 
Miriam Figueroa, Adrian Figueroa. Damian 
Figueroa, Richard Luc. Susan Lapanus, 
Sammi, Robin Bradley-Annis. Justine, CoCo. 
La Man. Beetle Juice, and Bebs. I would like 
to thank my mom Miriam Figueroa and Robin 
Bradley Annis for helping me with the good 
and bad times. Thank you Mama for telling 
me to stay in school. You always had faith in 
me when others said I couldn't do it. Thank 
you both for understanding all my needs. Now 
this is over and I must take upon a new goal 
to achieve. 

Dennie Michael Finnigan, Jr, 
There are many things I could say 
about nny four years of high school. 
But one of the nnost innportant things 
I can say is — I will miss it. 

Erin Elizabeth Fitzgerald 

"This is a new garden over old flowers " — Glas|aw All my 
love to Karma: my twin, and Stevie. thanks for always being 
there, and 10 the best of friends Voci SGizZZ. Emiline. 
CMFB. Tom, (i/lorey, Kaleen, Renella, Kevimlh, Ken Ken, 
Shane. Flanders. AH. AN, CL, CB, AA SP. JN, JG, KS, ZP. 
DH, AS, NV, JP Road trips, BOSTON, mass pike," Voci's. 
we spilt juice.' downtown, "it s a Wednesday thing." 
Sleepovers. 18 wheeler. LuLu. "what's up chuck." romantic 
dinners, swings, health class, dance parties, snow storms, 
Kevin s trunk, ram, bathroom chats, and so much more , 
Thanks to Mrs Thomas lor keeping me in line, and thanks 
to N/lom. Dad. Trevor. Steve, and Mark you're alright I guess, 
>■ Good Luck 06' 

Chandler A. Forman 
"You've got to be very careful if you 
don't know where you are going be- 
cause you might not get there. "- Yogi 
Berra. Thanks to Mom, Dad, David, 
Sarah, Grandma, and all those who 
went through these four years with 
me. I wish you the best of luck. 


Steven Michael Francis 
"Be who you are and say what you feel, be- 
cause those who mind don't matter and those 
who matter wont mind"- Dr. Seuss. Mom, 
Dad. Grams, Chris, thank you for always be- 
ing there for me. Tobin, Katie Kerr, Brooke, 
Yosh, Erin, K-guns, Gallivan, Nevin, Kerri, 
Catie, and everyone who has been a part of 
these past couple of years, I love you and I'll 
always remember the times we had. Memo- 
ries: Katie Kerr's fires, all the shows we went 
to, Yosh's basement, Homecoming, Prom, it's 
a Wednesday thing, T-SQUAD! REGRETS 

Sean Gallivan 

Id like to start by saying I would not have made 
it through high school without my family. Dad, 
mom, dan. catie-thank you for keeping me in 
line, somewhat. Yoshis basement, Katiekerrs 
fires, plantation, kristens house, football, 
radison, team swass, summers in Chilton, T- 
SQUAD! And I cant go any further without 
mentioning cvt thank you for the best child- 
hood anyone could ever have. Big steve, 
bellis. peewiz you guys are family to me. 
Santos and voci thank you for always having 
my back, kevin, tobin, steve, erin, karina, alex 
m, fupa. t-bone. 

Jared Garber 


Jerenny Ednnond Garland 

"Open all doors. You can walk through any one that 
suits you." — Jim Morrison. Thank you to: my par- 
ents for all of their support, my brother Josh, my sis- 
ter Brianna and my entire family, too many to name. 
Thanks to all my great friends: Booga T, Pat D. Mike 
M, Jon K, and everyone else I didn't take the time to 
name. Good luck to all of my classmates and their 
future. "Over thinking, over analyzing separates the 
body from the mind. Withering my intuition, missing 
opportunities and I must feed my will to feel my 
moment drawing way outside the lines." — Maynard 
James Keenan. Tool for life. 

Ashley Garvey 

"Ttie future does not lie ahead waiting to liappen; it lies 
ahead waiting to' be discovered -Anonymous Manythanl<s 
to my whole family for all the love and support Gia, Sean, 
Andrea, Caitlin-thanl<s for everything, you guys are the best. 
Drew. Tim. Bizz, Nutmeg. Flanders, Mikaela, Ali. Kalhles, 
CarAlyn, Chief, Addie. MOLLYYY, Buns. Aje- thanks for four 
great years Where to begin' Put the ball in the buckey, TWT- 
"You cannot leave w/o a ticket! '-SAM RHINE is LOVE, Cook- 
ies @ Addie's. Taps, movie nites, British accents, HP4Li, "I 
like your roof", BSB, 4 Bros. The Softball List, Lampo/Kanoi, 
Psychic moments, I love my French Class, AlvlC. I'm going 
to miss home plate and sunflower seeds in right field the 
most. -Good luck class of '06!- 

Melani Allyn Gerenia 

To my mum and her limitless ambition. Dad for his 
endless compassion and patience, Eric and Josh 
for the inspiration, support and the enlightening en- 
deavors we shared, and to all my friends, growing 
and changing with you all has been an unforgettable 
experience and I wish yo all the best because you 
more than deserve it THANK-YOU I'll remember my 
friends, WP. themed cakes at lunch, leaky .... ev- 
erything, band bus rides, Ghostbusters, MB, Sam 
Rhine, and mandarin oranges 
If you aren't happy with the destination of your path, 
then change it. "Wheresoever you go, go with all your 
heart. " - Confucius no Regrets MB 


Mike Gigliotti 
I would like to thank a few people for 
helping me make the most of these last 
few years. All of my teachers, coaches 
and friends have had a great influence 
on me which I am grateful for. Even more 
important are my parents and family, who 
have stayed with me and given me en- 
couragement when I needed it. "Those 
who are late are often happier than those 
who have to wait for them." - Chinese 
fortune cookie 

Anthony D. Gilmore 
To all of nny friends and family- 1 just 
want to say thanks for always being 
there for me through the good times 
and the bad. High School has come 
and gone so fast: thanks for helping 
me through it all. I also want to wish 
everyone good luck with college and 
their future. Finally, I would like to 
thank all of the teachers who pushed 
me when I wouldn't move. 

John Grattan 

Weird to Wicked Tough' Shouts to Gunz, Slitherin 
Sanford aka The Dirty Buzzard. Fogle, Kyra. Bobby. 
Pat. Will, Jenny. Jacqui. Harlow. Moe, and of course 
Janet' Can't forget about Bruce. Karma. Erin, and 
VocI! We all need to have a gathering reuniting ev- 
eryone like we used to do it's almost winter time 
and that's when we usually get things started. I also 
can't leave out my family for always being there fof 
me. Well . . this has been quite the 4 years and now 
it is finally over No more search dogs and no more 
lockdowns It'll be weird not seeing everyone every- 
day, but thank God we are all graduating! I'll still be 
chillin on the West Side so if you're around hit 
me up' Peace! 

Molly Siobban Griffin 
Right, so. To Mam, Dad, and my family. To 
my friends, whoever you may be. To my 
teachers for a fine education. To Elliott Smith 
for consolation. And to Patrick, for whom I 
seek vengeance: "I got in one little fight and 
my mom got scared and said, 'You're mov- 
ing with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air.'" — 
Fresh Prince There you go, big guy. Have fun 
with your futures and all, Yours, Molly S. Grif- 

Alison Jean Hardy 

"You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one,"- 
John Lemon Mom. Dad. Sarah, and Katelyn thank you for 
pushing me this far, I love you all! Ash. to many good limes 
"Let's get this party started'' Mikaela. walking the warm-up 
without you |ust would not have been the same' Also thanks 
to my field hockey girls, PS KS SS MS JR KM EP AG KK SF 
JB AW AR PB TW SH AL CO and to "the family" BK MM JK 
MM Good Times: Camping, TWT Smackdown, pineapples. 
Flancerihardy. Watkins, Fnendlies. Big Jude. car rides, prom 
'05. dance parties, Halloweens, the faint, tapps Wade St 
Stalkas pup corn, the record label NP, ■don't trip". New 
York City road trips, and so much more' Good Luck to the 
Class ol 2006! 

Jessica Marie Head 

■| guess first impressions aren't always correct ' Danielle. 
Cailin- Olive Garden. Providence, coloring books Team 
Smith- Vanilla Ice & 4 hour road tnps to Six Flags "rave, 
rave, rave" . priceless, Jonesy, KW- we got our licenses' 
(finally), watch out world; A(whoopOM- good times m math 
1 ton = 7; "B'M- lemonade hitting the pavement (small chil- 
dren); TD- PNCF, 7th period gym. it rocked, JR, K(B)M- cot- 
lee buddies for life; MA-taradactyl noises, "do you point your 
quill at me sir?'; Aalyx- fajitas. Model UN crew- Boston was 
amazing, you girls are awesome ) Auniie Stutzy Nana- 
thanks for always supporting (& putting up v»ith) me tove 
you lots' C & O- good luck m school, you II do great ) Class 
ol 06 . . it's been wild peace out 


Ryan Patrick Healey 
Quote: You have to perform at a consistently 
higher level than others. That's the mark of a 
true professional. -Joe Paterno Friends: I 
didn't want to make a list and leave anyone 
out, so you know who you are. Family: Thanks 
to my mom, dad, sister, grandmother, and 
grandfather for putting up with me for all these 
years. I love you guys and couldn't have made 
it through these four years without you. Memo- 
ries: Mr. Clark's class sophomore year, lunch 
junior year, and being on the best football 

Danielle Hettwer 

Wtiat up to my gals Brittany + Ashley. I can't believe 
how far we have come as friends + as individuals. 
Remember all our memories both good + bad. We've 
made it though! Just remember that sometimes u can't 
make it on ur own. To Brittany: I can't believe I've 
known u since 3rd grade, how amazing is that? U truly 
are like the sister I never had. To Ashley: I've only 
known u since 1 1 th grade, but u truly are a wonderful 
friend. Words cannot express how much u guys mean 
to me. I -»■ U ur so hotti To everyone in my family: I 
don't know how u guys could put up with me all these 
years. U guys are truly an inspiration; I can't believe 
I'm graduating this year. © 

Shawn Hettwer 

Another year of high school has finally come to an 
end, except this one is our last. Ttie past four years 
have been filled with way too many memories to ever 
list out on a simple sheet of paper, especially when 
you're trying to think of them the night before it's 
due. I enjoyed my high school years; I believe we all 
did. We learned a tremendous amount, but we would 
have learned more if "they passed a constitutional 
amendment prohibiting anybody from learning any- 
thing. If It works as well as prohibition did, in five 
years Americans would be the smartest race of 
people on earth" (G Burns) Just kidding guys. 
Cheers class of 2006, we made it, and thanks to all 
who were there tor me. Thank you mom, dad, fam- 
ily, friends, and everyone else that assisted me 
through high school. 06'. 

Ashley C. Holmes 

"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never 
know what small pebble it will pick up and store away among 
Its treasured things"-PH. I want to thank my family. Mom & 
Dad- Thanks lor all the love and support you give me. I would 
be nowhere without you. I Love You! Mark- Thanks for be- 
ing there for me and being the best brother ever. Kyle, I 
have no idea what I would do without you. I love you so 
much; thanks for being there for me These past 3 yrs. have 
been amazing 3/23/03 *■ Sam- Dressupi Ash-A^, WFC Bry- 
How you fit in them leans' Megcuddlebuddy! Kate + Gio- 
99 talks & Karaoke. VBall, Gymnastics, Softball girls, I <3 
CLASS OF 2006! 

Glenn Holmes 

Thanks to everyone who helped me get through the past 
four years: Mom, Dad, your advice & guidance led me 
through good and bad limes; Bill, thanks for your support, 
advice, & giving me two beautiful nieces: Caylin & Samarah. 
Props to Naomi & the gang (S> Glidecam, Thanks to the fac- 
ulty & staff, especially Mr. Cowgill, Mr Brown. Mr. Perlow, 
Mr, Connolly, Mr, Cedrone, Mr. Ober, Ms McCormack, Mrs, 
Lasky Ms Eddy. Ms. Sampson, & Mrs. Grelemeyer Special 
thanks to SK, JG, PD. Dl, MA, MT. JK, PB. JK, KM, AN, AM, 
EG, & KR lor sticking by my side Good times @ DECA/ 
Store, Fishing Club. & Lit Mag Finally, good luck to the class 
of '06, follow your dreams, but remember, sometimes "A 
dream itself is but a shadow" (Shakespeare's Hamlet) 

Samantha Hornig 

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the 
things you are, and the things you never want to lose." — 
Wonder Years I love you Jack *■ ' you'll always be my favor- 
ite "You had me at hello"-Jefry Maguire Mom and Dad - I 
love you so much Thanks for being the coolest people ever! 
I don't know where I'd be without you Never Forget The 
basement. Shean's house. George Al Buyers. House/Hotel 
parties, so many sleepovers. 
Girls: Lauren - loo many, I love you. 
Amy- I'll never forget you. our book tells it all. Freshman 
year feels like yesterday — Mk, Kl. Jl — LyI TA, KS, CD, AC. 
AM, NJ, so -Love you' OGood Luck Class of '061 



' I 


Daniel Ignazio 
"You shouldn't take life too seriously. 
You'll never get out alive." Van Wilder 
I think this quote is worth paying at- 
tention to; enjoy the rest of your lives. 
I would like to give a shout out to my 
friends . . . you all know who you are. 
Thanks to my Mom, Dad and sister 
for helping me through 

Justine Inglis 

Favorite Saying; Tocchio' Favorite people; 
Mark Goforth, Nate, Crystal. Laurie, Tabby, 
Angie, Tabby. Anna. Ida, Stephanie, Nicole, 
Ian, Lydianne. Tim. Jake. Justin. Sean, Dustin, 
Derek. Memories; Prom. Homecoming and 
meeting the best boyfriend in the whole world. 
I love you. Mark. Thanks for being there for 
me all these years. To Mom and Dad, Mrs. 
Hunter. Mr. Marino, Mrs Johnson, Mrs. 
Sampson, Mrs. Gillis, Mrs Brisbois. and Dr 
"G" thanks for all the help you have given me 
I will miss you all. 

Darren Jaeckel 
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Li- 
as if you'll die today." James Dei 
To my friends, SP JW NV AM SD . 
remember the good times. Pir 
pong, tennis, poker, coldbottor 
football in the snow, drama club, r 
botics and video games. Thank yc 
all for being there. Thanks to all wf 
make life worth living. 


Robert Jaeger 

"Life moves pretty fast if you dont stop and look 
around once in a while, you could miss it " Ferris 
Bueller MY BOYS Nadile, Bongi, DMoss, Rich. Costa, 
Dano, Burton, Lat. WP Boys, JD. JT, CS, The Girls, 
Soccer Boys ACL Champs Gazebo, TN Fires, FWB. 
Corner Store. Warped Tour T-SQUAD OAR. Ruit, 
Bri's, Summer Skim Sessions, Rich's Boat. PATS 
Parade. Homecomings. Prom. 4th of July 04 05. 
MRT. The Taurus. CVT Rides. C Lunch, To Mom. 
Dad. Colleen, Liz, Chrissy. Terry, and Marykate 
Thank you for always being there, Love you guys, 
"Don't forget your history nor your destiny Bob 
Marley. Peace Out 

Natalie Roberta Jansson 

"Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted" John 
Lennon To my girls and the guys, thank you for all 
the memories, I don t know where I'd be without you. 
Mom & Dad thank you for the always t>eing there for 
me Eva-Mane thanks for the special times & always 
being there to listen I love you Soccer girls/Keene 
■»■ fire nights, the beach, blue couches, tramp. DDP's, 
Stephens Field, sophomore bio. cem & stayfo. 
widgeon. Nov 8th, Texas-, NYC, concerts, gift 
swaps, pool cover, summer nights, bridge jumping. 
"Look to the future, because that is where you'll 
spend the rest of your life" G, Burns Good luck class 
of 2006 

i K -a- - 1 

Christina Marie Jelley 

■Pof some life lasts a short while but the mernonei 
lasts torevef ■ — LS Mom Dad Melma i- Virgmic 
everything, you guys are great ArmarxHtianx for alwaysj 
ing there for nr>e you mean so rrxxJi to me 1 23 04 Et' 
Am Kk Ta. Am — lc)Ohtknowwhallcldowitt>XJtyc 
for all of Hie good times No So Arr>c Km Sh J( _ 
Md Cw MerTK5nes-3l 1 Sam s house George a 
camping oot. boot pond txiston tnps strasse ; 
morton <3. tables Nat s party obstacle course ^ 
empty txiuse. sfxjwstorm. the jimmy come' sr e 
nemo Tnbbles. m/am tfie jeep. Flooda. co^' =~ ? 
a-lot Knsta's ^ sessions at Tanya s Chnstme - . . 
for all you have done. I love you guys' 

Tabitha Jennings 
"What's for dinner?" Favorite friends: 
Nicole, fvlaureen, Jamie, Crystal, Justine, 
Mrs. Sampson, Laurie, Ida, Bill, Ms. 
Belmonte, Mrs. Smith Favorite memories: 
Prom, reading books in Mrs. Sampson's 
class © Many thanks to Justine, Ms. 
Belmonte, Ida, Bill, Maureen, my family: 
Jackie, Jesse, Donna, Kurt, Sandra, 
Norman, Nathan, Robin, Ashley. Favor- 
ite class is Mr. Marino's cooking class 
Many thanks to Mom. 

Brittney Leigh Jil 

Four years already, thank you to the people that have 
been by my side. Amanda Hope 12 yrs. I wouldn't 
change a thing. Hedge School, Florida, NH, and our 
cruise junior yr. Best Friends always and forever. 
Love you like you were my own sister. Don't forget 
our dream. Renelle thanks for listening to me when I 
needed to talk. To my (VIom and Dad, I love you so 
much, thanks for letting me be me. I'll always be your 
favorite daughter. Lindz, you're the best sister to me 
love you. Mr. & Mrs. Gould a second home & a sec- 
ond set of parents, thank you so much. Court love 
you too. Baby Noah many years to come together 
love you buddy. Brian my love, you opened up my 
eyes. Thank you, I love you so much, you'll always 
be in my heart Lisa thank you. love you. Good luck 

Ashley Marie Kane 

Thank you Mom and Dad for everything you have 
ever done for me and all of your support. Thanks 
Sam for being such a good sister. I love you Chris- 
topher! These past two years have been amazing 
and I look forward to many more years with you. You 
are always there for me and I appreciate that. -»■ 
Thank you to all of my family and the Plourdes. Joelle 
and Lauren: you two are like sisters to me! There 
have been some great memories — HC 03' + golf, 
fifth period: EP + AS, HC Court, WFC w/ AH; what 
do you have to eat today? Homecoming 05', 9/04/ 
03 -»■ Congratulations Class of 06' , these past 4 years 
have been awesome! Thanks to all of my friends for 
their support-good luck to you all. 

Stephen Michael Keaton 

"There shouldn t be heart attacks , or cancer, or anything 
like that. There should just be a certain age where ya have 
to turn your life in-like a library book. You pack a bag. You 
go-and that's that" (Betty White). First and foremost I would 
like to thank my parents for bringing me into this world. Both 
of you have given me everything and more To my sister 
Alexandra "Missy". I think of you as my best friend. Thanks 
for always being my side. I'll miss our late-night chats and 
wtien we watch GG and DH together. And what atx)ut my 
little Jessica'' I love spending time with you even though 
you can be a pain at times. Last but not least, Snickers my 
forever puppy You brighten each and every day To every- 
one else. Farewell! 

Matthew Kelley 

Alyssa Jayne Kelly 
"Cogito ergo sum."-R.D. True friends 
don't need to be listed: they simply know 
they are remembered. To know me is to 
know where I came from, and they mean 
more than words can say. I'll never for- 
get my other "family" and my knight in 
shining armor. Thank you to all of you 
who have been there, I'll make it worth it. 
"I think therefore I am."-R.D. 


Johnathan Kerr 

"To me, it's always a good idea to always carry two 
sacks of something wlien you walk around. That way, 
if anybody says, "Hey, can you give me a hand?," 
you can say, "Sorry, got these sacks, " — Jack Handy, 
I'd first like to thank my family for their support, es- 
pecially over the last 4 years. Special thanks to my 
IVIom and Dad for always pushing me and being 
there when I needed you most. And good luck to my 
brothers Pat and Nick, and my sister Joycelyn in 
whatever you decide to do. My boys Alex, Bob, 
Channy, Marty McMartin, Peck, and Dyl, If I forgot 
anyone, oh well. The beach house. Good luck to ev- 
erybody I mentioned and also to a few of you that I 

Kathryn Kerr 

Mom, Dad, Carolyn, Stephen, Maryanna, and Jimmy, 
thank you so much for everything you've done for 
me, I love you. To my friends, you made the past 4 
years unforgettable and I love you all Memories 
Little Forge, the Jansson basement, blue couches, 
cem & stayfo, summer 05, scavenger hunts, the pool 
cover, Nov 8, Wet Bandits, Bosco's shows (harper's 
ferry), fire nights, Stephen's field, sailboats, 10 things, 
race cars, NYC x 2, lunch on the pathfinder, widgeon, 
DMB, Jack Johnson, The Who (nahant), the last dis- 
patch, the beach, everything, all of it. ". . . And I am 
done with this, I want to taste the breeze of every 
great city " —Max Bemis 

Courtney Lynn Kimball 

"Life brings tears, smiles and memories. Tears dry, 
smiles fade, but memories last for ever." Fav. People: 
Alma. Dave, Mike. ET, PW. SC, MK. LM, AM, TC, 
AM, RC, DO, TN, My soccer girls! Memories: Home- 
coming 05, Keene. Dance Parties, Lindsays, Fresh- 
man yeari Prom 05, OAR, DMB. Trevors Soccer 1 2 
3 Capt 4 Thanks to my mom for always supporting 
me. Dad for always pushing me to be the best I could 
be. "Having sisters are like having friends you can't 
get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be 
there" Danielle, Ashley and Brookie. Thanks for al- 
ways looking out for me Cody keep smiling baby! I 
love you all Rob these 2 years have been awesome. 
Thanks so much for everything. I Love You! XOXO 
Class of 06 Congrats' & Good Luck. 

Timothy Kimball 

Jonathan King 


No man is rich enough to buy back his past-Oscar Wilde. 
Everyone that went through high school told me that it would 
be the fastest 4 years of my lite I have many great memo- 
ries at North I |ust want to thank my mom dad sisters and 
dog bailey RIP, for all their help. I'll never 4get chillin in the 
hood, OBS, WPC, SFBR's, 2nd generations, ballgames, bliz- 
zard at lundgrens, snowboarding trips, pentagon. Area 51, 
Father Kiings Ires casas, KPP, Pell's house, paintbaliing, 
workin with my dad and uncles, toysrus and at the planta- 
tion. I just wish my boys good luck in the future, MC Pheno 
Voyer Sawyer Caputo Justin Pell Lundgren Nick IvIcMahon 
and Kling Just remember to always be there and have each 
others backs no matter what the situation 

Kristen Nicole Kneeland 

"Sometimes you have to just forget the rules, follow your 
heart, and see where it takes you'- anonymous Clique of 
06'- you ladies are all so amazing thanks for the incredible 
memories- 31 1 , MJam. Enns Jeep, Knstas house. Summer 
05', girl fight, crunk nights, hockey xpress, prom homecom- 
ings. KPP. wpc < 3. and soo much more' Tanya bff I wouldn't 
of made it through without you Nina and AlexMac you girls 
have been there beginning to end I love you both so much' 
9/18/02 — Experience is the name we give our mistakes 
Mom you're my biggest supporter, I love you so mudi thank 
you for believing in me Dad you're the best i love youi 
Amanda and Corey thanks for always protecting me I love 
you! Congrats to the Class of 06 We did if Now come on 
ladies DANCE PARTY!" 


Bethany Lynne Kuhn 

"The best thing about the future is that it comes only 
one day at a time " Abe Lincoln Memories: Nov 8, 
texas^, nyc-, blue couches, soph bio. cam & stayfo. 
gift swaps, fire nights, summer nights . . , 6 AM jogs. 
DDPs. monopoly, scavenger hunts. KEENE . . . soc- 
cer girls xo. The guys. The family <3. mike. CD, CF, 
MM, Natalie Liz Val Katie Dee Jenna, I don't know 
what I'd do without you. Thank you Janssons, Cur- 
ries, and Kerrs for opening your hearts and homes. 
Gram, N & G and Pedros, I love you, Bri. you've been 
the perfect role model. Meg, we can't deny our simi- 
larities. Jay. you're welcome for being your lucky 
charm Mom and Dad, you are the most amazing 
parents, thank you for everything. 

Jason Kuhn 
"Get busy living or get busy dying- 
Shawshank Redemption" "Yo" to all 
my triends, too many of you — 
Marco, you the man! Good times 
playing poker with the boys Mr. B's 
class. Never a dull moment Good 
Luck All Thanks to Mom and Dad, Br 
and Meg love you all I love you Beth 
thanks for everything good luck 

Ashley Elizabeth Landers 

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life 
of your dreams "-Oprah Winfrey- Thank You Mom. Dad. Matt. 
Vicky, Heather, + Adam Ashley you have tjeen there with 
me through everything I could not asl< for a better best friend- 
Ali I don't knovK v»hat I would do without you by my side, we 
have be come so close BFF "don't sneeze'-Mikaela + Kern 
we go way back with all our memorles-JR this summer was 
amazing-FH girls I love you alM SS PS KS AG JB AW EP MS- 
love you giris-Brandon-good times-TWT. Taps. Wade St 
Stalkas Watkins" 'Lets get this party started " camping. SSS. 
Pineapples Dance Parties, car rides Halloweens. NYC 
Fland Ceri Hardy The Faint BIG Jude Dons "stainsi''" Hot 
chocolate late nights road trips GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 

Deirdre Kate Lapsley 

"Change is the law of life; and those who look only to the 
past or present are certain to miss the future"-JFK To my 
friends "Turns out not where but who you're with that really 
matters ""-DMB Thanks for all the memories: pool cover. CEM. 
STAFO, Widgeon. NOV 8. tramp, blue couches, mawr, fire 
nights, x-mas sleepover, who are you! , summer nights, DDP, 
scav hunts, beach, PiyNoTrack, dates, DC, BK loungers 
"A race is a work of art that people can look at and be af- 
fected in as many ways they're capable of understanding "'- 
Pre XC Puddle jumping, hill, mud, NYC, pizza, nights, songs 
& guitar, snake, AN, MB, TD, JD, KA^ DC. JB, JL, Big L. & 
Brownie. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Will & Jack for all your love 
and support. 

Andrew Latosek 

"LAT" Mom, Dad, and Ashley Much love Thanks for all the 
support and everything you've done for me To my boys: 
CS, RC, TN, RJ, JB, CB, TM, JD, MM, MN, AO, RC, TB, PW. 
CL, MC, DM, EC, JT, DO. LB. SP. JB, MM and the ladies-im 
sayin "In this great future you can't forget your past -Marley. 
Memories; nadiles, 311, PN bball, bris, summer jam, pats 
parade, ski trips, wp papas, white horse, the trepid, wendys, 
rec field, moylans, shaws, anger management lour, fires, 
biking, forrest rides, fball games, Sebago, prom-lindseys. 
4th July, kerrs, tanyas, homecomings/after, bridge jumping, 
nortons, np beach, ntd pond, manna, kimballs, aps-lights 
out, and more "But the dawn has come into the endless 
night and everythings going to be alright, ""-31 1 . Peace. 

Krista Lynne Lunardo 

"In this place beyond my sight, my heart knows what is not 
yet seen . "" —Jewel Clique of 2006 - I love you girls so 
much, you'll never know how much you mean to me! Our 
fun times will never end My favorites memories , . prom 
05 summer 05, dance parties, Erins car, my house, times 
with sg, late nights, M|am, McKennas, Cornerstore, Ptown, 
Boston, freshman year and lots more' Girls of freshman 
year (sh mk jf), ALWAYS in my heart 143* Thanks to my 
mom, I love you (hanks for sticking by my side, Niner and 
Erin-I love you girls, youre my best friends, my CLIQUE (nj 
eb so jf am ta kk cw am no am km am cm md Im), and to 
mb for the memories, "in the meantime. III live like there's 
no tomorrow, — am 


Alexandria Maclnness 

Meaghan E. Maddock 

"Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up, 
thiese are the best days of our lives"-The Ataris. 
Homecomings, Prom 05, Norton s, Bri's, 6flags, 
MACABE, Blacl<out at AP's, trev's, beach days, half 
days", Arnie, Terrible T, Dance Martha Dance, 
Powderpuff, Ziggy's. Fire Nights. Boat trips, Bdays, 
dance parties, ski trips To my girls Bri, Ashley. 
Alison, Caitlin. Carly, Sara, Courtney, I love you all, 
thanks for the memories. To the guys: JB TN RJ AL 
JD CS CB TB RC JT TM, thanks for the good times. 
John, thank you for being there for me for the past 2 
yrs Mom and Dad, thank you for all the love and sup- 
port over the years, I love you both. Ryan-I'll miss 
you next year. 

Briana Marie Mahoney 

*Brl My fav girls- caitlin, meaghan, alison, 

Courtney, ashley, sara. carly <3 RC- thanks for ev- 
erything, and all the guys thanks for all the memo- 
ries and laughs Mem * Prom 05, homecomings, 
bday wknds, Aps blackout, firengts, trevs, mairina, 
"1/2days".)uly3 + 4, AM-thalthing, MV05, <3frJday 
dates, woods ap + am, girls nights s-room, cheers!, 
lax. keene 'soccer girls- bk nj ck ab mm + jnrs.-luv 
you* Thanks to all my coaches Mom -i- Dad- thanks 
for all of your support, patience and love Sean 
thanks for making me laugh and for being a great 
brother and friend "Be courageous and be brave 
and in my heart you'll always stay forever young" 
Good Luck 061 



Kelly Catherine Mahoney 
To all of my friends, family, and mentors, 
I love you all, Maggie: "We will be friends 
forever, just you wait and see." — Winnie 
the Pooh. Plymouth North Cheerleaders 
— Represent the PN! Chea! StuCo: 04- 
06, DECA; 04-06, NHS: 05-06, To the 
Class of 2006, good luck in all of your 
future endeavors, may you be success- 
ful in whatever you do. 

Matthew Makein 

I never thought high school would go by so fast. I 
am leaving North a different person than when I first 
walked through the doors my freshman year. I want 
to thank my Mom and Dad. Megan, my family and 
friends for being there. Amanda, thanks for every- 
thing . . "I never conquered, rarely came but tomor- 
row holds such better days Days when I can still feel 
alive When I can't wait to get outside The world is 
wide, the time goes by The tour IS over, I've survived 
I can't wait till I get home To pass the time in my 
room alone" -bLinK-182 


Everett Joseph Malaguti III 
Favorite People: Family and good 
friends. Memories: Spending time with 
my great-grandparents. Happiest when: 
My cousins Aiden and Riley were born. 
Many thanks to my 8th grade and high 
school teachers especially Ms, Irvine, 
Ms. Robbins, Mrs, Humberd, Mrs, 
Blaisdell, and Sra. Harrison. Activities: 
Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Team 1, 2, 3, 4: 
Beach Clean-up 1 , 2, 3 

Aalyx E. Marsh 
Favorite Quote: "Though no one can go back 
and make a brand new start, anyone can start 
now and make a brand new ending." — 
Anonymous Favorite People: A.B., A.S., B.P., 
CD., D.J., E.O., H.M., J.A., J.H,, J.R., K.M., 
M.L., M.P., S.D, Memories: prom, the night 
atter, Scott's un-surprise party, homecoming, 
charter school, the mall, TCBY, 10/29/03, 
Maine, six flags, Colorado, motograter, local 
shows, 4/30/04. School Activities: peer me- 
diation, peer mentoring, S.A.D.D. Many 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, Hannah and all my 
friends and family! 

Tabitha Marshall 
Nickname tabby. Favorite people are 
Levon w, Beth Q, Justine I, crystal M, 
Angle S, favorite saying: live strong- 
favorite mennories: junior prom, camp 
Bournedale, Oktoberfest, many 
thanks to my friend, mom, family, and 

Anna Mastandrea 

First I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, for never 
giving up on me and always encouraging me to fol- 
low my dreams and my heart and never back down 
on what I believe in Thanks to Jeb and Jenny for the 
good advice Secondly, I just want to say how much 
I love and miss you Anthony, and that will never 
change. U.S. CM. Third, Erin Burns, you are like a 
sister to me. You always have my back and I always 
got yours, you work hard and party hard, and I love 
you for that. Lastly I would like to say what's up to all 
my friends that made my high school career some- 
what decent, you know who you are I don't need to 
put your initials. 

Courtney McCarthy 

Family: Mommy thank you for never giving up on 
me, I love you so much. Bob & Chris- 1 love you guys. 
Friends & Memories: CW, EB, AC- The Ladies For- 
ever! "I love you baby like a miner loves gold"-Jimmy 
Hendrix. Cait & Cret- my beautiful girls, everything 
with you makes perfect sense! I will always love you! 
JF-mi amigo, it takes two! Always doing our thang! 
Love you. Thank God For: Chapel, Charlotte, Sentra 
Baby, Basement Days, Edes Street, Marky's, 
Mckenna's, the Party Van, and so much more! 
Thanks to everyone else who made these past 4 
years extra special, esp. BB, BS, AC, SN & AW, CK, 
CF- 1 love you guys! "It's been a wild ride, I wouldn't 
change a minute" -31 1 

Allison Ann McCauley 

'Memory is a way of holding onio the things you love, the 
things you are, the things you never want to lose'-Anonmous 
Homecoming 02-05. prom 05, girls nites at Kristas, 311, 
MJam, late nites, deadly roadtrlps wATc, summer 05, Erin's 
Jeep, 4th of July, Key West, Jades My girls, I will never for- 
get the endless memories we have shared, LyL <3 . to, 
am, am, jm, am ac kk, ta. |f, eb, nj, no, so. km, Im, md. ck, 
cd, cm, CW Clique 06! mom -f dad, you have always been 
there for me whenever I needed you most. I love you. Katie, 
Laura, Emily-you are the best sisters I could ever ask for! 
xoxo. NAM-always in my heart-5/11/01. "What lies behind 
us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to 
what lies within us" -RWE Good Luck class of 06! <3 you 

Corey McClennan 

Thank you to my parents, PNHS, wut up to all 
the boys in the WPC, OBS, Piffset, Father 
Kling, my ninja Pell Memories: Stuck in the 
State Forest, ball game. Pentagon, Legion, 
Snowboarding, Alex Mac's after Prom, Area 
51, Loon Mtn. weeks at Voyer's and J. 
Sleeves, Fires at Trevors, pool hopin. Red Sox 
parade, Tanya's 18th b-day, skimboarding, 
2nd Gen, Rec. Field, The Hood, paintballin, 
7th period Spanish, gym, track, chemistry, 
breakin, my pond, and camping out 


Margaret McCune 

"They say that time changes things, but you actually 
have to change them yourself " Andy Warhol, My 
girls- NJ KK DL BK LC CD LD AN KS LIvl So many 
memories I will always treasure. You have been there 
tor me through every crazy year, Alyson- Way to 
sneaky, Kelly- Since the first day of kindergarten, you 
are forever my twin with "yellow hair". Mom- Thurs- 
day night is always going to be date night. Dad- you 
have the best jokes, Colin and Emily (Brotha and 
Emu)- You drove me crazy, but I loved it. Girls Soc- 
cer "We Before Me" Lacrosse- it has only just be- 
gun, keep up the hard work. Good luck class of 2006! 
*PlyNo 4L* "And In the end. it's not the years in your 
life that count. It's the life in your years," -Abraham 

Kerri Ann McNulty 

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to ex- 
plain. It's not something you learn in school. But if 
you haven't learned the meaning of friendship you 
really haven't learned anything "-Muhammad All, 
Thanks to my family, Mom, Chris, and Sean for al- 
ways being there for me and helping me along the 
way Ashley and Mikaela we go way back to West 
and been through a lot. Love you girls! Emily even 
though we haven't been friends for long you still have 
helped me in everyway possible JP-Stop and Shop, 
Prom, Bowling-Ill I'll never forget. To my 
friends-thank you for being there for me and giving 
me some unforgettable times! DAD-I know you are 
54 tielping me and watching me with everything I do! I 
'Love You I GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '06i 

Crystal McGinty 

Favorite saying HOW S YOUR DAY''" Favorite 
people: Mrs Hunter, Mrs Johnson, Justine, Mark, 
Laurie, Tabby, Justin, Jake, Tim, Mrs. Gillis. Lydiann. 
Ms Edson, Jamie Ms Carolyn, Mrs Downey, Ms 
Motyka Memories Sewing Class Many Thanks: 
Mrs, Hunter, Mom, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Crane, Mr 
Marino Favorite thing making pocketbooks Favor- 
ite music: Avrll Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson. Aaron Carter, 
Eminem Mrs Connell is always there for me Abby 
is my good friend, Mr Manno is funny in cooking 
class My favorite stores are Claire's, Deb, The Dol- 
lar Store, and FYE Ian, Nicole, Grace and Dustin 
are my close friends Favorite food Pizza Favonte 
colors. Pink, white, black and green Favorite mov- 
ies: "New York Minute " Thank you mom for being 
there for me when I need you 

Marco Moon Medeiros 

Thank you to Mom, Dad, Mikdyld. Jessica, Kenn and 
to my God brother Jayme Thank you to my family 
growing up Beth, Ali, J and Mike The greatest band: 
Boscos Disturbance To my bros Doodle. Dex. 
Norton To my girls: Natl, Deeds, Kati Kerr. Liz. Bond 
Girl, Carly, Alygirl, Court, Jillian, To everyone else: 
TBone, Shea, Kelley, Lat, Morey & AN. TN. CB. RC. 
Rl, DM, DP, MM. AB, ET, JT, BM, CD, SB. MM, arnle. 
NO, RB, SH, SG, SF, KT, TM, PI, JM2, MK, Norton's 
Bris. Nadiles, fire nights, snowball Fight, Uno Cinco 
Uno. Zippo Kids, Randomedr King lots, XC. Bud- 
dha, NYC, T-Squad, The Spot w,'Jaeger, Bridge 
jumping. Prom (Thanks EM), HomeComing, Wet 
Bandits, Boston, Stang, "I'm gonna stay 18 forever 

Nicholas McGloin 

Kathryn Elizabeth Messner 

"The best and most beautiful things in the world car 
not be seen or even touched, they must t^e felt w>:- 
the heart " Keller Dad-my vision of strength my roc^ 
when I needed you most Thanks I love you Robbie- 
my brother, fnend, role model & protector You're 
amazing & I'm very proud of you & your accomplish- 
ments Continue to strive (or your goals I love yc. 
Mom- my t)est friend You ve always had a shouicf 
to cry on. a mind of confide in & an ear to wtiisper m 
I love you for always, to my fnends-we've seized & 
survived every moment MIT Oklahoma! Prom NYC 
Doc , , remember 'be at peace with God wha; 
ever you conceive him to be. whatever your latx)rs 
& aspirations in the noisy confusion of lite, keep 
peace with your soul " Ehmann 


Adrien Joy Miller 

"See to it tliat no one takes you captive through hol- 
low and deceptive philosophy, which depends on 
human tradition and the basic principles of this world 
rather than on Christ." — Colossians 2:8 (smlle)- 
Thanks to; Mom and Dad 4 all you have given me. It 
is b/c of you that I succeed. Brie: a great sister and 
above all a great friend — I love you To my friends: 
Bunny. Erin, Nicole, Kate, Cheryn. Emily, Meaghan, 
Ryaq, Shawn & Jess-I feel blessed to have you all in 
my life. Memories: surf trips, movie nights, UNOS, 
Naples, NH, Monadnock, PIGEONS, Europe, YG, RT 
GD, "Increible?" "Creepy!' (Meaghan jokes) Blues 
Bros, Yucky Pond. Good luck class of 06-You will be 
4ever in my heart. "Now faith is being sure of what 
we hope for and certain of what we do not see." — 
Hebrews 11:1 laugh 

Chipinin Moraza-Pollard 

Four years can go by pretty fast. Good time seniors, 
thanks for making high school the experience it was. 
But a special thanks to all of my friends, who made 
waking up at six o'clock every morning worthwhile 
and kept me entertained during the day. KF, RC, 
PB, MT, TM, AV, CB, JM, JS, AM, RV, CM, KW, EF, 
AH, SG, JP, EC, MB, AR, SP. all my boys from the 
basketball and football teams, all my teachers, well 
the cool ones at least, my mom, and everybody else 
I forgot to put in this thing. It's been fun ladies and 
gentlemen but you know what they say: What's done 
is done In California. Stay up everybody. 1 

Carlos Moniz 

~ Los — first I would like to thank my mother and 
father for always being there for me and for always 
telling me to do my best. I also want to thank my 
stepfather and stepmom for always caring for me. 
To all my teachers from the past I finally made it 
thanks for believing in me and for the ones who didn't 
holla back! To all my friends - BW RC AD TB JM a 
"Justo" you make your father proud j/k. I also want 
to thank my older sister Janet and lil sis Tate youll 
stay good. To more friends AM TC MC CM CK DM 
TN MV PE BC AW and all the others I left out. Good 
luck in the future almost forgot to my stepsisters 
Ally, Lauren, and Aleida j/k I wouldn't of forgot u guys 
good luck. CUASS OF 2006 GOOD LUCK HOLLA 

Lindsey Moreau 

Thanks to my Mom, Nana, and Carly for always be- 
ing there for me, I love you guys. 1 .28.02~Always in 
my heart. "Maybe the past Is like an anchor holding 
us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you were, 
to become who you will be . . ." -Carrie Bradshaw v 
Marin & Alex » good times thanks for everything- 
love you both. HOUSES- Megz, Cory's, Tanya's, 
Kenny's, Alex's, Courtney's, Wizzle's. GOOD TIMES- 
Dance Parties, hockey express, boot pond, brawl 
8.12, Halloween, Prom, NH, Megz B-day, MV, Shoe 
$, Freshman Year, The Buick, Six Flags, MJ, NY, 
Florida, Mr. Gould's Class. GIRLS- CK TC EB MM 
MWCB.v 5,7.04-1 love you Chris thanks for every- 

Sean Mooney 

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a 
young man , then wherever you go for the rest of your 
life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." 
— Ernest Hemingway 
to a friend, 1950 


Andrew Morey 

We receive three educations, one from our parents, 
one from our schoolmasters, and one from the world. 
The third contradicts all that the first two teach us, 
—Charies Louis de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu 


Alexandra L. Morini 

ALEX "There comes a point in life when you realize 
who matters, who never did, and who always will"- 
Anonymous. » Tanya, Lindz, IVIarin, Meg, Allison, 
Hayley, Staph, Fal » U So Much — Court K., Krista, 
Anna, Erin, lay, Kerri, Nina, Caitlyn, Jilly, Jade- Luv 
You Girlies And To All The Boys-Luv U Lots. MEMO- 
RIES: Dance Parties!, Lindz's, Megz, Prom-Get Low, 
* 100 PR,*, Brawl 8/12, Ski Trips, Captain Andy Wizz, 
Hockey Xpress, McKennas, Halloween 04 & 05, air 
horn, corner store, shoe $, Buick, 24.43.46., TC's 
Bday, Business G-Ma, Ck. In-Ck, Out, FL, tricksters, 
locker wars. Dad, Mom, Toni-Thanks 4 Everything, I 
Love You. Tata, Gramma, & Grandpa, Love You. & 
to the rest of my family, I couldn't have asked for 
anything more, Thanks. 

Lauren Moroney 

Justin Morton 

12 years for one piece of paper What a rip off Well 
at least we made it You could say I'm a better per- 
son To all my boys Bruce. Chip, Roo, Rafe, and Los. 
You made it fun I'm glad I got a chance to see my 
sons grow up Some of high school was a struggle 
But I'll probably look t>ack at North and laugh To L 
Iwlo hope were still cool no matter wtiat I do in the 
future Good luck to everyone, and remember noth- 
ings ever promised tomorrow today 


David Mos[<os 

-Moss- I would like to thank my mom dad heather 
jen ryan george. thanks to all my friends: rich costa 
dano jaeger burton-"forever we ride "-jt re al cs tn ec 
mv ms bongi courtney lindz am md sc pw ab and all 
the rest of the girls the cold springers, all the soc- 
cer guys, ferro, and anyone else I forgot, memories: 
rich's, lindsey's, nadile's. homecoming, prom, sum- 
mer 04 05. rich's boat, the taurus, late night surfing 
with tb, football games, kerr's, soccer 04 05 that's 
how we win back to back acl titles, skimmin' ses- 
sions, lisacrew, dmb, oar. favorite quote: "Celebrate 
we will cause life is short but sweet for certain. ' 
To all my friends moving on with me to biggei and 
56 better things good luck- Im out! 

Trevor IVloylan 

"Look, I've never had a dream in my life Because a 
dream is what you want to do, but still haven't pursued 
I knew what I wanted and did it 'til it was done So I've 
been the dream that I wanted to be since day one."- 
Aesop Rock Thank you Bob Del Chelsea Daddy and 
especially my mom for everything you've done for me. 
I love you all. Memories: My house. New Years, Bri's. 
AP's, Patio fires, Celtics game. Prom and Homecom- 
ings, Beths, Tables and church. Cold Bottom, Norton's. 
Half days, July 3 -t- 4, Lacrosse. Zoolander, Coleman 
snow park, JV ball, and many more Friends Emie 
Bongi Rock Lat DO TN CS JD RJ RC DM MM Girls and 
many others Thank you for all the memories, I will never 
forget them MS- Thanks for everything The best of 

Meaghan Marie Mullaney 

Aka Meahan When you dream, dream big R Shupe 
Dad. you have given me the world, I love you Mor- 
thank you for your everlasting love and suppor 
Raquel & Bill, thank you for loving me as your own 
Rachael, I thank God everyday for bringing you into 
my life. Thank you for being my best friend Thanks 
to all my friends, you have made these years be- 
yond amazing MBC, Oklahoma' SFH Concert 
Switchfoot. 2 months @ Nen house. Locker 909 
Sundays. DECA, Europe 05. Pops. GA-GA, Anse 
Phantom. TMR, Spanish class )Okes w/ Adnen. 5D 
dance parties. Prom. Cranberry House ladies MCC 
- you guys are the greatest thing that has ever hap- 
pened to me "A friend loves at all times" ProvertDS 
17 17 

Alison M. Murphy 

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave 
& impossible to forget" » My Girls- Courtney, Bnana, 
Ashley, Meaghan. Caitlin, Carly, Sara, Thanks for ev- 
erything, I love you all so much. To my guys- Thanks 
for all the laughs & memories » Mom & Dad, thank 
you for always supporting me, I love you both so 
much. To My Brother Dan-Ill always be here for you, 
I love you Memories » BT, NY, 6 Flags, Bday Week- 
ends, White horse, "That thing we did Bri", Black- 
out @ APs, VT, OAR, "1/2" Days, Prom '05, Home- 
coming 05, Ziggys Girls. Sloths Summer 05. 
Duxbury, Bris Room, Bris Boat, Trevys, Kimballs, 
Tmoys. Friday Dates » Stuck In The Woods, Sox 
Parade. Fire Nights, MV- "Dance Martha Dance", 
Road Trips Good Luck Class of 06! 

Lauren Margaret Elizabeth Murphy 

Thanks Mummy. Aunt Eleanor, Uncle Scott, Gramps, 
and Chris for all your love My friends who have been 
there for me since I first came back and those I have 
met since then, Aje; Rexhame Surf, Halloween 
Nights, Molly: hjo. scorpion power. Katiker: Maiine, 
sailboats to no one. Adds, Maine trips, my favorite 
Hungarian PNHS Drama Club: Opening Nights. 
NYC, Lighthouse Theatre Elliott Smith and nights 
alone. 5<Wallace<2 "I have something to prove, 
as long as I know there's something that needs im- 
provement," Am Difranco 

Trevor Nadile 

"We've got this brand new dance, it's called we've 
got to overcome " Sublime, Word to all my boys: 
Rob, Mil, Bongi, AL, RC, MC, DM, TB, DO, JT, CS, 
JB, JD, RC, TM, WPC! My favorite ladies: AM, BM, 
AP, MM, CS, CK, SO, NO. SR. CD. Juniors '"memo- 
ries* prom, BERUIT, Homecoming 05, 311 & Dave, 
Fire nights, blackouts, APizzles, Sox parade, 16th 
Bday, concert crew. Last Dispatch, Norton's, 
Kimball's, NP beach fires, T-Squad, Tanya's 18th, 
New Years, gazebo, Bris/marina, Ziggys, CV 
rides, 1 '/> days, warped tour, July 3 and 4, Richie's 
boat, skimming, PN ball, "Brian's here", dip set, to 
my mom and dad for always pushing me, Justin and 
Amanda, thanks for always having my back I love 
you all. best to Class of '06 

Abidenas Neves 

"The future has a way of arriving unannounced," 
-George Will, I would like to thank my parents for 
their support and understanding through out the 
years, I would also like to thank all my friends for all 
the good times, I'll never forget the great times I had 
at PN like Drama Club, Coconut Island. FNL, Axe 
OF Murder and Drop Dead, the cool teachers and 
anyone else who made the past four years one that 
I will not only miss but one that I will take with me the 
rest of my life. 

Adelide Lucy Nitory 

"Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can't 
build on it; it is only good for wallowing in. "-Mansfield, 
Thanks Dad- you're my best friend, Coleman-I don't 
know where I'd be without you Mom-I know you'll 
be there. Buns, Kathles, LD, EEB, Deeds, Molly-I love 
you guys more than anything, MS, MC, AG-Sam 
Rhine is love! RD, SH-Hot cocoa nights, Rob, MM, 
TD, AK, MM, JK, MV, DJ, XC-going the distance. 
Track, Band Prom White Horse, late nights. Car 
rides, Maine trips! CD, JB-Quebec! Dance parties. 
Beach dates, Dane Cook shows. New York, Boston 
trips. Concerts "Change is the essence of life. Be 
willing to surrender what you are for what you could 
become, "-Mirela, Good luck. 

Michael Norton 

The last four years have been the fastest four years 
of my life, I owe a lot to all my friends and family and 
want to thank them all for everything, they know who 
they are. Good luck to everyone, and remember 
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll still get run 
over if you just sit there"-Will Rogers, Never forget 
the memories from these past years: Katiekerrs fires, 
Boston Parades, Jayme's Pond, Random Parking 
lots, Bosco's Shows, Ski Trips, FFC, Crusin the Cut- 
lass, Beth's after homecoming, Marco's fires, 
Nadile's. Frisbee. The Beach. JD, and best of all; 
Bridge Jumping with Matt, Marco, Dex and Doodle 
Good Luck everyone and Be Safe 



Christopher Matthew Nosal 

"A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of 
a little courage. Every day sends to ttneir graves ob- 
scure men whose timidity prevent themselves from 
making a first effort and a big impact, " - Henry David 
Thoreau I want to thank the people who mean the 
world to me; my parents and my brother Andrew, As 
well as all the experience I have gained at north with- 
out which I would not be the person I am today. I 
also want to thank all my friends and teachers who 
have gone out of their way to make my life better 
and never stopped pushing me to do my best and 
keep my head up when I needed it the most. Favor- 
ite memories: Singing: Oktoberfest, Pep Rally, and 
Pretty Day, tVlarching/Concert Band, Winter Percus- 
sion, and Men's Choir, 

Emily Elizabeth Noyes 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny 
matters compared to what lies within us " Ralph 
Waldo Emerson-To all of my family: Mom. Dad, Kate, 
Christina, Abby, and my grandparents thank you for 
all of your love and support Erin, our laughs and 
our memories will last a lifetime, I couldn't have asked 
for a better best friend To my amazing friends, es- 
pecially mc jr am ss Id tw sp md bs ses ah bq. thank 
you for the memories: homecoming, California na- 
tionals, punta gorda, prom 05, star land, puffer bel- 
lies, powder puffs, hockey games, girls nights, Que- 
bec, issacs: and for the laughs idiot", numlDer 31, 
fant 2, danver bus, show stopper, stephs lemon 
faces. And to the class of 2006: Wherever you go, 
go with all your heart " Anonymous » 

Andrew Michael O'Donnell 

"We were young and the times were exciting and 
the world lay stretched out before us The beginning 
IS when It's great ' Don Henley. Many thanks to my 
family for always supporting and pushing me Mom, 
thank you for your support in everything I have done, 
especially your support on the track. Dad, thank you 
for always being on my case about grades and do- 
ing the best I can even when I didn't want to Good 
times NAMBLA. White Horse, Homecomings, prom 
with the king, Bball games with the man child, down- 
town 500, the spot, bndge jumping, 'quit trying to 
grab my leg', clam pudding, state forest, Norty's 
parties, cruising in the cutlass. Jaymes Pond. Staind 
concert. North Track 

Sarah Ohannessian 

Daniel Oliveira 

"Don't count the days, make the days count" Thanks 
to mom and dad for always being there- love you. 
acl champs soccer 04. 05 moskos, covell, costa, 
jaeger, t-bone forever we ridin summer 05 at richJes. 
"In this bright future you cant forget your past" Alma 
Barnes you're one in a million, always remember you. 
what up to Kimball Lindsey Alex Tanya Scott Bellls 
Milroy Pork Lat Apaul Tardy and everyone else. 
"Never settle for the average" ALL DAY 


Erin Nicole Osborne 

» "What lies tDehmd us and what lies ahead of us 
are small matters compared to what lies within us" 
— Ralph Waldo Emerson » Kacey-thanks for being 
there for me, I luv u * Jillian-hit and run thanks » 
Jackie- Best Buy. Pembroke » Bnt- 1 want 1 » Aaiyx- 
playing gym good times » Jen-fashion design. I 
don't do that anymore' » Megan-your dress over 
your head * Liz- flip flops flopping, spilling blue water 
» shelly- gerbil Boston, call me when » kisses 
I loveyou, thanks for always being there, together 
forever » nights downtown, pool hall. Weathervane 
Best Buy. Prom 05. Homecoming, camping. Maine 
road trips, the Ice coffee » Thanks to Mrs Thomas 
for everything Thanks to my Mom. my Dad and 
Cnriv 1 1 nvp You. w Good luck everyone » 

J " i. . mv '^^'^^ 

Natalie M. Ozella 

"They say you only live once, but when you live like 
us, once Is enough"-unknown. So Amac Ta Kk Eb Kl 
Nj Amc Km Jf As Am- 1 don't know what I would do 
without you all, thanks for the good times! 
Sleepovers/ sneakouts. Sarahs house, hockey ex- 
press, girls night, the snowstorm, MJam, Tmoys, 
Trevs, dance parties, selling video games, WPC <3, 
goths, girl fight, Octoberfest, Kristens, my party, 
CLIQUE OF 061, Cabrals class, prom (mc), the cor- 
ner store, Jose, Lindseys, New Years. 2-24-05 I'll 
never forget! Tm & Tn & Mc- Best friends! Re- Thanks 
for the memories! To Mom and Mike- Thanks for 
putting up with everything and all the things you've 
done for me, I love you! Danny Nick & Jenna- 1 love 
you guys, thanks! 

Daniel David Partner 

". , the end . . of our elaborate plan , the end of 
everything that stands" J. Morrison I would like to 
thank my parents for always having faith in me 
through it all and for never giving up on me. I love 
you. To all my friends through high school . . you 
know it . . North and South and somewhere else . . 
from band tnps to freshman friends and our late night 
trips to the movies. Ya'know with the roof candy and 
scare out all the mall rats and the crew. Bob Sherry 
. . I miss you man. see you soon Finally to all those 
who dedicated hours to the DDR!! Good night and 
good bye 

Liz Parker 

» Favorite People: My family, family friends, Kasi, 
Snickle Pickle, Kerri, Heather and Nicole M. The 
Ashleys, "Cheerio", Jellybean, Jen, Allison A, Gio, 
Wootkins, Jackie R, Erin 0, Yanta, Tamara, Jillian, 
Amanda R, Amanda G, Alison H, Lisa C, Renelle, 
Brittany D, Ariana, Chorus Girls, Simon, Don, Freddy 
Mac, John, Jono, Brandon, JMack, Smitty, Andy, 
Peter, Josh, Justin, Sean, Craig, Derek, Corey, Mikey, 
Mike C, Mike G, Mike P, Mike M, Jamie, Robbie, 
Mark, Jim, Jay, Shawn, and everyone else I left out. 
Memories: Erin- Weebles Wobble, Tarcn Bell, Flip 
Flops Flopping, Giant Grapes! Kasi- Fatty's gone! 
Good times in the van. Everyone else- WAY too many 
good memories! I Love You All! Thanks to my family 
and friends for being there & looking out for me! » 

Ashley Paul 

MY GIRLS: Carly, Meaghan, Alison, Bri, Caitlin, 
Courtney, Sara, AB <3 GUYS: JT, TN, RJ, AL, TB, 
''Memories* Parades, DMB, Six Flags, VT, July 3 -i- 
4, ziggys. Homecoming 05, Prom, blackout, dance 
parties, B-Days, Wendys, ski trip 05, prank calls, 
MACABE, Dux, "1/2 days", girls nights, stuck in the 
woods, Bris, Trevs, MN's, CK's, Boats, road trips. 
Terrible T, New years, late night cheers, fire nights. 
*Jr.s thanks for all the good times* Jared thanks for 
always putting a smile on my face and for always 
being there'* Mom and dad thank you for your love 
and support. I love you both so much . . ., "Take 
what you can from your dreams, make them real as 
anything" —DMB *Good luck to the Class of 2006! 

Spencer Paysen 

Thanks to Pochet and all the family. Mom, Dad, Kyle, 
Gramie, and Grampie for always being there. To 
Bosco's Disturbance, may the music and friendship 
live on. To all the memories: Beach Club, Ashkan's 
hospitality, "Cruisin in the Cutlass", Chillin at Mark's, 
Crazy Snowball fights. The Lumina, Oceanview Land- 
scaping, and so much more. Favorite People: LB, 
AB, MM, MD, AO, MN, JR, EN, EP, MM, MS, KL, and 
whoever else I forgot Thank you. Good Luck Class 
of 2006. "There are many spokes on the wheel of 
life. First, we're here to explore new possibilities." 
— Ray Charles 

Erin Lynn Peacock 

"Charm can be deceiving, and beauty fades away, 
but a woman who honors the Lord deserves to be 
praised." Proverbs 31:30. Favorite people: AM, EN, 
SS, LD, JB, AH. Memories: Monadnock, Maine, Lake 
Winnipesauke, Punta Gorda, "idiot", steph's boat, 
starland, homecoming 05'. Thank you to my Mom, 
Dad Jay, and Jen, for always being there for me. 
Emily and Adrien, you guys are amazing, we have 
so many memories that I will treasure forever. Thank 
you guys so much for being the best friends anyone 
could ask for. "Greater love has no one than this, 
that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13 


Samuel D, Peck 

Here it comes, man, a whole fistful of life And if you 
don't hiave your moutfiguard of opportunity, it'll knock 
your teethi of destiny out. So get your gloves of dili- 
gence on cause there's a big opponent in the ring, 
and his name is Johannes M Challenge tvlake plays, 
not excuses. Heroes get remembered, but legends 
never die. Never forget the friends you made in high 
school. My fnends: IW, AN, TT, OB, ER, IC, HE, RT, 
HA, NG, and my bud CD It'll come true, |ust you 
wait, "It makes me mad then people say I turned 
and ran like a scared rabbit. Maybe it was like an 
angry rabbit, who was going to fight in another fight, 
away from the first fight"-Jack Handey, 

Michelle Lynn Pelissier 

a,k,a. Shelly, Clamshell, Shellster, Chica. Band Geek 
AD. LB, MM. MA, TL, JH. MW, NM. KP, EO, CB, DP, 
ER, CC Memories Band Camp, USSBA State 
Champs, bus rides, Friday night games, Plymouth 
Jamborees, Band Bashes, "Oklahoma" Pit, Prom 
2005 Activities: Band Sec Leader. Literary Maga- 
zine Thank you so much to all my friends. Niki. Mom, 
Dad, Ashley (BFF6th grade'), Lexi (muffin < 2). Molly 
(Southie fry), Mr Porter, Mrs Thornton, + Tim (my 
Lovely!) I love you guys' Good luck PHSMB, my clan- 
nets, + Class of 20061 "It's something unpredict- 
able but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time 
of your life." —Green Day 

Emily Estelle Perkins 

"It's been a wild nde i wouidn t change a minute, I 
can't slow down inside, guess that's why I live it" — 
31 1 Thanks to my mom, dad. and Mikey, I love you 
so much » My amazing fnends, especially Bench 
Crew (Sm, Bl, Jw, Pp. Fa. Bm. Ds. J|. Do. Mr Rs ») 
Thanks for the memories. I don t know what I'd do 
without you Ar, best friends always, you really are 
my other half * C-Unit, thanks for being so crazy ' 
Dance girls » 5th period gossip Ak & As v White 
horse* CCA' ♦88 04, Fire & Ice. Dance Parties, 
Slammo. Road Trips. HC 03. Prom 04. "We are SO 
not friends anymore'". Beths house. Wellfleet. Ver- 
mont. Ski Tnps (Lb & Lm »). Dora. Betty. & Pablo. 
Big Island, TBS. Warped 02 03, Rose & Vicki s Good 
luck 061 ♦ 



Josh Phoenix 

"Above the Clouds, Above the Clouds Where the 
Sounds are Original. Infinite Skills create miracles"- 
Gangstarr, First of all i need to thank my Mom and 
Dad tor eveiything they have done for me. I also want 
to thank my sister Molly for being there for me. In my 
life people have came and gone but I always will 
have my WPC boys, you know who you all are. Shout 
out to my boys Lundgren, my Ninja Pell, and mad 
props to Father Kling for always being there for 
me. Too many bomb times like chillin at the Rec. to 
getting stuck in the forest with MC and Saw/er. and 
Snowboarding with T at Loon (Bad Karma) I cant 
'orget the OBS and the Piffset either. SB everyday. 
There are too many good linries times to remember 
■' Li' i ■.-.ii; never ever forget the WPC- Peace Out 

Renelle Pierre 

Thank God it's all over' Thanks to Mom. Dad. Ranee, 
Shaunyp. fez, LBB, TP, UJ, OP, MP for everything, 
love u guys Katie-we've known each other for 13 
yrs, I couldn't ask for a better bf, I love u. AR. MB- 
you guys are great, good luck in all u do KW. EF- 
the greatest twins in the world Love you guys. AH- 
crazy' Good luck in the future BJ. AG-good luck in 
all u do, love u both. TM-you're the best, thanks for 
everything, good luck, much love to ya' JG-I'll never 
forget you, RIP. Good luck SP, PB, TS, PA. AL, AH, 
PJ. HS, TM-Thanks for everything. These 4 yrs have 
gone by so quickly and it was all worth it. Best of 
luck class of 2006 it's over PEACE 

Katherine Pillsbury 

First, thanks to my parents for all the encouragement 
and support Ashley. I'm sorry I was always there 
for everything To all my other friends- Tabitha, 
Chrissy, Jenn Shelty, Caitlin and Megan- 1 love you 
guys Mr, and Mrs D - thanks for all the food III 
wrap things up with a quote by R W Emerson, "What 
lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny mat- 
ters compared to what lies within us " 

Brittany Jane Pinto 

Favorite people- Danielle, Ashley, Erin, Colleen, 
Amanda, Hayley, Crysi, Volunteer friends. Memories- 
Prom, Homecoming, livin on whiting street + whit- 
ing street gang, moving day Ashley- Is she popu- 
lar? Danielle- BFF, you have been such a great friend 
throughout the years, I could not of asked for a bet- 
ter friend! 18th B-Day . . Spending the day with you 
mom, it was an enjoyable day Special thanks to the 
family » l\/lom- you are an amazing person, thanks 
for everything you have done for me over the years, 
I admire you! Shane- Thanks for being a great 
brother. Peter- Thanks for coming down when you 
can it means a lot. Hayley- Miss you lots. Can't for- 
get about Willow -I- Dweezle » Favorite quote. The 
future belongs to those who believe in their dreams " 
Eleanor Roosevelt 

Jaclyn Morgan Rannpino 

"Everyday is a book of memories, a smile to show, a 
tear of love, and a laugh to grow. "-Anon. Ss Al Ah Mu 
Ks Ef Jc Rq Cb Ms Aw Gs Mc Eo Am Dj En Nb Ep- 
Thanks Mom & Shawn for all the continuous support- 
youve made me the person that I am today! Jenna, 
Jeremy, Jessica thanks for everything! Joseph Doherty 
there's so many memones-l wouldn't trade it for the 
world! 3,3, 05 » Thanks for always being there for me, 
it wouldn't have been the same without you. I love you! 
Landers. Hardy. Sweeney. Crawford. Birchy- great 
times as always! Marshfield. Wendys. Nemo. Carver 
Boys-eah Landers' Dangelo crew (Mm & Ag). 
Cardsmart (Ch). Softball 05' Thank-you Mr. DaRosafor 
all your help! To the class of 2006 and everyone else at 
Plymouth North- Congratulations and Good luck! 

Joelle Plourde 

"Sing like no one can hear you, love like your heart 
has never been broken, dance like no one is watch- 
ing." Anon. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Chris, and Lauren 
for always being there for me, I love you all. The best 
friends anyone could ever have: Jen, Allison, Anthony 
and Pat. Thanks to Mrs, Pickett, Mr Pickett, Kacey, 
Kori, Emily, and Nana for being my second family. 
Thanks to the whole Higgins family, Mrs. Higgins, I 
will always be the daughter you never had, Kevin, 
thanks for always being there like my second brother. 
Last but not least Ashley, thanks for putting up with 
me, love you like a sister 

Katelyn Marie Reddington 

Through the past 4 yrs, I found out who my real 
friends were, some I've known 4 many yrs & some 
just a year. I've grown so much since 9th grade, not 
just on my own but through others. Through the hard 
times, I remember, "2 many U are 1 person but 2 1 
person U are the world," To everything I've experi- 
enced at North, I thank my teachers, my Mom & Step- 
Dad 4 putting up with me, my Step-Brother 4 look- 
ing out for me, & to Isaias, Thanks 4 luving me as 
much as you did, I LuvU. I want to thank AC 4 show- 
ing me who my real friends were. My Friends, (Brit- 
tany, Megan, Brian, EP, DS, Dl, Jl, JW, JG.) thanks 4 
being there. I'm going 2 miss Uncle Wally. Chorus 4 
yrs, Carol Choir 3 yrs. Madrigal 2 yrs. Music Theory 
2 yrs. Mentoring 2 yrs, SFH, Tri-M, All 1 yr. 

Travis Justin Probasco 

In the past four years at Plymouth North I have met a 
lot of people, which most have become my friends. 
I have enjoyed playing soccer and baseball even 
though I wasn't the best, but I tried hard, I have done 
well in my classes. The best thing that I can say is I 
have done it; I finished high school. I have to thank 
my baseball and soccer team for supporting me for 
the last four years. Thanks Costa for the fun classes 
and bus rides home from the away games. I have to 
thank my coaches for my success, and all my friends 
for the fun classes I have had the past four years. 

Elaine Reszenski 

"I remember counting days until the year would be 
done, so I could scatter all my notebooks on the prep 
school lawn, and disappear into a summer's bliss of 
staying out and sleeping in and having fun with my 
friends. That's gone and I know it won't ever come 
back, but I accept I won't cling to what I had in the 
past. Because life's a slippery slope, regrets the 
steepest hill, Hope for the best, plan for the worst, 
and maybe wind up somewhere in the middle. And 
time's not poison but once you drink it all you die, 
so let's just sip it real slow: we can nurse it all night 
Try to believe that once it's gone, we'll pour another 
round and come back to life." — Conor Oberst 


Jennifer Rheault 

Thanks JA, AM, KM. KP, JK, Dl, Dan, EO, AC, and to 
all my friends tor making my 2 years at PNHS a lot 
of fun. Senior year, many memories from 4th period 
fashion design, 5th period math, lunch table, and 
6th period gym. Thanks for all those memories and 
many more to come, "Don't worry about everything 
just live in the now" Beau, Good luck class of 061! 

Alex Roupenian 

Thanks to my family for all your support: Mom, Dad, 
Kristen, and Elisa. And to my friends: John, Rob, 
Chandler, Dylan, Sean and Peck, You guys are pretty 
cool. "Love is not something that you can put chains 
on and throw into a lake. That's called Houdini. Love 
is liking someone a lot." — Jack Handey 

Diogo Rocha 

During my four years at PNHS I learned a lot. I be- 
came a better student and a better person I had a 
lot of fun at this school with my friends IVIM. IP, IM, 
DA, LC. HM,JN,JT and everyone in the soccer team. 
I also want to thank all my teachers, during these 
four years they all were very good teachers and they 
were very nice to me. especially Ms Da Silva and 
Coach Farrell I also want to thank my parents for 
supporting me during all these years and for being 
there tor me when I needed them. 


Alyxandra Lee Ryan 

"Surprise surprise I traveled here Four hundred 
miles from where I'm known. My friends are here. A 
couple years I've spent. I found I have a second 
home "-O.A.R Love my girls: emily nikkl kate bath 
steph, you guys are the greatesti Mom and Dad 
thank you so much for all your support, 1 could never 
have done this without you! » memories ¥ home- 
coming 02 03 04, prom, red sox, hawaii. model un, 
field hockey girls' fat mikes, big island, dora, camp- 
ing, 4 wheeling, boston, rose & vickis. random ad- 
ventures "Here's to us fools that have no meaning, 
I tip my glass to you Let's toast the night away to 
friends and forget about tomorrow "-NFG To the 
class of 2006. thank you for all the memories I wish 

Annanda Marie Rougeau 

Well I made it Thanks to everyone that helped me 
along the way Special thanks to my mom for every- 
thing she has done for me I couldn't have done it 
without her To my sisters. Bethany and RetDekah. 
thanks for everything To my girls, you know v^rho you 
are. thanks and good luck in all you do I love you 
Chris, always and forever (and an extra day) Well 
I'm finished and this is done 

Andrew Sannpson 

Thanks to all of my family and friends for always sup- 
poning me through out the years. Mom Dad Linds 
Taylor, Good times wylin' out The Forest Ellis 
House, The Tables, Fishing Club CVT 
Snowboarding What up to all my boys, Bellis, Gaily 
Santos, Emdog, Mr Siever. The Whiteness Tea 
Finn, Carco. Kenny B The Ladies. Alex Lindz Manr~ 
Tanya Always Holdin it down in the Data Process- 
ing room-Mrs Rosa "Life is one big road with lots 
of signs. So when you nding through the ruts don t 
complicate your mind, flee from hate, mischief and 
jealousy, don't bury your thoughts, put your vision 
to reality, Wake Up and Live'" Bob Marley Peace 
I'm out 



Ashley Sampson 

First there are my friends- MC, DF. HT, AW, SC. JM, 
JC, CS, RH, AW, JS- all of you. Thank you for always 
being there for me; I couldn't have better friends!! 
Love you all! And then there are the people in my 
past-thanks for shaping me into the person that I 
am today. I'm probably better off and, as they say, 
true friends last forever! Mom & Dad, thank you for 
always sticking by me when I chose the wrong di- 
rection by steering me back the right way; you mean 
everything to me, I love you! Dayla- Not just my big 
sister, but now I can call you one of my friends. I 
love you! "Maybe the past is like an anchor holding 
us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you are to 
become who you will be."- Carrie Bradshaw 

Michael Sawyer 

Fav Quote' "you put on two tube socks you couldn't walk 
in my stioes. I was dealt a bad hand, wtiat else could I 
do, but keep somettiing up my sleeve tinat would help 
me get through "-Jay Z. State Forest rides before school 
will be greatly missed. I'd like to take a few moments to 
reminisce on all the good times with WPC. Pulo, Voyer, 
MC, Pheno, Stevez, Father Kling, T, Lundgren, Mcgloin 
McMahon, Chap, Mil, Gillen. I would like to thank Mr 
Bastoni for providing me with such a valuable education 
Your class gave me a solid foundation and direction with 
a career in engineering I would also like to thank all the 
teachers who gave me slack and put up with me, I defi- 
nitely didn't deserve it. Unfortunately my four years here 
are about up, and I wish that they could start over again. 
I will miss my class of 06' and the entire PN community. 
Thanks for the good times and the great education I was 

Scott Santos 

Many thanks to my friends and family throughout the 
years. Mom, Dad thank you for everything. To all my 
friends, we had a lot of good times the past few 
years, it was definitely a good trip. Mrs. Rosa thank 
you for everything, high school wouldn't have been 
the same without you. Tanya, thank you for always 
being there for me and always seeing the best in 
me. We had a lot of good times. Love you. Thanks 
to the coaches and the team for a great season. "Life 
is just a game of inches." Al Paclno. 

Kate llene Schneider 

Spades! "Do not follow where the path may lead- 
Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail." 
RWE Momadookes and Dad thanks for always be- 
ing there. My two wonderful brothers you guys are 
awesome! No matter what I tell you. To my girls al- 
ways and forever Megz Nikki Alyssa Jamie AR TB 
SH CD NC. Demaio Joey Birch Dyer. Greg no mat- 
ter what happens, you mean the world to me. Good 
Times: there could be an explosion. Dyer's House, 
Nikki's Parties, Blizzard @ Cheryl's. ROSA, Always 
a Party! Good Luck Class of 2006! 

Kathleen A. Shaw 

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, 
the things you are, the things you never want to lose."- 
The Wonder Years. Thank you Mom, Dad, Andrew, Pat, 
Amy, Mike, and Jamie for everything, I couldn't have 
asked for a better family. — Renelle, you've been my 
best friend through thick and thin, thanks for all the 
laughs, I love you. — Addie Filzy KaTrina Burns Megz 
Saman Ld Ash-a-lay-lay AK Amanda Maggie Tom 
Flanders Alison Mikaela Voci Garv and everyone else! 
You guys are amazing I love you! Linnea, your one of 
my favs! I Love You So Much— SHORELINE OF CAPE 
COD '02-'04 "Hands down this is the best day I can 
ever remember. Always remember," You girls are my 
everything. Thanks for all the amazing memories 
Congrats and Good Luck Class of 2006i 

Meghan A, Saunders 

"The future belongs to those who believe in their 
dreams." — E.R. <3 Mom, Dad & Mary- thank you 
so much for always believing in me and pushing me 
to do my best. I love you. Gramma & Grampa- Muf- 
fin loves you! Saunders 16: righteousss!! Trevor <3 
I don't think I would have made it these 4 years with- 
out you. Thanks for all the memories, I love you al- 
ways. Sam (cheechy!). Ash cuddle buddy, K Shaw* 
"Nemo?" <3 Robert- Thanks for the 100 mile car 
rides, holding my hand & knowing how to make me 
smile <3 ADDIE, Gary (SAM RHINE = LOVE), Molly 
beautiful. Buns, Mikaela, All, Flanders, Chris, Bry, 
Natas, Suz "can i put you on hold?", AR, Tuesdays 
w/ David, Macintosh/Lobe, Good luck class of 06'! 
"Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart." — 



Christopher Colin Shea 

Bacon "In this great future we can't forget our Past, 
So dry your tears and move on"-Bob Marley Memo- 
ries: Portugal, prom, fiomecomings, PN soccer, PN 
ball, Trevs, Oris, Nortons, fire nights, dance circles 
w/Jaeger, Kerrs, weird soccer bus rides, Beths, 
Tanyas Octoberfest, Moylans, friswall, cards, Alexs, 
my house, UMass, New Years, 3rd and 4th of July "I 
think that Spencer might die tonight" The Boys: al lb 
sp rj tn tm rc2 tb jb mm mn ao |d |t mc dm cb cf ar rb 
jk sp and thanks to all the girls for the memories. 
Soccer boys: Moss, Rich. Mike. Rob3, Luke. Jared, 
Corey. Kyle. Dec. Dan thanks for all the weird bus 
rides, thanks to mom. dad. amy. todd. dan. keri, 
mike, gretchen for all the support Good luck to all 
and remember. "Whatever you are. be a good one"- 
Abraham Lincoln 

Amanda Marie Sines 

Many thanks to my mom, dad. and two younger 
brothers, Chris and Adam, for always being there 
for me; you're the best' Memories: Driving for the 
first time, fun times at the movies, shopping at the 
mall, staying up late studying. School Activities, Vol- 
leyball (freshman year). Literary Magazine. Junior 
Friends, Renaissance Club, DECA (junior year). 
Community Service, National Honor Society, Year- 

Patricia Shea 

Favorite people: Melinda Amanda. Jacqui, Emma. 
Abbi. Corina. Aidan. Flanders. Mikela. Alison. (Hoot- 
ers) Renelle. Allan S. Nick. Paulo, Ross. Mrs Rosa 
thank you for everything you have done. Favorite 
thing: Field hockey, prom, parties. Drama was the 
worst in our senior year Thank you mom and family 
for everything you have done Thank you to all the 
teachers and counselors that helped me through the 
years Favorite saying: Try to take the good from the 
bad smile when your sad love what you got remem- 
ber what you had always forgive but never forget 
learn from your mistakes and never regret!! Con- 
gratulations to the class of 2006 Live life to your full- 
est you never know what will happen- Nicholas 
James Jensen Love you miss you always thinking of 


Giovann Maria Small 

"Anything worth having is worth working hard for " 
— Anonymous Many thanks to my Mom and Dad 
for being there for me and for putting up with me 
these past yrs I love you guys! Much love to Jadin, 
Chelsea. Stuart. Uncles C & D. and Aunty R. Grand- 
father-Thnx for the words of wisdom' My Girls: Kate- 
U have been there for me since freshman yr,~Thnx 
for the good times & memories' Meg-Locker #909 - 
GT~Golddigga!. Monda-You got any cables? Pal- 
ace = best nights & GT-Thnx girM Ashley-Make u 
work! 99 talks = GT! JD. KS. JR~I love you all! PNVB 
Girls '05-"Desire doesn't come in an aerosol can!" 
We've been through a lot good times and bad- but 
these were the best yrs I have eva had. This is not 
the end but rather the beginning Ccocats Class of 

Drew Joseph Sheils 

I want to give a shout out to my Mom. she's the best, 
and my girlfriend Amanda She is so beautiful and I 
love her so much I want to thank my brother Justin 
for helping me out I want to give another shout out 
to nny txDys Simon and Tim thanks for all the good 
memories. Good luck class of 06. 

Brian Soule 

Its funny how wtien it tsegan. we couldn t wait for if 
to end. And now that its over, we wonder wfiere 
did it all go' Well, four years have passed us by and 
they have been amazing I would like to thank all of 
my friends who I have met over the years, you know 
who you are. I would also like to thank my mom dad. 
and brother Scott (and Cosmo) I love you guys 
Ashley, how you fit in them jeans' I have had so much 
fun these past four years and so many memories 
concerts, games FFC, prom, homecoming and PN 
hockey I wish everyone good luck in whatever the 
future brings. "This is your life, are you who you want 
to be'" -Switchfoot 

.• < 

Joshua D. Souza 

Josh. Thanks to Mom, Dad, John. Jason, and Jenn 
for supporting me in my endeavors Good luck to all 
my friends. I had a great four years Appreciate it 
while Its here, because you'll regret it when it's gone. 

Kasi Ruby Souza 

This is it. we are finally done' Thank you to my fam- 
ily, mom and dad I don't know how I would have got 
through this without you, you made me the person I' 
am today I love you guys' To my brother, Stevie and 
my sister Knsti, thank you for all your support! love 
you! Kristi, my sister and one of my best friends 
thanks for always being there' so many good times! 
to my friends-LP, JS, KL, AR, MB. GS. AW I love you 
girls, thanks for everything, there's no me without 
you! Uz, too many good times to name! bff. love 
you! Jamie and Krystal, so many good times every- 
one knows it's KKKJ , thank you for everything 
girls! "never forget yesterday, but live for today, be- 
cause you never know what tomorrow can bring, or 
what it can take away "-Anonymous. 

Amy E. Stefani 

"The eagles dancing wings create as weather spins 
out of hand, go closer hold the land feel partly no 
more than grains of sand, we stand to lose all time a 
thousand answers by in our hand, next to your 
deeper fears we stand, surrounded by a million 
years, "-Yes. Thanks, Dad. Kate. Matt, Mom for your 
love and support. Hey Court' Where do I start, so 
much has happened from music videos to trips to 
Bourne. I love you gf! Sam. Ashley, Alexyou all mean 
so much to me, I wouldn't be the same w/o you. Mork 
you make me so happy I love you. Word, memories- 
sams house, apartment, sheans, buggin w/mork, 
concerts, hotel parties, 5th period study with nikki, 
the volvo, the explorer, the pack, train station w/court, 
dreads, gus, emily. rudy 

Carly Marie Sternberg 

My girls: Ashley, Courtney. Sara. Alison, Meaghan, Briana, 
Caitlin-love you AB, CK, NJ, DL, BK, JB, El. LC. JD. TN, 
RJ. CB, JT, PC, CS. MM. AL, MN, TB, AM, AO, TM, DO, 
RC, AR, junior girls, v BT v. Mom ^ Dad; Thank You for 
always being there for me + all the support, I love You 
Adam; you've always had a huge influence on me, I 
couldn't ask for a better older brother, I love You *memo- 
ries* homecomings. Prom 05, July 3-4, OAR. dance par- 
ties, sleepovers, SB exit 9, 4 amnites, 6 flags, road trips, 
1am stuck in the woods. New Years 04, Bris, bridge jump- 
ing, Nortons, $ rage 05, blackout @ APs. firenites. "on a 
serious note." nail Incident, trevys. girlnites, maine trip 04. 
red sox parade, ocean state car chase. "Some people 
touch our hearts, and make the sky more beautiful to gaze 
upon " Anonymous 

Alyssa Suarez 

To my family; Mom, Stephen. Alec. Sam and Beth » I 
love you! Thiank you for everything you've done » To 
my friends; KS. SO, NB, TA, EB. KL. Amc. Amac. KK, 
AS, Cmc * Thank you for always being there for me 
when ever I needed you! NO, SO, TA » You've helped 
me so much this year, you mean the world to me, love 
you ladies. KS, NB, MU v I love eggs in the morning, 
English men, homecoming. Just STOP the car!, 11/11 
dance parties love you girls so much! MC, LD » you 
made Spanish so much fun! Love you! NO, RC » 
punching, hitting, slapping. Class would've been bor- 
ing w/o you! SO » No matter how much time passes 
we're friends 'til the end Cmc v I'm so proud of you. 
piglet! EP. AK » gossip time! And to my friends who 
aren't here » KR. AF, PR, EE, CK I » you guys' 

Tim Swanton 

"The man of tomorrow is forged by his battles to- 
day " -Lex Luther Mom, Dad, Keith, and my sisters, 
thank you all, for being there when I needed you 
most. These past four years have been quite a jour- 
ney, and you were there all along. Your guidance 
and cloying maternal posturing have made me what 
I am today. To all my friends and teammates, re- 
member the good times we had and all the games 
we won. Best of luck where ever you go. I hope to 
see you all in the future. 


Samantha Elizabeth Sweeney 

"May the wind always be on your back and the sun 
upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry 
you off to dance with the stars, "-Johnny Depp, Mom, 
Dad, Maura, I love you all so much thank you for 
your never-ending support. Christopher, you will al- 
ways be so special to me, and I will never forget 
you, Jackie you're awesome, thanks for all the 
memories! Megzan! I love you, you're so special to 
me — Car rides and Dance, Ashley, you're amaz- 
ing, never stop laughing and smiling. Katie, Ashley, 
Alison. Erin, Emily, Bry, and everyone else thank you 
for the best four years of my lifei To everyone in the 
class of 2006, best wishes, and Good Luck! "Polish 
those dancing shoes and let loose. Life is to pre- 
cious to spend unhappy. "-Unknown. » 

Kenneth Tobin 

I want to start off by saying it's pretty mucti impossible to fit 
all of my higfi sctiool years in ttiis tiny little square but here 
goes First I would like to thank my family Bob, Dan, Lizard, 
E-double, Chelsey, and most importantly Mom and Dad for 
supporting me and trying to make me do my homework so 
I don't have to work at McDonalds Yeah. Dad. I've been 
listening. All the teachers who believed in me along with Mr 
DaRosa in guidance and my (nends, Gallivan "Hey look, This 
one's still sweaiin'l" Steve, Yosh. Krina. Erin, T-Bone. KKerr. 
and Zach Kait. keep it real. My other home with my real 
homies in HASC Carlos, Mike. Adam. Dan. John R.. Jon S,. 
Buchie and Phil, KB, Wednesday crew. Bpong's the real 
name. Walking downtown with Krina. The Radisson, Yoshi's 
basement and late night trips to Wal-Mart, KKerr s fire pits. 
Hennessy News "Play Keno. Its Exiting Aclion' Oh yeah, 
66 Can I get a T-SQUAD on three' 

Jared Tardy 

First. I'd like to thank my mom and dad for all the 
love and support. My soccer bros-DM. LB. CS. RC, 
MC. DO, RJ, DH, KS, MB, ZP. SP, Thanks for the 
years of good times and weird bus rides, I'll miss 
the feeling of a pregame huddle Johnny G-Way too 
many good times to list. Thanks for always being 
there bro, Ashley-Thanks for everything you've done 
for me I don't know what I'd do w/out you Good 
times and friends at Trevors, Nortons. Bris. APs, 
fires, downtown, boats, driving around. English- 
nambla. sailing w/the Captain, Boppos. Herti Gerti. 
the Gathering, concerts, Ziggys, Prom. Homecom- 
ings, Beths. Boston Parades, Amherst, Wicked 
Tough parties, Moes Barn, New Years, Tribbles 
"Seasons change and summer turns to fall, every 
minute of my life. I remember it all." Twiztid 

Michael Tribble 

"When you point your finger, you know that I'm the 
man" Tool, "What's good''" #74 What's good to MC. 
AM, DF. TM. SC. AA. MZ. MM, AO, MN. JS, MS, NM. 
EP. TN. MV. AP, AH, AL, AR, KF. CL. TB, CM. TS, 
TW. RJ. CB. CM, JG, JC, TD, SP, JM. CB. MP. KF, 
SG. AR. JK. NV. AR. AH. AM. JH, SP. TB. CM, RH, 
AW and anyone else I forgot. Thanks to all my friends 
and teachers especially Mr. Ready " Party of the 
year"— Mike McMahon- memories: good times 
chillin, forest cruises, football games, my parly 

Joanita Ennilia Hauch Tetzner 

I will be eternally grateful to this country and its gov- 
ernment for the opportunity that was given me to 
study here without discrimination I also am grateful 
to my teachers and friends that have always been 
patiently by my side in the difficult moments in un- 
derstanding the subject matter without knowing the 
language correctly I also want to thank my mother 
and my cousins Poliana Hauch and Juliana Hauch 
wtio gave me the strength for this lourney And not 
to forget to thank my friends Renato and Renilton 
that brought me to this school and help me get into 
this school Thank you'!' 

Emily Rose Turner 

"When I'm with my friends I feel home" OAR 'Thanks 
for all the good times ~ ALMA » JENNA Bellis *CK. 
TB. AP. DO. DM, MC, TN. RC & all my other girls & 
boys . I » you all' Memories Almas pond. 
'Natte's, Friday cookies. Prom. "Tennis, fresh bball 
OAR. DMB. Stu Co MASC Red Sox 04, My Ziggy s 
girls-CA. LC. NJ. AM' To my neighborhood crew- 
Andrew. Brian, Joe, Nick. Meg & Cory - I couldn t 
imagine growing up without you' Allison- my best 
friend, thanks for always being there' 1 1» you 'Nana 
& Papa- 1 love you thank you for everything' To my 
family MOM. DAD. CAIT & TY ~ you mean the world 
to me. thank you for all you unconditional love and 
support. I love you so much! "In this great future you 
C3"'t forget your pns!" B Marley 'Good Luck Class 

Megan Dawn Urichuk 

"What we do does not define who we are, what de- 
fines us Is how well we nse after falling " anon. Mom 
+ Dad thanks for always being there for me I love 
JM SR DWTimmy—you're my everything, thanks for 
making my life so much better, I love you 2/15/05, 
good times— girls can hit, there could be an explo- 
sion, Jimmy's cowboy outfit yeehaw, trashbag way 
to catch his eye, danny the dino, rides in the monsta, 
jungle water, prom -f senior dinner dance 05, snow 
days at Cheryl's, princess funnel, getting pulled over 
in rosa, pucker up, Timmy -i- Nikki's parties, is that a 
boy?, body paint, don't worry guys, party helmet. 

Jamie Lynn Verastegui 

"Jamma" Favorite people: RB KS MU NB AS GC RV 
TM AM TL CS EB, Good times: Prom 05', Monsta, 
Princess Funnel, 12 3 4 5, Boston, Aquarium, Do- 
nuts, Roger Williams, Willoween, Beach Babes, 
Futon, Hardball, Mansions, Newport, Ross falling off 
the rock. Cliff walk, Timmy's Fight, Danielle's, 
Cloves, Hacky Sack, The Tree, Eric Likes Ketchup, 
Lunch, Amherst, I Want Fun Dip. Thanks To: Mom, 
Todd, Dad, Leanne, Bubba, and Kenneth Love You, 
<3 Rob: I Love You More Than Anything Thanks For 
Everything 5-2-05 <3Meg, Kate And Nikki, Love You 
Girls* "We Make A Living By What We Get; We Make 
A Life By What We Give" Winston Churchill, 


Marguerite May Vantangoli 

"Maggie", days in our line, Tewksbury, Friendly's, 
pit cru, winter percussion, pasta nights, PHVB, prom 
05, Delaney's, band camps, packing the truck, AP 
Chem, campfires, marshmallows, Boston, White 
Castle, bus rides, track meets, football games, stem 
cell research, October nights. Sketch, Benny's crew, 
road trips. Thanks to my family for always support- 
ing me and my decisions, to my friends for always 
being there. Thanks to Kevin and Ryan for never let- 
ting me be less than my best and from keeping me 
from giving up, "The woods are lovely, dark, and 
deep, but I've got promises to keep, and miles to 
go before sleep" Robert Frost 

Joseph Verzone 

Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me the 
past four years. Thanks Rob and Karen for all your 
advise. Thanks to Ms, Manley and Ms. Robbins for 
two of the coolest classes I've ever had, and thanks 
to all my friends for making this time fly by, you guys 
rock! Favorite People: RD, CD, MG, MV, KF, PB, LE, 
Ml, AP, GD. ME, MT, CC, KM, Activities: Football 02- 
05, Winter track 03-04, Spring Track 02-05, Drama 
Crew 05-06. Good luck to the Class of 2006, and as 
we move on in our lives remember this: "Destiny is 
no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not 
a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved, "- 
William Jennings Bryan 

Rate Veiga 

I want to thank my Dad, my Mom, and everybody for 
believing in me and pushing me to reach all of my 
goals. I love you all , My football team that tore things 
up this season. Coach Burkhead for making me not 
only a better football player, but also a better per- 
son. My brothers Lamonte, Brandon, and Brenden, 
I love yall. And shout outs to all my people, Pell, 
Jamal, Tony, P, Millz, Roo, Voci, and Johnny Brou, 
To my cousins. Big Reggie, Big Mizz, Devin, and 
Bip Bip, I know yall remember back in the days. All 
my brothers on the football team, good luck next year 
keeping the fifth ACL title in a row, A,G, Phylycia, J, 
Mort, Ebz, MB, CL, and whoever else I'm missing. 
To my baby girl Ashley you better wait two years for 
me, I'm a miss you. Much LOVE to everyone, "LA 4 

Natlian Vickstrom 

I would like to thank my parents for all their support. 
This has been the best four years of my life, I will 
never forget all the memories from the football and 
baseball teams, and being part of a great group of 
people. Thanks to everyone who has ever been there 
for me and giving me their support. College will be 
great, but these four years will be the best years that 
I remember. 



Andrew Voci 

"Do what now''" Meatwad Good Times- Winter 04- 
05, Bryan's liouse, spilt juice, rocking out, Sean falls 
asleep, Tom & Corey get tield up at Dunkins, Tom's 
house, Ashkan's, and the beach "Good Guys " Karina 
(playgrounds) Corey (wait, whaf) Erin (why'') Sean. 
Scott (duh) Tom (hey, Emily) Yoshi (herro!) Emily (I 
don't get it) Steve, Rate, Kenny, Shane, Bellis and 
all others I forgot. Many thanks to fVlom, Bryan, Nick 
& Jen for everything, also to my Dad, Gramie & 
Grampy for always being at the football games "Go 
Eagles" ACL champions. Thanks to my girlfriend, 
Karina Janine, you mean so much to me, I love you. 


Katherine A. White 

"Success is like reaching an important birthday and 
finding you're exactly the same" — Audrey Hepburn. 
Thanks to my parents ior all their support, my older 
sister tor finding humor in every situation, my younger 
sister, for making life interesting "tvly friends are my 
estate" — Emily Dickinson. Elaine for making my 
Junior and Senior year so "spicy", I never thought I 
could find someone jvho laughed as much as me. 
Amanda Gilmore. my dancin' fool! Ashley Holmes 
and Giovanna Small so miuch love to the forks at 
Ninety-Nine. The summer of 2005- Our summer 
Adrien Ivliller. Vball Girls- I love you ail! Good Luck 
to the class of 2006! 

Michael Richard Voyer 

Thanks to my parents for getting me this far I love 
you both Thank you. Andrea, for being a great role 
model and setting a good example for me I love 
you. SIS WPC IS where its at I will never forget you 
boys OBS Piffset. Wul up to BE. EC. AS. SS, RC 
Tlvl. RV. Jtvl. PB. Nosal. IVIM. Shorty. Perlow. and one 
of my best buds KB Memories Cocoapuffs' TOS, 
Pentagon, rec field, area 51 . 2nd Gen. tube, no rents, 
jades, klings. lundgrens. pells, beach. 4th of July, 
pool hopping, roof hopping, fishing @ 3am.. night 
trips. Cream, anthony', countless forest rides, 
smuggs, tables. Halo 2, scubadiving, winter. PN 
baseball. ACL Champs. I love you guys. Thank you 
for the best time I've ever had. I won't forget you 
boys. Live life one day at a time Peace 

Jennifer Rose Wieners 

To all my families, I love you all Mom, Dad. Mike, 
Laura. Nana, and Grandpa, you've watched me grow 
and guided me along the way. Patty, Ken. and 
Ashley, my home away from home Thanks for al- 
ways keeping the door unlocked Pal. Joelle. An- 
thony, and Allison you guys are the best friends I 
have ever had Thanks for being there to make me 
laugh. Cassie, my "little" cousin, thanks for keeping 
me in check Lil' sis you are my inspiration, you 
helped me find my dream "this is your life, are you 
who you want to be''" — Switchfoot. This is a ques- 
tion people ask and are asked everyday. I can truly 
say I am exactly who I want to be. and all of you help 
me do this. Thank you! 

Amanda Marguerite Watkins 

"All of our dreams can come true if we have the cour- 
age to pursue them -Walt Disney I want to thank 
my Mom. my Dad. Mamie, and Papa for everytfiing 
they have done for me I love you all! Ashleigh- I'll 
miss you next year' Love you' Drew- 1 love you baby! 
Thank you for everytfiing 8 12 05 <3 "Truly great 
friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and im- 
possible to forget "-G Randolf JDKWMiddsCLAD 
BE PE ER KW LP I love you all' Jillian- Thank you for 
always being there for me I love you! Prom. Home- 
comings. Boston Trips, dry socks, cables, nights @ 
Cheryls driving around. Softball girls 05, Summer 
Jam and the beach Thank you for all the memories 
Congratulations Class of 2006 and good luck!!! w 

Thomas Wight 

"Best friends means friends forever'-Brand New 
These past years have gone by so fast, but I will al- 
ways remember them Thanks to Steve F Jared G. 
Karina. Erin F. Emily D Corey B. Voci. Gallivan. Emily 
N. Kevin F. AM SF. BD. AN. TS. DS MM. JC and 
everyone else for making tfiem so great I'm going 
to miss all tfie good times we fiad Thanks to Mom 
and Dad for supporting me all this time, and to Steve 
for being a great little brother Once again thanks to 
everyone, and I hope you all have the tiest of luck m 
the future "This is the time. This is the place We all 
go our separate ways No turning back' -TBS 

Brittany Willey 

Thinking of what to write was the hardest thing for 
me, which Is a shock for anyone who knows me be- 
cause I never stop writing, I want to say thank you to 
all of my friends for always being there for me espe- 
cially Weaver Ivlom, we went through some hard 
times but I made it Dad, if you are looking down on 
me, I hope I made you proud Evan, I know you 
wouldn't want me mentioning you but good luck. You 
only have three more years to go and I believe in 
you. Finally, Chris without you I don't think I would 
have made it through this school year. You have al- 
ways been my encouragement and my hero, I love 

Caitlyn Ainberii Wolfenden 

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead 
where there is no path and leave a trail." — RWE 
Thanks G, CC, DJ, and Courtney for everything, I 
love youuuuuu. Thank you Aunty A for doing what 
you do best, I love you more than anything in the 
world. Ahhh © Stev thanks for being there for me 
throughout it all, you're the best. Cretinon, Courtney, 
Erin, Edes, and the Sentra thanks for making high 
school what it was, haha unforgettable ladies. 
"People talking but they just don't know, what's in 
my heart and why I love you so, I love you baby, like 
a miner loves gold Come on sugar, let the good 
time roin "-Jimmy Hendrix 

Karina Wood 

"When all eyes are on you , . . wink"-Mikes Special 
Thanks and my love to; Mom Dad & Jacob-for mak- 
ing me who I am, Erin; My twin. The Fitzs. Alyssa 
Dandy & Nikki; my sisters. Hlly; my wife, Johnny- 
always there to hold my hand Glove-I owe you my 
life. Andrew-I LOVE YOU. Kenken-tighter than 
spandex. Stevie-my favorite artist Emily Pat Ant Paul 
Corey MFB Tom Kev Kathleen Renelle Mikaela Flan 
Gary Shane Nick & Jenn KS ZP DH AN SS JT AM 
CM JS JN Wicked Tough & Wicked Hott. Best times 
of my life: Wednesdays, Pumpkin Tree, Prom, Hoot- 
ers, BOSTON, Road Trips, Beach, Yes Cup, Tom's, 
Ashkan's, Bryan's, Snow storms, & far too many to 
list. Good luck class of '06, "We are supposed to be 
the ones to set the air afire'-Glass Jaw 

Gia Marie Zopatti 

"You may never matter again in your life as much as 
you do right now," Gary Gaines, Friday Night Lights 
My family, my friends, & the Underneath tour. Thank 

Christina Lynne Brown 

"Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up; 
these are the best days of our lives," — The Ataris, I 
want to thank my family but more so my friends for 
always being there for me and helping me survive 
school and making the years the best they can be. I 
also want to thank the teachers I have had. Even 
though I'm leaving I will be taking the memories with 
me. My goal is to live my life to the fullest and not 
have any regrets. AA LP CG JP MP JW MB AK EF 
you all so much!' And now a few words; Keke 
wouldn't know what to do in baby time square. 

Daniel Patrick Hughes 

I'm not good with this type of stuff, so I'll leave off 
my high school career with a quote that I think best 
sums up my way of thinking. "Don't take life too se- 
riously. You'll never get out alive," — Ryan Reynolds 

Laurie Tocchio 

"What's up?" Great memories; picking on my friends, 
talking to my teacher; Mrs Johnson. Favorite people; 
Stephanie, Allison, Crystal, Cassie, Larysa, Kim, 
Anna, Ida, Justine, Marissa, Abby, Nate, Dave, Mark, 
Justin, Jerry, Derek T., Derek D., Kevin, Mike, Jake, 
Memories; Homecoming, Prom, Many thanks to; 
Mom, my step-dad, Stephanie, Nate, Mark, Justine, 
Allison, Crystal, Mrs, Johnson, Dr, G,, Mr, Marino, 
Mrs, Crane, Ms, Carolyn, Mike, Marisa, Cassandra, 
Dave, Biz, Larysa, Kelly P , my two cousins; Dale 
and Marine. 



SGon Galllvan 


Kerri McNUlfy 

iss /liUSician 

^ryn Coucer 





Jcfm c^rcuiffarcT 


Alyssa l\elley 

Steven Francis 

SEAM M®(0)]^E¥ 

'^ost Srlico! Spirit 

Tyler Burton, 

Cmi(y Turner 

Trevor A/atfile 

Tanya AngaCiqua 



C^f^i's Siea 

Ondea^ no/^aa 


-Natalie Jansson 

Best allAround 

i \ 

Most Outgo! m 

Lauren Murphy 


?aui Bruce 


Ken lObin 


You/ cOYxtVnAA^e/ 

Umpok&n/ Hero- i^ 




iii !Higti (Drama resents DtOp DOBd 

Meet the new directors! Ms. Manley and Mr. 
Williamson are ready for their close up. 

'Are my eye brows straight, Mrs. Ryan?" "Honey, if 
this super glue doesn't work, we'll use staples." 

Maggie Irvine, stage manager and student director 
extraordinaire, counts up tickets for opening night. 

Our Fabulous Build Crew! 
Measure twice, cut once, and say cheese! 

Full Cast of Drop 

Chris Hamilton, 

Angela Piwarmas, 

Junior Neves, 

Nick Coit, 

Adam Aisner, 

Rob Driscoll, 

Vicki McKeen, 

Darren Jaeckel, 

Lauren "Bunny" 

Cheryn Couter 

Oh, they look 


enough, but one of 

them will commit . . . 


Ha- ha-ha-ta-ta! 


i. M 

rf^V^ 1 


» -Wl^' ^— 1 

^MSS^I^C\ i^k 

■^^irar^lm. 1 



.. ^J 

;S IV 

S^^B Jf ir^r 



• ^ <H^^ 

pK^B^^S! V w 

iflii"*' ; 

"r '' '^^vIk ' ' 

HA ^H 

' jTV^ 

Wk . 

'^^^n ^BH 

■R^' . 

* 'il^B^K^^HH^IBHa2p^ 

1 ■ ' a. ' 


■ - - ... 


■B^f -. 

-It 1 -i 



King and Queen with their Court 

Chris Shea, Trevor Nadile, "King" Roo Bettencourt, Paul Bruce, 
Sean Salvin, Brianna Mahoney, Emily Turner, "Queen" Courtney Kimball, 

/Alma Barnes, Karina Wood 87 

^?tf , 



^y r 





' - ^: ..,:. ' :t •' '-^'-'^ 

:- /V 

4: r »-• i 


1 viV./ • 



/"^^ '•/."" '^ 


y^* 4 











2Hi^^V-4^^K ''w 





if ■ 



i I 









Blue Eagles 



Red Raiders 


Jame Half Time 
nt of the Court 


Chris Shea, 
Trevor Moylan, 

Rob Block. 
Robbie Jaeger, 
Ryan Downey, 
yieghan Maddoclc. 
Ashley Kane, 
Emily Turner. 
Tammy Doyle, 
Adrien Miller 

* :i 




. •» tV.P A^.IL IL 

••. > 


. *t . 



* I * V «r 




4^ ^ it 









Varsity Field Hockey 

Coach Carrie Tarpey, Tory Danner Laura Rosa, Lexie Fontaine, Emily Bryant, Caralyn Keller, Stacia Parks, Ashley DiBiase, Gina Vantangoli, Lauren 
Paton, Rachel Pinto, Bethany Sinn, Coach Kim Allen, Coach Fultz, Emily Bartula, Mikaela Cerio, Ashley Landers, Ashley Garvey, Jenna Broderick, 

Christine Delaney, Alison Harvey 

Junior Varsity Field Hockey 

Coach Carrie Tarpey, Kelsey And, Jessica Saunders, Deann Oliveira, Colleen Taylor, Brittany Oliver, Sarah 

Forman, Missy Shepard, Laura Kenny, Kerry Anti, Nicole Calvino, Christine Gutowski, Christina Silva, 

Laura Graham, Lauren Kelleher, Lauren Foley, Kaitlyn Hayes 


Junior Varsity Soccer 

Brendon Stack, Jared Harrington, Jon Chaing, Sean McNicholas, Ighor Martins, Tim Doyle, 
Ben Bechtold, Matt Bruinghas, Ryan Fleck, Chris Mclsaac 

Freshman Soccer 

Humberto Martins, Joe Brigida, Ryan Roark, 
Andherson DaSilva, Ben Fleming, Alex Chap 
Wes Robinson, Conor Duggan, Joe Costa, 
Greg Hughes 

James Sanderson, 
man, John Prince, 
Brett Chasnov, 



Varsity Volleyball 

Assistant J.V. Coach B. Dunn, J.V. Head Coach Frank Marino, Co-Captain Ashley Holmes, Co-Captain Kate 

White, Maggie Vantangoli, Gio Small, Varsity Head Coach Andy Daigle, Amanda Gilmore, Rachael MacLeod, 

Julia Murphy, Caroline Flint, Meredith Eno, Lauren Billingham, Courtney Dunn 

J.V. Volleyball 

Coach B. Dunn, Amanda Hill, jenny Woodford, Alyssa Bisson, Alana Pradhan, 
Coach Frank Marino, Amanda Wylie, Kory Sharp, Amy Green, Kerri Fletcher, 

Karen Gutowski 


' (-■■■ 

Varsity Girls' Soccer 

Johanna Bergman, Tiffany Aguiar, Alison Dexter, Jen Kane, Julie Moody, Patricia Wilson, Lindsay Lincoln, Tori Verrergia, Sara Stasinos Amanda Nadile 
Samantha Reynolds, Izabelia Miranda, Taylor McDevitt, Coach Eric Foley, Bethany Kuhn, Natalie Jansson, Caitlin Duggan, Captain Courtney Kimball, ' 

Captain Brianna Mahoney, Carly Sternberg, Maggie McCune, Alma Barnes 

f 1 1 % 

J.V. Girls' Soccer 

Bri Doherty, Aria Capone, Alison Prive, Siobahan McHugh-MuUane, Caitlin McCallister, Kerrin Follette, 
Syndey Collins, Maggie McManama, Danielle Abraham, Lyla Brech, Jessica Smith, Coach Emerson Coleman, 
Lauren Fender, Kallee Spooner, Katie Collins, Brook Stevens, Lauren Hess, Brooke Kimball, Lindsay Sawyer, 

Lauren DeSalvo, Caroline Garrett 

Freshmen Girls' Soccer 

Rachel Pozerski, Emily McCauley, Maura Sweeney, Lauren 

Plourde, Jess Brown, Sarah Bramhall, Emily McCune, Coach 

Dana Perlow, Katie Irvine, Sheila Fey, Danielle Lopes, Amanda 

Lopes, Courtney Burton, Stephanie Wilson, Nikki Katiskis, 

Molly Reardon, Renee Andrews 


! !• 

>' v., 



"TTi H 



»^ HTf J- 


J:Jfy>^jk^ , 


4. • 

V i» 

Fall Cheerleading Squad 

Sheleda Grimes, Brenda leronimo, Nicole Dahill, Kelly Mahoney, Lauren Greenwood, 

Michelle Morano, Krystal Hogan, Jacqueline Swanton, Shannon Stern, Samantha Czeorge, 

Ashley Carr, Audrianna Graves, Alexandra Lunardo, Lorah Snow, Mary Hakkila, Megan 

Smith Tina Chandler, Victoria Mullaney 


Varsity Football 

Coaches: Pat Lamb, Rick Wetterberg, Chris Moore, Mike Ellis, Joe DeSisto, Dwayne Follette, Bill Burkhead, Mike Martin, Paul Coffin, Carl Freyermuth, 

Steve Moore, Chris Kelly, John Petty, Rich Gilbert, Tommy Carr, Mike Brown, Craig McAlister, Chris Feger, Harry Sims, Sean Martin, Mark Young, 

Andrew Osborne, Joel Andrews, Paul Reardon, Billy Irvine, Lee Nguyen, Max Paronich, Kyle Hickey, Sean Fitzpatrick, Steve McSharry, Keegan 

Grabhorn, Kevin Broderick, Sean Cahill, Long Nguyen, Stephanie Travers-Manager, Ray Burton-Trainer, Bob Fleming, Earl Stewart, Trevor Moylan, 

Greg Mazilli, Emmett Cosgrove, Dylan McLoud, Jared Barnes, Jim Garrigan, Eric Nicotra, David Bodine, Jason Alsheimer, Aaron Mathews, Nick Voci, 

Corey Ketterer, Darin Roul-Manager, Justin Morton, Joe Verzone, Chip Moraza, Mike Tribble, Paul Bruce, John Kerr, Brian Ellis, Roo Bettencourt, John 

Brouillard, Andrew Voci, Alex Roupenian, Scott Santos, Rafe Veiga, Sam Peck, Nate Vickstrom 



Highlights from the Homecoming Game 

Plymouth North Blue Eagles Football Coaches 

Chris Moore, Steve Moore, Joe Desisto, Dwayne Follette, Mike Martin, Bill Burkhead, Rick 
Wetterberg, Paul Coffin, Pat Lamb, Carl Freyemuth, Mike Ellis 


*» A 

Freshman Football 

Assistant Coach Chris Moore, Head Coach Steve Moore, Charlie Phachansiri, Tim Lockett, Taylor 
Sampson, Joe Flynn, Tyler Reid, Eric Kent, Anthony Tatalias, Ryan Bishop, Wes Richards, David Tassinari, 
David Rountree, Andrevi' Cahill, Matt Happel, Daniel Zopatti, Mark Holmer, John Savoia, Matt Brouillard, 
John Claudio, Corey Kneeland, Adam Zaki, Nelson Perez, Anthony Clark, Ryan Milian, Nick Eufrazio, Pat 

Kirkland, Bryan Maloney, David Broderick 

Lady Eagles Tennis 

Coach Jeanne Corbett, Lauren Billingham, Kelley Mclsaac, Leigh 

Stanford, Kate Bartula, Kristen Fisher, Alex Simms, Tara Wall, 

Emily Turner, Mia Ferazzi, Jessica Barrows, Ashleigh Watkins, 

Lorah Snow, Ashley Fracalossi, Kirsty Middlemiss, Amanda 


JV Lady Eagles Softball 

Coach Gene Irvine, Meredith Eno, Katie Finnigan, Lexie Fontaine 

Lyla Buck, Lauren DeSalvo, Steph Travers, Coach Kim Allen, 

Deann Oliveria, Maggie Irvine, Gio Small, Amanda Watkins, 

Kayley Noonan, Courtney Hahn 

Girrs Spring Track 

Varsity Lady Eagles Softball 

Coach A.J. Butters, Ashley Probasco, Stacia Parks, Jenna Broderick, 

Gia Zopatti, Ashley Garvey, Ashley Holmes, Tori Verrengia, Carolyn 

Keller, Coach Jim Kelley, Ilea Enos, Linda Guiney, Gabby Thomas, 

Sarah McLarey, Lisa Theroux, Kim Hillman, Manage Hillary Anti 

Freshman Lady Eagles Softball 

Coach Frank Marino, Abby Drane, Michelle Gillis, Allysa Bisson, Kaitlin Wilson ' 

Danielle Abraham, Lindsay Ricardo, Lindsey Sawyer, Jillian V'ecchi, Corvr 

Sevigne, Ashley Mercer, Kate Collins, Ashley Latosek, Stephanie Poupolo, 

Marissa Kimball, Laurie Graham, Laura Rosa 

Varsity Baseball 

Assistant Coach Wayne DeMeo, Eric Nicotra, Andrew Ricardo, Jim 
Garrigan, John Kerr, Head Coach Dwayne FoUette, Brian Ellis, Craig 

McAlister, Harr)' Sims, Jason Alsheimer, Mike Voyer, Ben Fey, Rick 

Ries, Eddie Pereira, Brett Fiocchi, Sean McLellan, Jon Gucciardi, Dan 

Fey, Scott Savostano, Doug Balboni, Dan Scott 

Boy's Track 

lach Justin Silva, Lee Nguyen, Justin Bowman, Kevin 

Brodrick, Long Nguyen, Chris Kelly, Andrew 
O'Donnell, Robbie Jaeger, Coach Mike Martin, Dan 

Mahoney, Dylan McCloud, Joe Verzone, John 
uillard, Borgazani, Pat Burke, Brendan Stack, Ashkan 
elfan, Colin McCune, Joe DiMaggio, Rafael Miranda, 
vin Arruda, Dan Case, Blair Rossetti, Roo Bettencourt, 
Jim Antosca, Matt Makein, Luke Breck, Alex Boris 


Junior Varsity Baseball 

Doug Proctor, Sean Martin, Jim Mongello, Chris Feger, Rob Ferro, Pat Kerr, 

Nick Coit, Jack Malloy, Travis Probasco, David Wylie, Mike Gigliotti, Matt Bere, 

John Grattan, Coach Bill Drew, Tom Carey, Mark Milroy, Aaron Matthews, Bob 

Flemming, Nate Vickstrom, Sean Cornwell 

Freshman Baseball 

errance Lynn, Steve McSharry, Emmitt Cosgrove, Jordan Wylie, Bill 

vlitchell. Bill Irvine, Mark Vickstrom, Charlie Sidoti, Pat Lane, Evan 

Vlartinson, John Chang, Mike Quintal, Joe Kenyon, Sam McKenna, 

Chris Carco, Brett Tirlia, Rich Gilbert, Head Coach Paul Coffin 





-.!l : 














Class of 2{ 
Spirit Weel< 

' bP I 








r ;»=» 

• * , \jifi 






CI V'lO 


'«■ » 



' xy 





^^^■pT UM 



Class of 2007 
Spirit Weel< 







Spirit Weel< 
Tape a Teaciier 



Pep Rally 


'•A ' 












Blue Eagles Football 
Introducing the Senior Line Up 










ii I BJi 





Tug of War between Closses and Faculty 

I ' 







Timing is Everything: 
A One-Ad Festival 


The Ten-Minute High School Experience 

Arabian Nights 

Variations on the Death of Trotsky and 

Ferris Wheel 

The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet 

Thursday, February 9*^ 

Friday, February 10**" 

PNHS Auditorium 

8 pm 

TiMme R fYERYnime cmew 

Warren Walton, Joe Verzone, Gabby Dominguez, 
Hannah Arenstam, Katiyna Nilson 


Justine Achille, Caroline Metteli, Lauren Behning, 

Rob Driscoli, Jr. Neves, Angela Piwasunas, Chris Hamilton, 

Alex Keaton, Michelle O'Leary, Jason Hass, Adam Aisner, 

Kayley Noonan, Elissa Goonan, Kerin Flanagan 


Emma Manley 
and Andy Williamson 


Tm TEN - MimiTE men 


vMtunom ON TNI BUTM or TBomnr 


(?»maa^tii(MTA Ja- 3Iia ClaAAf U 2001 Cyrho/uuJma^ do- Jm tfa/SA U 2007 Qyimajm}ii/yi\i» 



'She fjuiune Moti^ ta thaae 
wAa 6e£ieife Ut the Beauty of 



CteanoJt Jto4f4evell 






Julie Maod^ - J^%e6ideitt 

Scvui Sta^iiw^' Seaietcvuf 

JCe^mn 3^o££ette - Jfiea^uxex 

eoHctim Sriint - Vice-S'^e^idenl 

JCUnCUlen' Udubex 

h m [m Of Iw lymimim^ Jo- dm IIm d lOiJ t ^ymiwJsm^ Jy dm Llm, 9I 

Lauren Achille 
Michelle Agnew 
Adam Aisner 
Patrick Alfone 
Maria Allegrini 
Jason Alsheimer 

Hannah Arenstam 
Kevin Arruda 
Matthew Aversano 

Tayla Baker 
Nicholas Ball 
Alexander Barbieri 

Emily Bartula 
Rachel Bastoni 
Samantha Beatrice 
Corey Belaief 
Johanna Bergman 
Lauren Billingham 
Eric Blackwell 
David Bodine 

Carolyn Bore! 
Michael Borghesani 
Michael Boynton 
Michael Bradley 
Ellis Brewster 
Scottie Browning 

Corey Bryant 
Sean Cahill 
Joshua Caldwell 
Justin Callahan 

Jaime Callahan 
Scott Campbell 
Lisa Canzater 
Aria Capone 
Ashley Carr 
Sean Carroll 

Daniel Casey 
Derek Cash 
Christopher Cerio 
Sarah Chase 
Cecitonio Coelho 
Nicholas Coit 

Sydney Collins 
Edward Cook 
Alison Coppola 
Sean Cornwall 
Joshua Crane 
Stephen Curran 


Kacie Curtin 

David Gushing 

iVIarin Dabrowski 

Gabriella Dalcumune 

Joshua Daniels 

Jonathan Denton-Aisner 

Alycia-Lyn Dias-Byron 

Joseph Dimaggio 

Gabriela Dominguez 

Heather Doucette 

William Driscoll Jr. 

Courtney Dunn 

Emily Dwyer 

Thomas Eagling 

Alexander Eaton 

Patrick Eby 

Meredith Eno 

Zachary Enos 

Lori Eveleth 

Christopher Feger 

Kevin Ferazzi 

Robert Ferro 

Benjamin Fey 

Katelyn Finnigan 

Elizabeth Fitzgerald 

Sean Fitzpatrick 

Kerin Flanagan 

Robert Fleming 

Caroline Flint 

Sarah Flynn 

Kerrin Follette 

Jamie Forgue 

James Garrigan 

Patrick Gill 

Andrew Glynn 

Elissa Goonan 

Kyle Gorham 

Adrianna Graves 

James Griffin Jr 
Corinne Griffin 

Jason Haas 
Courtney Hahn 

John Haigh 

Jonathan Harlow 

Steven Harrington 

Seth Haskins 

Declan Henry 

Ashley Herman 


Anne Hoagland 
Samantha Hogan 
Chelsie Howland 
Margaret Irvine 
Jennifer Kane 
Demetra Katslkis 

Caralyn Keller 
Maryanna Kerr 
Patrick Kerr 
Ashleyann Kerry 
Corey Ketterer 
Jessica Lear 

Ducarmel Legal Jr 
Kurt Lincoln 
Lindsay Lincoln 
James Lockett 
Timothy Lovely 
Gina Lucas 
Ashley Lyne 
Jessica MacKinnon 

Rachel MacLeod 
John Malloy 
Jessica Manning 
Sean Martin 

Meghan Maskell 
Aaron Mathews 
Carmen Matute 
Craig McAlister 

Nicole McCaffrey 
Colin McCune 
Taylor McDevitt 
Samantha McDonald 
Maura McGillicuddy 
MiChael McGinty 
Kelly Mclsaac 
Victoria McKeen 

Dylan McLoud 
Maggie McManama 
Mark Milroy 
Benjamin Moll 
James Mongello 
Julie Moody 

Adrian Morton 
Kelsey Mullaney 
Melissa Mullaney 
Julia Murphy 
Renae Navarro 
Long Nguyen 


Katiyna Nilson 
Kayley Noonan 
Deann Oliveira 
Timothy Ouellette Jr 
Charles Parker 
Stacia Parks 

Michael Paton 

Elizabeth Patrolia 

Brian Pearson 

Dustin Perry 

Shaun Pierre 

Angela Piwarunas 

Jennifer Pizzarella 
Lisa Primeau 
Zachary Prive 

Douglas Proctor 

Elizabeth Quaranto 

Brooke Quinn 

Andrew Ricardo 

Kelley Ries 

Amanda Rogers 

Sarah Roquemore 

Kendra Rosenberg 

Melissa Roth 

Jessica Sansoucy 

Eric Savard 

Andrew Sea ley 

John Seaver 

Angelina Sena 

James Sessine 

Kyle Shea 

Patricia Shea 

Jonathan Shippee 

Corey Silva 

Harrison Sims 

Amanda Singer 


Collin Smith 
David Sou 
Timothy Spellman 
Brendan Stack 
Robert Stanton Jr 

Christopher Stanton 
Sara Stasinos 
Shannon Stearns 
Nicole Stephens 
Patrick Sullivan 

Michelle Synan 
Sheila Thompson 
Elyse Tompkins 
Jimmy Tran 

Nicole Trudeau 

Mia Tw/ieraga 
Thomas Umano 
Christina Varrasso 
Victoria Verrengia 
Nicholas Voci 

Tara Wall 
Warranyu Walton 
Alissa Whall 
Niohole White 

Melissa Wilcox 
Prema Willis 

Patricia Wilson 
Nicole Woods 
Amanda Wylie 
"^ David Wylie 


GmqnaLlam^ dO' ^m Uuqim 9/ 2008 GynmoJmiim\A> J^' Jm Cuo^ 9/ 200o iynmoMamm 








Co^ Advisor Bill Drew, Amanda Nadile - Secretanj, 

Brie Dokerty — President, Co- Advisor Emily Hogan, 

Jessica Smitk- Vice President, Ckelsea Barry - Treasurer 

?» m [m (S( Iwo lmmmmfi\t» Oy dm Glm ol 20Uo CmmidJm&f dy dL Cm, of P 

Danielle Abraham 
Kevin Ad mi rand 
Kacey Allen 
Joel Andrews 
Tyler Aronson 
Brittney Asher 

Kristine Auger 
Danielle Baker-Santos 
Katie Bankus 
Zachary Barker 
Jared Barnes 
Jessica Barros 

Chelsea Barry 
Brianna Bean 
Lauren Behning 
Matthew Bere 
Alyssa Bisson 
Amy Bloom 

Stephen Bohmbach 
Justin Bowman 
Micayla Bowman 
Timothy Brady 
Lyia Brech 
Kevin Broderick 
Dina Brown 
Michael Brown 

Matthew Bruninghaus 
Timothy Bryant 
Danielle Bunting 
Zachary Burt 

Michael Cadete 
Christopher Carco 
Victoria Carpenter 
Thomas Carr 
Amanda Cavicchi 
De^nna Cedrone 
Jonathan Chiang 
Gina Christopher 

Dennis Clancy 
Katherine Collins 
Adrianna Connolly 
Emmett Cosgrove 
Rebecca Crosby 
James Curtin 

Amanda Decoste 
Afshin Delfan Azari 
Laura DeMaio 
Lauren DeSalvo 
Jacob DeStefano 
Ashley DiBiase 


Caitlin DiSalvatore 
Dalyn Dittnch 
Robert Dixey 
Brie Doherty 
Timothy Doyle 
Abigail Drane 

Kara Eby 
Brandon Ellis 
Cynthia Facchini 
John Feeney Jr 
Mia Ferazzi 
Shayna Ferguson 

Kelley Fernandas 
Ryan Floecl< 
Alexandra Fontaine 
Ashley Fraccalossi 
John Gallant IV 
Derek Garber 
Caroline Garrett 
Bryant George 

Samantha George 
Laura Gigliotti 
Richard Gilbert 
Amanda Gilmore 
Chelsea Gonsalves 

Hanna Gonsalves 
Keegan Grabhorn 
Laurie Graham 
Kayla Cramer 
Christine Gutowski 

Christopher Hamilton 
Tony Haney 
Jared Harrington 
Ashley Hathaway 
Brian Hathaway 
Diana Hernandez 
Lauren Hess 
Kyle Hickey 

Christopher Hobin 
Krystal Hogan 
Amanda Hollinshead 
Valerie Hunt 
William Irvine 
Gregory James 

Cassandra Joseph 
Samantha Kane 
Alexandra Keaton 
Cassandra Kelly 
Christopher Kelly 
Laura Kenny 

n «*> 



Joseph Kenyon 
Brooke Kimball 
Marisa Kimball 
Joseph Kukstis 

Christopher LaGrutta 
Patrick Lane 
Ashley Latosek 
Marissa LeGay 

Thomas Lindquist 
Samuel Lord 
Corey Lundgren 
Terence Lynn 
Ashley Machado 
Katelyn Makein 
Lauren Maloney 
Shane Martin 

Ighor Martins 
Marcos Martins 
Evan Martinsen 
Gregory Mazzilli 

Courtney McAllister 
Alexandra McCusker 
David McGrath 
Jeremiah McGrath 
Siobhan McHugh Mullane 
Chnstopher Mclsaac 
Megan McKenna 
Sam McKenna 

Nicole McNeill 
Shawn McNicholas 
Steven McSharry 
Ashley Mercer 
Kirsty Middlemiss 

Mathuros Miller 
Brittany Miranda 
Izabella Miranda 
William Mitchell 
Sinduri Monichetty 

Donovan Moore 
Hakeem Moore 
Steven Moore 
Michelle Morano 
Alicia Morse 
Amanda Nadile 
Daniele Natola 
Lee Nguyen 


Shantel Nichoison 
Alicia Nickerson 
Peter Nielsen 
Melissa Nogueira 
Mitchell Nugent 

Evan O'Brien 
Michelle O'Leary 
Kristen Obin 
Andrew Osborne 
Cody Osborne 

Max Paronich III 
Andrew Pendexter 
Ashley Peterson-Moore 
John Petty 
Kacey Pickett 
Rachel Pinto 
Alison Prive 
Ashley Probasco 

John Puopolo 
Stephanie Puopolo 
Robert Quinlan 
Michael Quintal 

Jonathan Ragazzini 
Teneshia Randolph 
Kaitlynn Renaud 
Samantha Reynolds 

Lindsey Ricardo 
Brandon Richardson 
Sean Robbins 
Eric Roche 

Laura Rosa 
James Ross 
Kelsey Salwak 
Brian Saunders 

Lindsey Sawyer 
Nikolas Schneider 
Coryn Sevigny 
John Shanley 


Kory Sharp 
Jennifer Shields 
Charles Sidoti 

Jon Sidoti 
Bethany Sinn 
Jessica Smith 
Lorah Snow 
Kallee Spooner 
Justin Steeves 

Brooke Stevens 
Earl Stewart 
Michael Strickland 
Jacqueline Swanton 
Derek latum 
Glen Taylor 

Kyle Tesorero 
Morgan Thomas 
Hayley Tribble 

Craig Valery 
Stephen VanNess 
Gina Vantangoli 
Jillian Vecchi 
Marc Vickstrom 
Brian Vincenzi 

Matthew Vincenzi 
Dustin Vinci 
Ashleigh Watkins 
Michael Weymouth 
Daniel Whelan 
Sheila White 

Joseph Whyte 
William Whyte 
Stephen Wight 
■^ Kaitlin Wilson 
Nicole Wilson 

Spencer Withington 
Jordan Wylie 
Mark Young 
Brian Yule 


GmmaMaimA 3^9- 3kb Gfa/^ U 2009 Cyna/wMabynA do- dm UwA^ ol 2009 Gyty:mlmiiLyr\^ 


" ^hoQ* for the ^oon. 
Even if you m\3% 
you'll land among ihc 5iar5 ^ ^^ 

Les Brown 


Good LUCK, S'enlors ( 








do- Advisor A-J. gutters, A^^tonia (_.appola - "preasurePj 

Oo- Advisor ]/)avia (_.larlc, Jessica £)rown-5'^<^'"etarLj, 
5n^''3 I^L) - I resident, (jrcgom ["iugnes - \l'\cc. [resident 

h im \m % Iw GmmUmi^ dy dm ilm of 2009 ^yrmJijJjm^ 3y 3m lmi» 9I |* 


n n r\ 

!^ ik^iZ^lS^ 

Justine Achille 
Shawn Ackerman 
Heather Agnew 
Tiffany Aguiar 
Amanda Alberghini 
Derek Alfone 
John Allen 
Larissa Al-Madi 

Kayla Almeida 
Nicholas Anastos 
Renee Andrews 
Kelsey Anti 
Kerry Anti 
Benjamin Bechtold 
Ariane Bernier 
Angelo Bertoni 

Jacquelyn Best 
Philip Boisvert 
Thomas Borel 
Matthew Borgatti 
Lindsay Borgen 
Samuel Bramhall 

Sarah Bramhall 
Joseph Brigida 
Amanda Brisbois 
Chanel Britto 
David Broderick 
Joshua Brooks 

Matthew Brouillard 
Jessica Brown 
Emily Bryant 
James Bulman 
Caitlin Burton 
Courtney Burton 
Kyle Buxton 
Timothy Byrne 

Andrew Cahill 
Nicole Calvino 
Erin Carey 
Joshua Carpenter 
Christopher Carreira 
Philip Cash 
Justin Cassiani 
Tina Chandler 

Alexander Chapman 
Brett Chasnov 
Ashley Cimbron 
Anthony Clark 
Johnathon Claudio 
Kianna Cobbett 

Elizabeth Colbert 
Ashley Columb 
Clay Conley 
Justin Conway 
Brittney Cooper 
Joseph Costa III 
Andrew Cullivan 


Nicole Dahiil 
Victoria Danner 
Andherson DaSilva 
Curtis Datri 
Dylan Davis 
Kyle Decker 
Cory DePasquale 
Jordan DePina 

Christopher DeStefano 
Allison Dexter 
Natatiana DeYoung 
Stephanie Dias 
Ashley Dion 
Matthew Donaher 
Alyssa Drew 
Conor Duggan 

Deneysha Dunnknight 
Scott Durocher 
Erica Duval 
Adam Egan 
Justin Ellis 
Nicholas Eufrazio 
Sarah Fahey 
Stephanie Feeney 

Lauren Fender 
Christin Fernau 
Tyler Ferreira 
Sheila Fey 
Adrian Figueroa Jr 

Amber Finnigan 
Nicole Fitzpatrick 
Rachel Fitzpatrick 
Benjamin Fleming 
Kerri Fletcher 

Richard Flowers 
Joseph Flynn 
Lauren Foley 
Sarah Forman 
Robert Fortini Jr 
Michael Frazier 
James Gallant 
Brianna Garland 

Anna Garvin 
Abigail Gascoyne 
Devin Gilmore 
Heather Glazebrook 
Ashley Gomes 
Amy Green 
Nykol Greenleaf 
Lauren Greenwood 

Christopher Griffin 
Daniel Griffin 
Scheleda Grimes 
Karen Gutowski 
Mary Hakkila 
Matthew Happel 
Kaitlyn Hayes 
Amanda Hayter 


m ^ ^ 

Heath Heger 
Manda Herman 
Michael Higgins 
Sean Higgins 
Amanda Hill 
Kristy Hinckley 
Timothy Hitchings 
Elizabeth Hogan 

Jeffrey Hopper 
Deidre Hudson 
Gregory Hughes 
William Hughes 
Brenna leronimo 
David Ingalls 
Katherine Irvine 
Tabatha Jeppe 

Nicoletta Katsikis 
Lauren Kelleher 
Rosemary Kelly 
Elizabeth Kennedy 

Jacob Kennedy 
Eric Kent 
Katelynn Kenyon 
Nicholas Kerr 
Andrew King 
Walisha King 
Patrick Kirkland 
Corey Kneeland 

Jennifer Labrie 
Danielle Laferriere 
Adam Landers 
Stephanie Landolfi 
John Lay 
James Lehan 
Wayne Little 
Timothy Lockett 

Amber Lopes 
Danielle Lopes 
Kayla Lopes 
Amanda Lucey 
Alexandra Lunardo 
Luizj Magalhaes 
Christopher Mahoney 
Bryan Maloney 

David Marathas 
Hannah Marsh 
Audra Martin 
Humberto Martins 

Caitlin McAlister 
William McAlister 
Janet McCarthy 
Emily McCauley 
Sarah McCormack 
Emily McCune 
Chelsea McDonald 
Samantha McDonough 


Sarah McKeen 
Jessica Men a 
Caroline IVIetell 
Ryan Milian 
Cortney Miranda 
Carly Moreau 
Amanda Morey 
Brandon Muir 

Patricl< Mulcahy 
Alison Mullaney 
Victoria Mullaney 
Daniel Murphy 
Melissa Murphy 

Amanda Nastasia 
Naomi Nelson 
Cori Nickerson 
Caitlin Norton 
Brittany Oliver 

Anthony Paim 
Shawn Rait 
Ashley Paton 
Lauren Paton 
Kyle Payson 
Christopher Pernaw 
Daniel Perry 
Charlie Phachansiri 

Chase Pico 
Lauren Plourde 
Racheal Pozerski 
Alana Pradhan 
John Prince 
Matthew Quinlan 

Myles Ramey 
Molly Reardon 
Alexzandra Reed 
Tyler Reid 
Jordan Remy 
Karia Ribeiro 

Wesley Richard 
Derek Riley 
Ryan Roark 
Wesley Robinson 
Nickolas Rodriques 

David Rogers 
David Rountree 
Brian Ruuska 
Taylor Sampson 
James Sanderson 


Jessica Saunders 
Justin Saunders 
John Savoia 
Ryan Schneider 
Julio Sena 
Curtis Sevigny 

John Sharp 
Melissa Shepard 
Christina Silva 
Jade Silva 
Saundra Silva 
Jessica Smith 

Meagan Smith 
Taylor Sotirkys 
Edward Soto 
Scott Soule 

Michael Stanton 
Alec Suarez 
Maura Sweeney 
David Tassinari 
Anthony Tatalias 
Joseph Tavares 
Colleen Taylor 
John Thimas 

Andrew Trudeau 
Harrison Turner 
Harlan Valenziano 
Coy Vannozzi 
Heather Vickery 
Kevin Wallace 

Jacob Wall-burrey 
James Walsh 
David Warner Jr 
Eric Watson 
Nicholas Watson 
Michael Whouley 

Brandon Wilkins 
Evan Willey 
Michael Willman 
Ashleyanne Wilson 
Stephanie Wilson 
Jenny Woodford 

Corey Woolson 
William Wormald 
Alexis Wylie 
Adam Zaki 
Amelia Zaki 
Daniel Zopatti 



"Ni.-^v>.v V ./^^^ : 


A^'"^^^^» ^HHHI^I 

• \-jy^ ' .-AW ~^ /'^"Sij!?*^*. ^ 

h^^iV*. ^. I " VV^H 





r-^ ■ ^<i: 

\- it^ 






-5 L.-^-: ;-- 

i '.'-J^. '.--' 


■ awMi::gv"J.^--'~ 





;< s! 







.^~-!.;-*?^^ lit •» 





mm s?ms 

Varsity Basketball 

Coach Paul Coffin, Taylor McDevitt, Kayla Lopes. Maggie Vantangoli, 

Capt. Jenna Broderick, Capt. Alma Barnes, Asst. Coach Eric Pole, Jen Kane, 

Tori Carpenter, Syndey Briggs, Deann Oliveria 

J.V. Basketball 

Kayla Lopes, Amanda Gilmore, Nicole Wilson, Abby Drane, Coach 
Dwayne Follette, Jessica Smith, Allison Prive, Katie Collins, Capt. ,^^ 
Meredith Eno, Brie Dougherty, Jillian Vecchi, Capt. Kerrin Follette, J 
Kelsey Mullaney, Tiffany Aquiar 

^ \u- ^ 

Freshman Basketball 

Coach Tony CappoUa, Catlyn McCallaster, Lauren Foley, Chanel Britto, 
Nicole Calvino, Colleen Taylor, Amanda Hill, Emily Bryant, Rene Andrews, 

Sarah MacKeen, Alexis Wylie 169 


t^ ^. 

' MAfeCdDv©! 


m} \ *^i%^^S , ^^m l| 



„..J*" ^ 



Varsity Ice Hockey 

Eric Squard, Mark Milroy, Mark Holmes, Steve Wight, Matthew Kelley, Sean Cahill, 
Capt. Brian Soule, Mike Whouley. Coach Dennis Hassan, Tim Swanton, Capt. Jason Dexter, 

Joe DiMaggio, Capt. Richie Covell, Eric Nicotra, Kyle Tesorero, James Lockett, Coach 
Gene Foley, Steve Harrington, Tim Lawrence, Justin Steeves. Jordan Remy, Seth Haskins 



J. V. Ice Hockey 

Tim Lockett, Sean Cahill, Dustin Vinci, James Lockett, Mark Holmes, Emmett Cosgrove, 

Steve Wight, Dave McGrath, Scott Soule, Coach Dennis Hassan, Alex Chapman, Tim Hitchings, 

Mike Higgins, Angelo Bertoni, JJ Savoia, Mike Whouley, Coach Gene Foley, Joe Fortini, 

Rachel Pinto, Jordan Remy. John Prince, Tim Lawrence 


J. V. Basketball 

Jordan Wylie, Evan Martinsen, Chris Carco, Rich Gilbert, Jon Chaing, 
Joey Whyte, Kevin Roderick, Brendan Wilkdns, Matt Vincenzi, 
Coach Chris Coffin, Corey Ketterer, Jack Malloy, Brian Vincenzi 

Freshman Basketball 

Coach David Hiltz, Scott Durocher, Joey Flynn, Ryan Mihan, Ben Fleming, 

Jordan DePina, Corey Kneeland, David Broderick, Brett Chasnov, 

Philip Cash, Billy McAlister 


Rocky Campeau, Mike Giglioti, 
Dan Oliveira 



Girls' Winter Track 

Samantha Reynolds, 

Emily Bartula, 

Maggie McCune, 

Deirdre Lapsley, 

Lauren Achille, 

Ashley Hathaway, 

Tamara Doyle, 

Coach Dawn Diedricksen 

Girls Records Broken: 

Winter Track Athletes 

Shatter 11 School 

Records this Year! 

End the League 

With a 

7-1 and 6-2 


> 600 m: Samantha Reynolds 1:43.01 

> 1000 miMicayla Bowman 3:18.7 

> Mile: Tammy Doyle 5:36.41 

> High Jump (tied): Micayla Bowman tied 5'0" 

> 4 X 400 m relay: (4:25.60) Samantha Reynolds, Lauren 
Paton, Micayla Bowman, Tammy Doyle 

> 4 X 800 m relay: (10:50.33) Samantha Reynolds, 
Lauren Paton, Micayla Bowman, Tammy Doyle 

Boys Records Broken: 

> 600 m: Andrew O'Donnell 1:26.40 

> High Jump: Alex Borris 6'4" 

> Long Jump: Roo Bettencourt 20'8" 

> 4 X 200 m relay: (1:34.79): Roo Bettencourt, Luke Brech, 
Brendan Stack, Andrew O'Donnell 

> 4 X 400 m relay :(3:33. 04) Justin Bowman, Luke Brech, 
Brendan Stack, Andrew O'Donnell 

Boys' Winter Track 

Sann Bramhall, 

Justin Bowman, 

Alex Boris, 

Andrew O'Donnell, 

Luke Brech, 

Kevin Arruda, 

Brendan Stack. 

Roo Bentencourt, 

Coach Dawn Diedncksen 


nqmouTH noRTH 4iigh ^nnD 

MUD f RROia NftlOD D 

pm SRnD mmuji^: juffliw fl(Hiiu. uuwn achilw, (wcnn flfmiuM, flL« fiflRRii 
(WLWfl fifiRRij. <Rin «URns, ^m (wnon, mnm (ou^, (ikk (oit, (hrioiiu 
wiflwii, fl^Hwg Dion, Dflign DrrrRKH, -(d Donwug, nqfln dowwii ti|wr 
«RR<iRfl, m^Lflni «R^nifi, uuru cigliotti, flnoq ciqnn, moLiii cumn, (ouRTwq 
«flHn, lOHfi «flicn, MM woBcmnD, ^uzflBffl) noGfln. K« HOPPER, cR<ii mem. 

(IKK «RR, JfidKi UHBn, Tim LOV^Lll LflUR^n mflLOWli, flUDRB (DflRTin, BKOW 

maiwR^il, mnuRB nKciiiicuDDii (brou(k bkt^li. KBTRqnfl niwon, flDDq nrmoii 
4{fli|wii noonflfi, (BtTiin noBTon, cbrk no^u dbb pbrwr, (hkh^lw p<u«kr, 

flUnB f RflDHBm, (IKU«fl fiOm H«ICB ^BHSOUdl JOn ^HIPP4<, ioum oniTTon, 

fl)iK4 ffflnron, cinn 6 mflccK vflniflncou, miM w^qmouiu bbd (mu«b wikox 177 

yAz.ctUMtUfy, yl^ixyOjdj^ OjJi ScAooi (^lu&& 


of the 

E-Board Student Council 

Kelly Mahoney, Meaghan Maddock, Ashley Lyne. Julie Moody. Tara \X/all, 

Alison Murphy. Emily Turner. Daniele Natola 

Leadership Camp 

Ashley Lyne. Adam Aisner. Julie Moody. Brie Doherty. Tara 


Student Council 

Ms. Robbins (Advisor), alison Murphy, Sean Michael Gallivan, Jenna Broderick. Tyler Burton. Trevor Nadile. Julie Moody. Drew Sampson. Mrs. Rozak (Advisor). Lindsay Borgen. Megan 
Arthurs, Courtney Agnew. Maggie McManama. Caitlin Duggan. Maryanna Kerr. Briana Mahoney. Sydney Collins. Jessica Brown. Jessica Smith. Sarah Fomian. Danielle Lopes. Kelly 
Mahoney. Meaghan Maddock. Sara Balboni. Ashley Paul. Adam Aisner. Victoria Verrengia. Emily Turner. Antonia Cappola. Caroline Garrett. Carly Sternberg. Brie Doherty. Amanda 

178 Rogers. Ashley Lyne. Tara Wall. Carayin Keller. Daniele Natola, Sarah Bramhall 

Literary Magazine 
Elyse Tompkins (Prose Editor), Samantha Hogan. Amanda Sines. Donna Petrangelo (Advisor). Sheila Thompson, Katy Pillsbury, Alyssa Kelly (Art Editor), Molly S. Griffin (Publicity), 
Megan Arthurs (Layout Editor). Andrea Bisson (Assistant Editor), Ashley DePasquale (Editor), Caitlin Corvini (Poetry Editor), Sean Mooney (Assistant Editor), Ryan Downey (Head 

of Publicity) 

Poetry Society 

Mr. Crosby (Advisor), Katy Pillsbury, Ashley DePasquale, Tabitha Eno. Caitlin Corvini 

Megan Arthurs 

Martin Luther Jr. Award 
Ashley Sampson. Christopher Hamilton 

School Newspaper 

Stephen Keaton. Eric Kent. David Cushing. Rob Driscoil. Mr. Crosby 

(Advisor). Ashley DePasquale. Caitlin Corvini. Megan Arthurs (Editor). Molly 

S. Griffin (Editor). Lauren Murphy 


National Honor Society 

Amanda Sines, Megan Arthurs. Andrea Bisson. Sean Mooney, Christopher Shea. Rob Block. Shawn Hettwer. Trevor Moylan. Liz Currie. Alma Bams. Maggie Vantangoli. Melani 

Gerenia. Ashley DePasquale. Emily Perkins. Christine Delaney. Darren Jaeckel. Meghan Saunders. Jenna Broderick. Erin Bums. Ryan Downey. Bethany Kuhn. Molly S. Griffin. 

Mary Humberd (Advisor), Kelly Mahoney. Gia Zopatti. Alex Barry. Ashley Garvey. Lauren Murphy. Maggie McCune. Briana Mahoney. Sara Balboni. Caitlin Duggan. Mrs. 

Blaisdell. Cheryn Couter. Katie Messner. Tamara Doyle. Adelaide Nitroy. Natalie Jansson. Marco Medeiros. Emily Turner. Jason Dexlor. Samuel Peck 

Wendy Heismann Nominees 
Mike Gigliotti. Ashley Garvey 

National Honor Society Officers 

Alma Barnes (Vice President). Rob Block (Vice President), Sean Mooney (Vice President). Mary 
Humberd (Advisor). Alex Barry (Vice President). Bethany Kuhn (President). Diane Blaisdell (Advisor) 

Student Advisory Council 
Sara Stasinos. Kerrin Follette 


Rotary Foreign Exchange Student 

Elisa Bourdonnay 

Home City Country 

Brittany. France 

Department of Education Representatives 

Jenna Broderick, Emily Turner 

Students Fostering Hope 

Caroline Metell. John Prince. Katelynn Kenyon. Alex Maclnnes. Chris Feger. Dan Marino. Chris IVIcAlister. Antonio Gates. Josh Caldwell. Jason Haas. Dan Casey. Lindsay Lincoln. 

Kerin Flanagan. Rachel MacLeod. Michelle Synan. Elissa Goonan. Tanya Angelique. Maggie McManama. Kristine Auger. Angela Plwarunas. Kayle Noonan. Me.edlth Eno. Victoria 

Verrengia, Adrien Miller. Erin Peacock. Allison McCauley. Steve Smith. Mrs. Fleming (Advisor). Jessica Sansoucy. Katryna Nilson, Tiffany Aguiar, Jillian Diaferio, Chris Mclsaac. 

Samuel Peck 

Jewish Brotherhood Award 
Marco Medeiros 


Michael Canavan (Advisor). Lauren 

Billingham. Victoria Verrengia. Emily 

Perkins. Rachel MacLeod. Ashley Kane. 

Tamara Doyle 

Nurse's Office Help 

Andrew Sampson, Mike Costa. Trevor Nadile. Tyler Burton 

Sean Gallivan, Janet Costa (Assistant). Patty Reardon 


Math Team 

Sean Martin. Nick Coit. Warren Walton. Colin McCune. Andrea Bisson. Sean Mooney. Liz Currie. Christopher Shea. Rob Block, Jenna Broderick, Shawn Hettwer, 

Everett Malaguti. Collin Smith. Andrew Sealey. Jason Haas. Dan Casey. Hannah Arenstam. John Prince. Bethany Kuhn. Christine Delaney. Alma Barnes. Trevor 

Moylan. Ryan Downey. Bobby Stanton. Andy Glynn. Scottie Browning. Elyse Tompkins. Katryna Nilson. Gia Zopatti. Alex Barry, Chelsea Barry. Ellssa Goonan, 

Corey Belaief. Chris Feger. Sean Carroll, Mary Humberd (Advisor). Zachary Enos. Tamara Doyle. Marco Medeiros. Jason Dextor. Kevin Arruda 

Girls State — Boys State 

Ryan Downey. Trevor Moylan. Meghan Saunders. Emily Turner 

Math Travel Team 

Andrea Bisson. Sean Mooney. Christopher Shea. Rob Block. Colin 

McCune. Warren Walton. Scottie Browning. Alex Barry. Kevin Arruda. 

Corey Belaief. Andy "Showtime" Glynn. Mary Humberd (Advisor). Elyse 

Tompkins. Chelsea Barry. Gia Zopatti 

Yearbook Business 

Ellis Brewster. Courtney Agnew. Briana Mahoney. Dan Casey. Elissa 

Goonan. Alyx Ryan. Emily Perkins. Glenn Holmes. Sheila Thompson. 

Sara Balboni. Lindsay Lincoln. Kelly Mclsaac. Ashley Sampson. Caitlin 

Duggan, Jillian Diaferio, Samantha Sweeney. Chris Mclssac 

Marching Band 
Mr. Porter (Advisor). John Haigh. Timothy Lovely. Dan Parker, Maggie Vantangoli. Erin Bums. Nick Coit. Bobby Stanton. Laura Gigliotli. Caroline Metell. Michael Weymouth. Nick Kerr. 

Steve Cattan. Alana Pradhan. Caitlin Norton. Tyler Ferreira. Maura McGillicuddy. Lauren Achille. Gina Vantangoli. Ryan Downey. Molly S. Giffin. Megan Arthurs. Dalyn Dittrich. 

Courtney Hahn. Melissa Roth. Melissa Wilcox. Kianna Cobbett. Audra Martin. Annie Hoagland. Alex Barry. Chelsea Barry. Andy Glynn. Melanie Gerenia. Addie Nitroy. Michael Stanton. 

Jonathan Shipee. Christine Delaney. Michelle Pelissler. Chris Nosal. Lauren Maloney. Katryna Nilson. Kayley Noonan. Jessica Sansoucy. Gregory Hughes. Ashley Dion. Justine Achille. 

Elizabeth Hogan. Ted Donnelly. James Lehan 

Southeast District 
David Cushing 

Stage Band 

Erin Burns. Nick Coit, Caroline Metell. Alana Pradhan. Michael Weymouth. Rob 

Driscoil. Ryan Downey. Molly S. Griffin. Melissa Wilcox. Jonathan Shippee. 

Jonathan King. Andy Glynn. Eliiabeth Hogan, James Ahan 



Color Guard 

Mrs. Glynn (Advisor). Alexandra Keaton. Ashley Depasquale. Katy Pillsbury 



Drama E-Board 

Nick Coit, Maggie Irvine, Cheryn Couter, Lauren 
Murphy, Daren Jaeckel 


Rob Driscoll. Michelle O'Leary, Chris Hamilton, Elissa Goonan, Nick Coit, Darren 

Jaeckel, David Sou. Dan Casey, Hannah Arenstam. Alexandra Keaton, Danielle 

Bunting, Angela Piwarunas, Maggie Irvine, Warren Walton, Mr. Williamson 

(Advisor). Zachary Enos, Meredith Enos, Sheila Thompson, Jason Haas. Kelly 

Mclsaac. Lauren Behning, Emma Manley (Advisor), Adam Aisner. Katryna Nilson, 

Kayley Noonan, Cheryn Couter, Lauren Murphy, Kerin Flanagan, Samuel Peck 

Model UN Boston 

Andrea Bisson, Alma Barnes, Rob Driscoil, Bobby Stanton, Sean Mooney, Mr. Clark 

(Advisor), Samantha Hogan, Christine Delaney, Emily Perkins, Lauren Murphy, Emily 

Turner, Kelly Mclsaac, Alyx Ryan, Rachel Macleod, Lauren Billingham 

Christian Fellowship Club 

Erin Peacock. Long Nguyen, Elizabeth Zurolo. Jessica Headd. Kristine Auger. Sean 

Fitzpatrick. Tamara Doyle. Kacey Pickett. Abigail Conley. Adrien Miller 


Men's Choir 
David Gushing. David Sou. Nick Coit 

Chorus — E Board 
Kelly Mclsaac. Elaine Reszenski, Maggie Irvine. Joeile Plourde, Abigail Conley. Katie Messner, Jen 

Wieners. Cheryn Couter 

Michelle O'Leary. Kristine Auger. Maggie Irvine. Kelly Mclsa 
Cheryn Couter (Student Director). Jen Wieners. Katelyn 
Reddinglon. Katie Messner 


Maura Fratus. Deanna Cedrone. David Cushing. Nick 

Coit. David Sou. Nykol Greenleat. Mrs. Thornton 

(Advisor). Amy Green. Michelle 0'Lear>'. Maggie lr\'ine. 

Elaine Reszenski. Amanda Watkins. Allison Albert. Colleen 

Brown. Lauren Greenwood. Lindsey Sawyer. Brianna 

Bean. Kelly Mclsaac. Joeile Plourde. Jillian Diaferio. 

Abigail Conley. Kacey Pickett. Kristine Auger. Jen 

Wieners, Katelyn Reddington. Katie Messner. Cheryn 

Couter. Samantha Kane 



Hmnh Nwuiiiili MNll 






'B>e.$t V^iske^s to tkt 6^/^55 PJZOOl, 

Stevk^nie. Tkff^*y^y^ffn-Atiyis<n, %tta^n ^n^iffwrn, PiK\^i^ C^uifuna, hrtn^^tx. StiKcK Trt\><n- 'Un^iU, Ht^tt PtHf^iff, 

St^n Of(UlW^n ^Q^hitJ^Mtr, "Ken TcHn, Hitcfutt 'Huatnt, 6tty(\^nie. Tr^\^tn, "^rovkj. CLuinn, Lin^Stvj ^icA^r^p, 

Justin M.prt(nt, Tarrie Vcrrenaid, TuUr hurtcnt, %<vtte Xerr, Zn^ittf ftrksni, A(Uux JA^nk, Xellij McIs^ac, 

Lauren 'BnlUnafi^pn, Lin<i}tvj 6^Wxitr, MickeXte. Sun^n, /V<(<(te 'Hitrnj, A^kltu X^m, "U^t^itJ^ws^tm, 

Jeiiic^6fMtk,JtiHC^Ar\^trti, C'MifK.n^r^jQCiyk, hetkA^nu Sinn, TMn^r^ Pcult, %<Ktelun ^^^A^nattm, 

hraplu SUVtm, hrcplu TCimWi, Mm Ter^zzi, C^kriitim. (^utaWsk.i 





^r ^^Lm^T^JH^ W^ 41^ « 




Miy Mfl 


_^BkJ ^^^^ 

I^^^Ppi^ i..NL9'- i^M 

DbiM^ 1 




Peer Mentors 

Tom Eagling, Alma Barnes, Jenna Broderick, Tanya Cappola, Scott Santos, Justin Morton, Trevor Nadiie, Matt Demaio, Sean GaffiraD, Robbie Jaeger, Ken Tobin, 

MilcheO Nugent, liz Carrie, Erin Bams, Co-Advisor Micbel Canavan, Sara Stasinos, Conrtsey Agnew, Lindsay Lincob, Lori Eveieth, Stephanie Travers, Brooke Qnmi, 

Lindsey Ricardo, Jessica Smitii, Undsey Sawyer, Victoria Verrengia, Tyler Barton, Katie Kerr, Emily Perkins, Deirdre Lapsley, Aaiyx Marsh, Angela Piwamoas, 

Co-Advisor Stephanie Thompson, Emily Bartula, Meaghan Maddock, Ashley Paoi, Sara BaJhoni, Caitfin Dnggan, Briana Mahoney, Kelly Mdsaac, Lairen Morpfay, 

Addie Nitroy, Bethany Knhn, Natalie Jansson, Emily Tomer, Jessica Avery, Jillian Diaferio, Maggie Irvine, Kara Kirkbmd, Zach Prive, Meghan MaskeU, Ashley Lyne, 

Sarah Chase, Bethany Sinn, Katelyn Reddii^n, Danielle Baker-Santos, Jessica Sansoacy, Katryna Nilsoo, Kayley Noonan, Ala Bany, Stephen Keatoi, Josh Caldwell, 

Kelly Mahoney, Cassandra Joseph, Tamara Doyle, Adrien Miller, Cheryn Couter, Chelsea Bany, Cariy Sternberg, Job BroniUani Kerin Hanagan 



Voted Business of the Year! 

Plymouth Chamber 
of Commerce 

^^^^ Ilifcu'^^^II?^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^**" ^^^^y^^ ^^y ^^ is your 
t^e S^^ar quality painting since 1986. :£ 

FREE Estimates 
[Zl Interior/Exterior 
|7[ Powerwashing 
(3 Faux Finish 

Mciiibci oj 

The Chamber 

Plymouth Are.vCm.vmberof Commerce 




B & B Auto Body 

Kevin Connolly 

Robert Sperry, Jr. 

293 Court Street 

Plymouth, MA 02360 

Phone (508) 746-6776 

Fax# (508) 830-0157 

Mass. Reg. #RS 1613 


Meghan MuCCaney 
and the entire Class of 2006! 

From all of us at 

The Cranberry House 
Miller's Country Store 



O5o4 Ucl^ Cfe of aoo6 


(508) 747-VETT 

151 Samoset Street 



4 Brand name toners and devcslopers 

Inducting Xerox bnurxl dry ink and copy supplies 

4 Plain paper Fax supplies for: 

Xerox, Canon, Hewlett Packard and Panasonic 

♦ Laser cartridges for Hewlett Packard, 
IBM and Panasonic 
^ Ribbons for all printers and typewriters 

199 Winter Street, Hanover, MA 02339 
781-878-4474 ♦ Fax 800-627-3772 

Qood Luc^ 
(Best 'Wishes to 

^ The CCass of 2006 

Dr. Richard A. Brech, Jr. 


345 Court Street 



Fine Clothing 


Men and Women 

CdDmgiraithiiattndDms to tti® Class ©f 2(ID(ID6 
13 Court Street Plymouth 









www. WW Si. com 



design and construction 

Oreamscape Landscaping is a full-service design/builcj/maintenance companij well-lcnown ror 
creating unique naturalistic landscapes. We take great pride in our work and our relationship with 

all our clients. 

£)i!i VVenneroergj | resident 
nttp:X/aream5cape. cc 

\Sy ^ (_0¥ ITALY 

! .V 



68 Court Street • Plymouth, MA 02360 



Hair, Nail & Day Spa 






234 Brooks Street 
Worcester, MA 01606 

508 856.9658 fax 

FRAMINGHAM: 508.875.6164 
WESTBORO; 508.366.1331 


Joseph Viscariello Toll Free 877. 747.4316 

Domenico Viscariello 

Sales Consultant 


"^4il eijl jLee " 










508 • 746 • 5472 


en Cmil 

sjvmos ^ INC 



FRIMMA J. BUCKMAN (508) 746^091 

VICE PRESIDENT FAX (508) 746-8640 

PI) mouth Crossings 

A Benc/rrork Senior Ltvirvi^ Cofnmiinifv 

57 South Street • Plymouth, MA 02360 
(508) 830-4744 • fax: (508) 830-4748 



187 COURT ST. • PLYMOUTH, MA 02360 



Low Minimmns • Fast Turnaround 




Karate Instructor 

Okinawa, Japan 

95 Sandwich Street 

Plymouth, MA 02360 

(508) 747-2969 



4 1 Home Depot Drive 
Plymouth, MA 02360 
508-732-8903 Fax 

4 Pilgrim Hill Road 

Plymouth, MA 02360 

(508) 747-7474 

Fax (508) 747-7475 

♦ ♦»*»» 

Congratulations to the Class of 2006 







508-746-1 887 •' FAX 508-746-8555 


Ye Olde Towne Crier • Mayflower General Store 





Quality , Clean, Classic 


26 Main St, Plymouth, MA 

Autoclave Sterilization 


1^1 liiH-r 

Hill Vkl VM II M II 

--- - — ras 

One-hour service available 

Dr. H. Churchill, Jr., Optometrist 


•^ EYE 

Exams • Contacts • Glasses 

2277 State Rd., Plymouth, MA 02360 

(508 888-6393 



Tom Tracy/Lamj Parsons 


6r^55 of '01. 

Signs & graphic^ 


27 Water Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

TEL 508 746-9200 
FAX 508 746-9249 


^hSa HealthyAppetites 


^^^^^ voted new england's best health food store 


44 Lons Pond Road • Plymouth, MA 02360 
508.747.8100 Fax 508.747.6916 







On Plymouth's 



120 Water Street, 

Plymouth, MA. 












) lorist 

... for beautiful fl 


1 ^OR Soutl 5t- 

plijmoutK, MA 025^0 


Bakery • Deli • Grocery • Liquors 


Food & Spirits 

164 South St., Plymouth, MA 02360 
Exit 5 off Rt. 3 


"What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to 

what lies within us " Ralph Waldo Emerson 

The Painted Lady 

the Graduating Class of 2006 ! 


21 Court Street 
Downtown" Plymouth 
(508) 746-2776 

wood^s seafood 


All 2006 

Plymouth North 


Town Pier - 508-746-0261 



To the 

Class of 




^ ii 



./'•^^' p^ . 

Wishing the best 

to all in the 

Class of 2006 

Keep Smiling 

James E. Callahan. D.D.S. 

170 Water Street 

PlVmouIh. MA 02360 

<508) 747-3977 

Robert A. Ritucci, DMD, PC 

Specialist in Orthodontics 

Children, Adolescents & Adults 

Member American Association of Orthodontists 

110 Long Pond Road, Suite 122, Plymouth, MA 

Phone: (508) 747-4667 


'Sesf "Wisfies b i^ CfassofZOoB 

f'xJsfsy Jul^Y 




Ellen Johnson 


34 R South Park Avenue 

Plymouth, MA 02360 



_,* ^IM^'j^'^A 

Senior Portraits at tlieirW 

Iwo Great Photographers ... Iwo Different Stules ... 
One Convenient Location ... 1^1 West Elm St. PemDroKe 

outdoor photo 

gardens, plus lots 
of studio 
backgrounds to 
c noose from. 

^member . . 

jou CAN use 

our portraits 

in your 

yearbook. ! 


500-54-0-7^^8 * 505-522-1557 














"Congratulations Chris Caputo on your 
Graduation and building a strong foundation for your 
future. " 





170 Water Street 

Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360 

(508) 732-0158 

Tel: 781-982-4838 

55 Accord Park Drive 
Rockland, MA 02370 



Eastern Bank is proud to sponsor the programs and efforts of the 

Plymouth North High School 


/^Eastern Bank 

Vo/ Charitable Foundation 

1 - 8 - E A S T E R N I 


JLdson Courtney J^shCey 

CaitRn Meagfian Sara 

CarCy (Briana 




PLYMOUTH, MA 02360-3349 
FAX 508-746-5488 


PartyLite Gifts 

A part of the Community 

Part/Lite Gifts is an International marketer 

of fine candles and accessories and one of 

the largest employers in Plymouth. 

As a supporter of many local organizations 

and community events, we feel very proud 

to call Plymouth our home. 

We want to offer our hearty 
congratulations to the 

Plymouth North 
High School 

Class of 2006 


Decorate Your Home • Celebrate Your Life • Illuminate Your Spirit™ 

: A ijaw .r.f^ A 




Specializing in: 

Landscaping & lawn nnaintenance, brush & tree 

removal, brickwalkways, patios, retaining walls 

Bobcat and dumptruck rentals 


John Bongiovanni 82 Curtis Dr. 

Owner Plymouth, MA 02360 

Congratulations to Chris Bongiovanni, Andrew Latosek, Trevor Nadile, 
Chris Shea, Rocky Campeau (missing from photo) and the Class of 2006. 

Plymouth North Athletic Booster Club 

41 Obery Street 
Plymouth, MA 02362 

Joeinne Flenxiog 

Dennis Coit 
Co-Vice President 

Frank Pager 
Co-Vice President 

Louise Barnes 

Debbie Ricardo 

Pat Proctor 

Prior support - and 

continued support in 

the future for our 

student athletes 


Class of 2006 

for your dedication and 

pride in the sporting 

programs at 

Plymouth North ! 










Congratulations to the Class of 2006 

Plymouth North High School 

as you reach for the stars! 



19 Newfield Street- Plymouth -508 -746 -2999 








Qo(Cs Blessings to our 2006 graduates! 

go in peace 

And come home to us soon. 

"l^our Christ Church famiCy- 


Best Wishes to Scott, Andrew 

And the CloSS of 2006 


'Where Quality is the First & Last Word" 

• Free Estimates 

• Collision Repairs • Brakes, etc. 

• Classic Restorations 

Registered Shop No. 2386 

Complete Mechanical Repair Facilities 

Owners; Pete Baker All Major 

USED CARS * ^^^ ^^^^ Credit Cards 

6 Camelot Drive, Plymouth, MA. 02360 Accepted 


Good Luck to the Class of 

Sara 8^ Coreu - IVow! So manuuears - ftow amazinauou ^otf> are. 
OCs been muhfeasure watcftina uouarow into ffte beauUfuf woman 
and (\andiome man mu (ootfi fiave become. Hove, 'Miss Tiffanu 

Center Stage Dance Academy 

Ballet • Ballroom/Latin • Breakdandng 

Hip Hop • Jazz • Lyrical • Modem 

Pointe • Swing • Tap 


II 6 Long Pond Road 
(508) 746 - 099 1 


I 1 6 State Road 
(508) 888 - 2640 


'Dream Do Come True' 

Tiffany Prout 

Artistic Director / Owner 



Alma Barnes Robert Block Gia Zopatti Alex Barry 

Sean Mooney Chris Shea Andrea Bisson 

Scottie Browning Tannmy Doyle Jason Dexter 


Bethany Kuhn Natalie Jannson Jenna Broderick 

Dan Parker Everett Malaguti Liz Currie 

Trevor Moylan Ryan Downey Marco Medeiros 

Chrissy Delaney Mary Humberd, Advisor 


Tom Fey 
E Mail: 

Custom Scale 

Web Site: 

34 Woodbine Drive 

P.O. 60x3315 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

Phone 508-747-3519 

Fax 508-747-3520 
Phone 800-696-3519 










^& iPI^^^^^I 




^^^m^^^^i^j hl 'f">' 



^^^ir. 'y^^^^^^^^^ 


^^^^\ ^'7^1 


W T* 

^k -.— ^ ^^^^B' 

m^ ^H 

■' -T 


^kbidas.; ^^ 

i ^1 

^^^ K-.iJT^ ifcf ^^K 

■ fl 

) 1 
1 ■ 



^^^^H V,. - -. 



13C5l Wi5he5 to the Cla55 of 2006 from the 

Plymotilh ^iorth ffigh Ro^lic^ Team 

and ^^^i^^ 

Keep SmiCing. 

to tie 

Class of 2006 

Matthew T, Boynton, D.M.D. 

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry 

(508) 746-1666 
Fax (508) 746-3630 

mwm Of iiif 

Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360 

Serving your needs lor TOTAL DENTISTRY 

(jUvtn. 2lq^, 

yiCoOu. B'cillm, zJlLAcuruin (SwUfxAMA, \JrvuA ^LocmI, 

&wi U5u/truv, >i)anici Ju/Mcc/t, zJlLelani S 


Walter R. Correa, M. Ed., E.A. 

Licensed to represent Taxpayers 
before the Internal Revenue Service 

Tel. (508) 746-7718 
Fax (508) 746-7798 

22 Jaye Street 
Plymouth. MA 02360 

t t t k . ^ 




98 COURT STREET, PLYMOUTH. MA 02360 508-746-0220 

Smooth sailing since 1889. 





J- ■ Personal, friendly sei^vice 
/ ■ Local decision making 
/ ■ Competitive rates 
f ■ All deposits insured in full 
■ Commercial services 



Middleboro • Plymouth • Wareham 

Rochester • Bridgewater • Lakeville 


M«nbcr FOIC 
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Stephen J. Kerr, D.M.D., P.C. 
J. Devon Lutz, D.M.D. 

Family Dentistry 

233 Water Street 

Plymouth, MA 02360 

(508) 747-5400 

z-rr^^tz— . w-ji ME»-»!ijA«Liiji-'» i 



New England's Premier 

Jewelry and Repair Center 

1 Court Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 
(508) 747-5404 

CLASS OF 2006 

A fixture in Plymouth's North End for over 50 

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Voted Plymouth's Best Pizza 93-99 
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330 Court Street, (Rte 3A) Plymouth (508)746-3444 

Cold Spring 

All the Best, 


as you scui-ty ofFto college!!!! 


Class of 


188 Court Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 


^ ^f^^ Thonor society! '--^ '^ 








Chris Stanton, Shawn Hettwer, Trevor Moylan, Tanya Cappola, Tony Anderson, 

Matt DeMaio, Dave Moskos, Richie Covell, Robby Jaeger, Jack Malloy, Mr. Barry 

Cowgill (Advisor), Meaghan Maddock, Alison Murphy, Courtney Agnew, Emily 

Bartula, Lisa Canzater, John Brouillard, Tyler Burton, Ashley Kane, Emily Perkins, 

Alyxandra Ryan, Erin Peacock, Sara Stasinos, Lyla Brech, Glenn Holmes, Rachel 

Macleod, Kelly Mahoney, Lori Eveleth,Josh Caldwell, Rob Driscoll, Amanda 

Bongiovanni, Samantha Sweeney, Julia Murphy, Jennifer Kane, Sean Fitzpatrick, 

Mr. Ed Brown (Advisor), Carly Sternberg, Sara Balboni, Lauren DeSalvo, Aria 

Capone, Kerrin Follette, Adrien Miller, Sarah Chase, Corey Ketterer 




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^u. ^ojyjt!'-^ ' '^bBH 


iBtfc^ l^^j^gi^^Bj 


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The best thing at>out havhg an 
older sister was that I always Imew I 
had a best Inend. I could not ask for 
a better sister to shav all my 
childhood memories with. I hope 
you thrive at every challenge that 
faces you. Thanks for always being 
there for me in all my times in need. 
I k)ve you so much! 

Love always, Brooke 

To our loving sister. 
We know you thou^t this day 
would never come but just 
remember you're such a strong 
person in mind, body, and soul. 
You will be able to accomplish 
anything so keep your head held 
hi^ and give yourself some 
credit. We love you more than 
you will ever know and 
remember, we will always be 
here for you. 
Love, Dani, Ashley and Cody 

To our beautifuX 
daughter Courtney 

'You Rght up our Rfre •witAyoursntiCs, thoughtfuC and caring 
personaRty. li^e are so proud to 6e your parents. M^e (irve you mot 
tfian you ivilT exvr ^potv. "You xvilT succeed in everything you do. 
Stay Happy. 

£.crve Mom ^ (Dad 

Wi) IiAv-^ be«m yriCh you 0rot^A 0Vi9tY 9^0^ <^ T^ ^^ 

sdltaol 0r&ehi&tian seeziwtf sc /kr awSf^ axtd like a bUxJc of an *fy9, iC 
is A8«9. Wi^ are pxvud ofaJSycKzr accaaipSsiizatfn^, Axui proad of 
^ yotmg- wsnaazi jvu A&xtq iecozxi^. Ca3a0ra^ala^iaD^. . 
W^ Love You, 

Mom, Pad Sf ^YOn 

Kjt lak^eA <x UD/L cJL cou/KUjpe to (nXu^ uoaxa. d/veximA ta d/atrvcon/e. -Erma 


Always let your si^r shine. 
We love you. Mom & Pad 


(jiooa luclc in evertjtning uou Ao. We Itnow 

you'll go far. VVe love you, Clin's &■ l_auren 


- :>;-:ii^ if ijc -!«:_- 

To our ddrfmg J^atade: 

"Little Natters", "Tiger', "Ted'-all perfect names to describe you. 
From the moment you were born, you were an adventurous and 
inquisitive child who is never afraid to take a chance. You have been a 
constant source of delight and pride to us. We will miss your quick wit 
and infectious laugh when you are at school. Always know how much we 
love you! Love, Mom and Dad 

I know how much it hurts 

to see her go, 
She's got a mind of her own, 

you know 

She's all grown up 

(Warren Zevon) 

To my little Natty (La-La): 
Being in college has let me 
know how much I miss you 
when we are apart You 
mean so much to me kiddo 
and growing up wouldn't 
have been the same without 
you. I'm glad we're so close 
in age and that I consider you 
a friend as well as my sister. 
Good luck in everything you 
do, and know that I'n^ 
always here looking out for 
you. I'm so proud of you, 
soccer star. Lots of love 
always. Erne (rie) 

l.«Ki:.7T-B I Ji---X-i 

^H£CE£7£ i«K7/sa, MusiasiN, oiocKsaTUi e^^ 

A man who works with his hands is a laborer, a man who works widi his hands 
and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain 
and his heart is an artist —Louis Nizer 

A magnificent collection of atoms 
Ail arranged for he 

In perfect balance, these talents shine 
The gifts of sound, sight, and strength 
The colors that paint his pallet 
The notes that sound the song 
A collection so _ 

,. . The world is your 

prodigious ^ 

This gallery is filled. 







\ J 


^' ^^1 




Alexander Boris 

If yon love what you do, you'll love what you become 
Love Mom, Dad, Connor xoxo 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful 
Beautiful boy.... 

(John Lennon) 

May your heart; always be joyful, 
May youf song always be sung. 
May you stay forever young. 

(Bob Dylan) 

^/'K>^\% * 

TV\t olwktcs, the ^ra^s,, tV\e hflLf gray sley. 
A girt plays alovie. with the wlku:< At her side, 
we cLlkU-b the duvits uou avui I. 
oi/cr ^vtflri^s Iia, the sfli^ are Llle^ a goodbye. 
My child yow'll see the goLdeiA, sn^td. 
Cokvl£ wfllfe with m^ flkujl tfll^e m.y hflkvd. 
At the top of the dui^ts, we'll stop fli^d stfl^upl. 
AiA^ see the beawty of fliv>ther's havui. 


Dear Ashley, 

We are so proud of the person you have become, and all that 
you have accomplished, and the choices you have made. Find your dune 
and follow its path, knowing you always have our love and support 
Love, Mom & Dad 

Arthurs, A^egon Leigh: "Nutmeg" 

Girl with chocolate brown eyes and sun bright hair; 

Firstborn child, big sister of "Kimstcr," owner of Foster; 

Friend to many; 

Daisy, Brownie, Junior Girl Scout; 

Recreational swimmer, skater, boogie boarder; 

Carver Dancer (12 years); 

Family vacationer (SH, PA, Disney, Niagara, Bermuda); 

Christian (Baptism, Camp Fireside, PUAAC, VBS, 

Confirmation. Youth Group. Monadnock, Chrysalis); 

Comedy drama queen (VBS skits); 

School/band tripper (Bournedale. NYC, Quebec. MASC); 

Flutist and bond geek' 

AAonty Python lover, movie-goer, mall rat; 

Artist, Anime/Manga lover, future animator; 

Federal Furnace, PCIS, PNHS student; 

School spirited Senior (NHS, StuCo, Lit Mag, Newspaper, 

DPS, and anything we forgot to mention); 

Future PNHS graduate. 

'Ask any Arthurs you happen to see. 

Who's a talented young kidy? 

It's our Senior, Megan Leigh!" 

With much love and pride. 
Mom, Dad, and Kimberly 


i^jiijutei^ ^ t Mjija-tAJAt 

JoMnnY - 


Mom, pap, Kyj^a & Kt^k^-^n 

FA. -C'_j I '■ m .••.^•^m-ti 




you w^rjj bom first- 
you always &(;L<^n to 
know what you want 
and you're ablji to 
maki3 it happj^n. 
you're; b(Z,auti/ul, 
athl(2.tic, smart, 
con/id jz.nt and 
gi/tjidly outspoki^n. 
you ngiv^r 
compromisj^ your 
principle's. It's a 
joy watching what 
you cr^^atiz:. "Rijach 
/or the. stars, 

Wji lovf' you! 

You were sideways at 
birth and we've been 
truing to straighten l|ou 
out ever since, jf 5 time 
we realize that your patn 
is unicjue. TGo 
awarded tjou "O^st 
Xbinlcer" and "positive 
S^^r^t^Mcr." You 
nave an independent 
mind and a loving, kind, 
thoughtful and generous 
spirit. (You're also 
lucky!) Whatever you 
create on your lire's path, 
know that you are lovcd- 
you're Jason! 



You have enriched our lives more than you'll ever know. You have the kind of qualities that 
make people around you glad that you're in ttieir world 

Beheve in yourself and know that you are loved. Your worid is bright, new and exciting. 
Live your dreams and always be happy! Best wishes for a wonderful figure! 
Love Always, Mom, Dad & Ashleigh 


^ -A/TK 4» 'i^>[A^^J. *j^iAe AA^'i^^ti^ nf^XK XftVe gcc*^e uxAjtk JUL 'UiM ej^/W *^ 

M'ss "niillion-dollar-smilc"-won't t^ou stat^ awhile? 

I imc has given us the gift or watching uou grow into the bright, loving, 
creative young woman you arc. f^rom the days of a gfggij boo, muddu 
frogs, and under-the-bed gifts-when chocolate and soccer ruled-to 
gowns, travel and college plans-it^s been a wonderful joumeu.. 
We're so proud of you! 

l_ovc always, Moti, [^ad & £)rie 

From Tators and 


To Shania and 


You always find a way to 


Keep smiling and stay 
tme to yourself. 

We love you Babe. 

Love Mom, Dad, 
Jen, JJ, and Mag 

«>^^. . mii'^s^-ji^ i 


^: =wri»«-.i: .fja^ff* 

Thank you for the past 18 
years that you filled with 
laughter, triumph, 
challenge and success. 
We look forward to 
watching you spread your 
wings and fly but always 
knowing that you can land 
at home. 


■ tm ft 

When you were little, it didn't 
matter how far out of reach the 
cookies were, you managed a way 
to reach them and you didn't give 
up until you were successful. 
The hopes and dreams you have 
for your future are just like that 
cookie; tfiey are there waiting for 
you and although you may need 
to be creative to achieve them, 
we know you will find a way. 
You are my "sonshine" 
Mom & Bill 


t,pj «. — f <- »-.',f «.», 










'Shoot for the moon, and if 
you fall short, you're still a 
star. By following your 
dreams, you will go far." 
(Mo Vaughn) 

Mike, We're bo proud of 
aU you have accomplished 
so far. Follow your 
dreams and know that 
we're behind you all the 
way. Congratulations! 
Love, Mom, Dad & Laura 

. rl -fM '■■g^- Li^^kll ^gj^s^rf M T — ■ n 

As you enter this pivotal point in your life, remember to sort 
the obstacles you have encountered, from the lessons you have 
gleaned, to strike a balance and enter your future with insight and 
willingness to boldly strike out in new directions. Have the 
courage to follow your intuition and rely on it 

As you reflect on die times spent in school, remember the 
family, fdends and teachers who provided you with the 
wonderful memories you are taking with you now. 

We are confident that you will go well prepared, with the gifts 
and talents you possess, to be successful in any endeavor you 
pursue. We are very proud of you. God Bless You, 
Love, (Dad, Mom, CoOeen, 'ERzoBeth, C/tristine, 
Terrence andMar/Kjite 


You have come a long way-we have watched you in the good and bad 
days but always knew you would make this great day. The smile on 
your face will always shine and you will pursue your dreams. We are so 
proud to have a son that has accomplished so much; continue your success. 
Love Mom, Dad & Kyle 

10. Understands the culinary truth that pizza 
equals casserole. 

9. Is still able to be shamed into cleaning up 
the kitchen after dinner. 

8. Is willing to listen to "classic" rock-n-roll. 

7. Managed to keep "David Ortiz" alive much 
longer than the estimated three months. 

6. Appreciates the relaxing value of dinner 
and a log. 

5. Has innate ability to answer to any name from 
"tuna fish" to "KellyBellyKaddidlehopper". 

4. Keeps the "blue light special" clean, and the 
funk to a minimum. 

3. Prefers her "cheese box" to more palatial digs. 

2. Tolerates Kristin's constant poking, prodding, 
picking and general craziness without swearing. 

And the #1 Reason why we're crazy about our Belie: 

1. She is sweet, lovable, caring, kind, honest, 
and cute (spoken like Rudolph, please!). 

We Love You! 
Mom, Dad & Bug 

"May your drtoms tab* you_ 

To th« comen of your smll«i, to th« hlghert of your hopw. 

To the uHndowi of your opportunities, and to the moft tpeckxl 
places your hecrt has ev/er known." (unknown) 

Sara, Fron^ the kvtomet^t you. wcrt bor^^, you. have 
brouaht such hflppli^ss li^o our Lives. WeVe 
watched ijDu grow L^vto a teiiA^, LovLia^, bcflutlfuL 
Ljou^vg Lfldy flvA^ we couLotiA.'t be kKore proud of the 
wok^derfuL persokv uou have becoioie. FoLLow your 
dyeam.s, ai^d teeep sm,U.lkvg. Always rekM.e^M.ber, 
wherever you go flkUJi what ever uou do, we wLLL 
«Lwflys be here for uou. 
we love ijou verij m.uc.h. 
Mom. g i>ad 

Sara, As our- first 9r'an4chfl4. you have a 
special place in our hearts. Through the years, 
you have given us much love anci joy We arc 
so prou4 of you and all your accomplishments. 
We love you, Grammy anci Crampy 

9iiss Sara-Qoo<{ biclijn tfu na^t pdase cf 
yourGfe. I'm very proud of you. 
I Cove you, ?{ana 

I can't believe my big sister is graduating. Thanks for always being there for me 
through good and bad times. I don't know what I'm going to do without you next 
year. You're not only my older sister, you are my best friend, too. Sara, you are an 
amazing person and that will take you far in life. 

I love you. Your little sister, Megan 

Con^atulations Sara! I hope you have a good time in 
college. Thanks for being a great sister. I will miss 
you very much. Love, Nick 



How time flies! I Qn't believe our b^by is 18! The d^y you wei-e bot-n, 
ouY family became complete. You've ^fown into a coring son 3n4 
bt-othei- with your sensitive an4 gentle natut-e. We're so prou4 of you! 
Wbatevei- you 4o, ^n4 whet-ever you go, we'll always be here encouraging 
you, supporting you, an4 rooting for you. 


Mom, Da4 an4 Lisa 

;^ . . 


love you Mommy!! 
Love Pixie 


May the Lord be with you down every road you roam. 
But whatever you chose, I'm right behind you win or lose. 
Forever Young. TDylan" 

Dear Kristen, We are so proud of all you have accomplished. 
We know, at times, it wasn't easy but all the ups and downs 
and all the highs and lows have made you who you are today. 
You are a strong, beautiful and loving young woman that we 
are very proud to say Ihat's our daughter " Wherever you go, 
go with all your heart. Take pnde in yourself and in everything 
you do We believe in you and know you will be successful 
in all you do. We are always here for you. We love you so 
much baby girl (snuggle bunny)!! Love, Mom and Dad 

Good job Kristen! Gkxxl luch and I love you. Love, Corey 


I \zvu)w uDu'vt had to thrDuOjh a lot to get to this 
potiA,t. Thtrt have beeuv so i^aiA-y hard timts. for 
Mouc ai^d wouVe ha\A,dltd them, with am-axlvu^ 
streuvgth, uvever Lettluvg av^y^ov^ get the best cr{ 
Mou.. ALL of that has made ujow. strotA^er auvd 
wiser. I believe l^v ujou. with aLL i/u.uj heart av\d i 
feuvow \Ao\A.Y futtutre wlLL be full of the happli^ss 
av\.d su-c&ess \Ap\A. de<.eyve. i Love ijou £,d \M.uch, 
a\A,d I wlLL always be here {or you whe^vever ijou 
[Aced iM-c 

Love, Am,aiA,ola 

t.^i\jni^^. -m^t mM^'jA 

AshLeu), It seem.s just Llkee ujesterdciLj we put wou. ov^ the bus for leliA^ergcirteiA.. now mou are aLL o^ycmv^ up. 
you are our pride ai^d joy av^d vjt art very proud cr{ uou.. you have /w-flde It very easy for us to be Ojood 
pflre^vts. We wlLL stated behl^^d you ii^ everythliA,^ you choose to do. We wLLL coi^tiuvue to watch you grow 
liA/to a beautiful uouvu^ lady. Love, Mom. ^ i^ad 

Little did we know that our shy, compassionate, reserved little girl would grow up to 
be such a lovely young lady. We're so proud that in high school you've learned to 
set priorities, manage your time, involve yourself in many activities, and still t>e an 
honor student! You are a loyal friend to many, and a dependable employee that any 
company would be lucky to have! Al, you have the ability to quietly absorb everything 
around you, and you'll be able to use that skill in anything that you do! We hope 
that whatever road you chose to take, it's filled with great joy, much success, and a 
lifetime of happiness! We know how special you are; in our eyes, you're a step 
above the rest! We're in awe of your determination to be the very best that you can 
be! Remember that your family, every one of us, is here for you~always and 
forever! We love you! 

Mom and Dad 

"A sister is a little bit of childhood that 
can never be lost." Allison, you remind me 
so much of myself when I was in high school, 
I can 't believe you 're already going to 
college! I 'm so proud of you and how 
well you have done in school. Continue on 
with your determination and strength, and 
you 'II get whatever you need in life; I know 
you 'II accomplish your goals! Remember 
to stay strong, and know I'm always here 
for you! Wherever you go, go with all 
your heart! 
I lave you Al! 

Congrats, Katie 

"^istcrs is probablo the most 
competitive relationsnip witnin 
tnc ramilu, but once sisters arc 
grown, it becomes tbe strongest 
relationship. ""Margaret Mcao 

Hey Al-I can't believe you are 
about to graduate! I feel like we 
were just in high school together, 
you're growing up way too fast' 
I'm so proud of you! You're 
going to love college-trust me:) 
Love you lots! XOXO, Laura 


We've hgcl so many good times, 
and you've been an awesome 
sistei- to me. I don't know what 
I'm gonna do when you goto 
college! I'll have no one to 
borrow clothes (yom or drive me 
io school! I'll miss you so much! 
GOOD Lf CK! Love you, Emie 

'u^SJ'^jni^ ^^^m^J ItLT^Vi TMITlWMiI 

You're one of a kind with your smile 
and your thoughtfulness. Your talents 
and terrific personality are enough to 
make any parent happy, but it's the 
blend of them all that make you a very 
special son. 

Mom & Dad 

Joe, I'm so proud of you. Good lucK 
in everything you do. I love you. 
ir Courtney (Gumi) 




Deirdre, Over the past few years there have been many times when you reminded me of myself, whether it be for better or worse. Despite 
this, you are very much your own unique person and I'm proud of you for it. I just want to take this chance to remind you that wherever you 
qo, whatever you do, and whoever you become, you'll always be my little sister and I'll always love you. Love, Will 

Deirdre, Thanks for caring for me, 
helping me with my homework, and 
entertaining me. I'm going to miss you 
wliile you're in college. Love, Jack 


From the day you were born you've 
brought so much /eve andjoy to our home. 
Every day with you brings a smiie to our 
faces and wanns our hearts. Theyears have 
passed quicwy and we are so proud of aii 
you've accomplished so far. We know your 
compassion, kindness, friendship, leadership 
and love will guide you to success in any 
endeavors you choose. We will always be 
there for you. 
All our love forever 
Mom & Dad 

^ Keep youR sense of huivioRl 
Keep youRSElf sfik AlwAys! 
Keep youR cIreams aIK/e. 
Whh lovE, pRicJE ANd suppoRT, 
Mom, DacI, Justin, AmancIa & KerrIe 

7^ Sweef PrfncesSr 

'Mow (mc((!\j tfte uears fuwe hassed. 
am very hnudofuou. 'you mm 
fjrouafit notftina l}ut futhfjimss to 
mu fife. Otisuour Bme to soar, mu 
diet it Otis onward and uhwara 
from fiere. wifflte with mu eueru 
step oftfte wau. £et tftatsmife set 
tfte worfdon fire! 

9/ouejfou, Mom 



QlexMV, theyday ha^cotne^ 

yovu-owru You/ha^^e^prove^n/ 
you*- wotih/ over iKe/yeary. 
We/ cure/ very prmui/ ofyow. 
hape/yow Modh rvever forget- 

May your pochetyhe/hea^/y 

And/ your heart he/Ught, 

Hay gooxi/ULck/punue/you/ 

ea<J^/ morriirig/ and/ night. 

Cjlenn, from ijears gone by when you were 
young I rcaiizco tnat someday you would 
make your mark ana proviae leaaersnip 
in tnc world. You arc very intelligent, 
talented, compassionate and your love or 
animals and caring demeanor makes uou 
a man who will someday witn nis influence 

make tnc cartn a better place to live. 

I nave always felt tnat you are very sp>ecial. 

Love, (jodmotner^us'C 

•wji ' mni^-i 



Congratulations & Good 
Isuek. Thank you /or all thjz; 
support ovjzr thjz years; you 
ar(2 a grjzat littliz sistj^r. 


I am so -proud of you. 'Youfiave 
accompttsftedmuch, sfurwn such afways and are such an 
inspiration to me. As a fitt(e girf 
you were the sociaC Butterfly of 
the neighhorhood and Brought 
such joy to us ait %fep the 
spirit of that tittle girf with you 
afways, eiqoy tife, taugh often 
and fottow your dreams. 


When we look back through the years, we will with fond memories 
of you at Federal Furnace School, to PCIS, and finally to Plymouth 

The years have flown by and if s hard to believe that this day is 
already here. 

Being a sports guy has always been an important part of what you 

Know that we are proud of you and wish you the best that life has 

You are loved and respected. 

Congratulations "Mikey*- "Buddy" 
Mom, Dad, Kathleen, Rob, Sarah, Joanna & Erin 

tV.^^.iQ\jri"i^-;i . ^mjj mtiid^iKimimKM imu 

After three rugged little boys, 
along came a delightful baby girl. 
Her parents named her Erin. 
It has been a joy watching you grow up 
to be the young lady you are today. Of 
course, it helps that you are fond of 
Gramma Jean 's mashed potatoes and 
pumpkin bread. I hope you know that 
I am very proud of you. 


Dear Erin, 

My baby in a pink sleeper, little giggly girl, shopping buddy. You 
have amazed me with your strength and delighted me with your evil 
wit. Travel your path with wonder and joy. Believe in yourself and 
trust what you hold inside. You're my darlin' daughter and I love you 


May you always have work for your hands to do. 
May your pockets hokj always a coin or two. 
May the sun shine bright on your windowpane. 
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain. 
May the hand of a friend always be near you. 
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you 
(an Irish Proverb) 


You have made us so 
proud in so many ways. 

Follow your dreams and 
know we are always here for 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Tim and Matt 

Fenway Park 


Than^you for arriving when you did. 'We have 
bved sharing the adventure of your childhood 
and loo^orward to sharing the nej(t chapter of 

We admire and respect the wonderful 
person you are. We love you, !Momand<Dad 

Cedar Point 

Alison, Who are you going to borrow 
money from now? Love, Dan 

.'.". '.nng:.. wii.!Jgg.'j.'iwiiJtB'f ^^,na.alM 

Dear Jeremy, 

you did it! It's not 
going to be the same 
in school next year 
without you! I 
probably won't be 
late as much, but 
thinking back on those 
stressful mornings 
now makes me laugh. 
Good luck from now 
on and always. I 
knew you could do it, 
Love Always, Bri XO 


Dear Jeremy, 
Thank you for 
being such a 
wonderful son and 

You never fail to 
impress us 
with your unique 
You've made us so 
Very proud. 
We love you! 
Mom, Dad & Josh 

We did it!!! College... Then the world is yours. 


love you and am 
very proud of you. 


We Cove you amfiinsfi tfie Best for you. ^avegoaCs ivfUcfi are attainaSte; 
fiave dreams ivfdcfi may Befuifilkd; and always 6e ftappy in your fife and in 
w/iatever career you choose (never mind about the car!). 

Love Mom ^^Dad 

1 1 li. ^'^^BL 


'.".■TT JV!'. !"■',] m<.".'j;iwi;m^ TTrT 





-vm. -. 




sean michael galtivan 

"bom with the gift of laughter 

and a sense that the world was mad.' 

with a wink of an eye, a quick dance 

step, or that wonderful contagious 

laughter, you can wamn the entire 

room with happiness 

you have brought a different 

perspective to our lives, one that 

makes us think and question all that is 

important. You have the rare ability to 

lead, the power to influence, 

the calmness to make sense of rt all. 

we can't wait to see what the future 


we love you sean. 

Dad, Mom, Dan & Catie 

^ % 

l&€ -^ 

iW_y LufuBeOJs, 

You never cease to astound me, You have grown from 
the worCcTs sweetest SaSy to the most womferfuC young 
woman. Than^^u for letting me five xncariousCy 
through you for so many years. I can only wish you get 
the same pleasure out of life as you have given me. 



i P 






Today is your day. 

You're off to Great Places!-Dr. Suess 

Ennma Lemma, you're more than just my sister; 
you're my best friend. I am so proud of everything you 
have done. Always know that no matter who comes 
and goes in your life, sisters are forever. I love you and 
always remember... Blink and you'll miss a beat!~Cait 


I will always 
look up to you (or 
down). You have 
shown me so much 
in life and I can't 
thank you enough. 


<# 1 










Your wiD to survive on the day you 
were bom has shown through m 
everything you have done in the last 
eighteen years We are so very proud 
of you You are now beginning a new 
joumey in hfe and we have no doubt 
that you will be the best at whatever 
you choose to do Always remember 
to go forward with your head held 
high and your heart always open 
With this you will become the most 
extraordinary woman Don't ever 
forget you family and our dose love 
we have for one another 
Emily~"We love you more" -and 
that's POSSIBLEf 

Mom &Dad 

^m kA\>t \un * Wff\4tr *»m( ifluikt, rut ^t^uttfn I 
tir^ni{i(M40kUr "Wt We vint *»«( *re 5# »frM(( *f*jnt 

wriffv tk^t ^m urt. MwtMi htre-frr unt, 

^ jjiumiu LJHiJ -MiT^n: i»?iszcwr«T 


MfSCVCf^TUf^ abba 

Love/, Morw a^yjd/Vad/ 


Dear Michael, 

In igSy, you became the "Tittle man" in our family. So many things have happened since then and so quickly that it's all a blur! Day care, 
nursery school. Federal Furnace, PCIS, PNHS, family, friends, sports, girls, vacations and jobs. Along the way there have been many lessons 
learned- some the easy way, some the hard way, and others still being learned. AH of these Ufe experiences have made you the "young man" 
you have become today. We hope the most meaningful and important lesson you have learned is that we are proud of you, we love you, and 
we will always be therefor you unconditionally. 

Now there is more to come and more to learn as yourfutxtre Hes in front of you. Your sensitivity and caring nature, your hyalty, humiUty, 
great sense of humor, spiritual beliefs, athletic sldUs, and other talents u/ill all be vcduable as you take these next steps. We wish you the 
confidence, strength, determination, and wisdom you will need to become the man we know you can be. 

Congratulations, good luck, and God Bless you. Love, Mom and Dad 

It is hard to Believe my Rttk Brother is growing 

up —moving on to Bigger and Better things. 

Tfie tux} four years ofyourRfe and those after 

unlTBefutfoffun times, great friends, and 

unBeRevaBle opportunities. Ta^ chances, 

team aff that you can, But most importantly, 

have fun and Be safe. ^(ftnemBer, 

I "wiff always Be here! Love you, Jlndrea 


L^SLiIIUJl.' 1. WilumM^ursMivuz^ r -V7«m.«»«« 

-Through my daughter 's eyes- 

-First and foremost mummy, 
ooops, I mean daughter. Sometimes I 
forget which one of us is the parent. 
Thank you for showing me the meaning 
of laughter. 

-God sent me an angel on 
February 18, 1988, you nerta whom my 
connection with grows deeper every 
day from that very date. 

-Remember Mom 'sfaJl and 
how much closer we became, you have 
always been my rock nena being there 
for me time and time again. 

~I want to thank you for your 
openness and through your eyes 
teaching me the meaning of life, I may 
not be perfect so forgive my faults and 
for any sorrow or strife. 

-I know I have sheltered you 
and kept you from growing up too fast, 
but I tell you now to help you 
understand I was sheltering you from 
my own past. 

-I can only say with all honesty 
you are my best friend, thanks for the 
roller coaster ride. Little one, on me 
you can always depend. 

-I now release you from my 
cocoon and give you beautiful butterfly 
wings toffy. Remember to always be 
yourself in this world and fly my 
daughter, fly high. 


Love, Mom 


The time has come for which I had envisioned of that glorious day when my first child 
was bom. That day was one of the happiest days in my life, a day I can remember as 
I clear as day. I can only hope that we, as parents, can steer our children down the right 
i road. Eventually you have to take the wheel of your own life and I hope you continue on 
the path of goodness, believe in your faith and make all the right decisions for all the 
right reasons. Graduation is the second step in that direction. Life is full of trials and 
tribulations and how we team from these bumps in the road ultimately detennine who 
I we become. I sincerely hope that your road is as smooth as possible. I dedicate this 
■■ page to you, my wonderful daughter whom I love very, very much. I cannot imagine 
what my life would have been like without you in it. Having you in my life has brought 
me many tears of joy (with a few fits of madness thrown in). I am so very proud of you 
and I want you to know that I will always be here for you and that you will always be my 
little giri. 

For Janie Verastegui 
ultimate 'ri^t of 
passage' for all 
teenagers I 

Congratulations for 
reaching this one-of- 
many stepping stones 
in your life! 

In your short 17 
years, you have 
already learned tiiat 
life comes with many trials, tribulations, twists, and 
turns. Even more so when you become part of a blended 
family. But as time goes on you learn, and the lessons 
teamed from the past will help you shape your future and 
your destiny. 

Thank you for being a part of my life and my family. 
Thank you for letting me be part of yours. It was not 
always easy, but I am truly thankful for who we are 
together now! 

Set your goals hig^ and never relent, never setdel 
Believe in YOU! We do! 

All our love, 
Lee, Kenneth 

Mary & Poppa Geno 


Jamie Lynn-How you have blossomed so beautifully in front of my eyes. I tell everyone that meets me that there are two 
women in this world that are my sunshine: our lovely nrtother and you, princess. I love you with all my heart and will 
always be there for you no matter where your feet may lead you. As I watched you take your first steps a long time ago, it 
was an honor to watch you take your first steps into your already promising adult life. Hoping to never disappoint you in 
fulfilling my role as "Best Brother in the World," and if anything doesnl go as planned-we can just blame it on Stevie! 
Love you always and forever. Bubba 




(Bartjara J. HaU) 

W1C6. /0919, Mom axtd Pad 

»ii«».- . 

Dear Katie, 

You are a wonderful person Katie! I have 
learned so much from you-especialiy the 
quiet way you do things. You have always 
been your own person, standing by your 
values with great perspective on life. 
Remember your family is always here for 
you. And stay dose to your friends. 
I will miss you, Katie. 


(BeGeve inyourseCf. ^ou Have sued a deep and 
feeling souC You are Seautifid, ^ind, funny 
and are a gifted writer. CfiiCdren, antnuUs and 
everyone are drawn to your open, patient ways. 
You can do anything. Trust your heart Because 
it is true. ^emem6er, yourfamiCy is Behind you, 
afways, forever and no matter what. 

I Cove you, 

t>ear Katie, c^ooA Lucte lv\. colieqt amd re^vLCw^ber to have ftw. ! Cm always kicre for yon Lf 
MOM. vv^cd nu. Lov/e, CaroLytA, 

Dear Katie, PU taias you vdieo you go away to coOege. FU only have Maiyanna to fight with! 
Havelim. Love, Jimmy 

Dear Katie. From sharing a room to sharing clothes, we have been through everything together. I couldn't 
have asked for a better best friend while we were growing up. Have fun at college. Love. Maryann 

Pear Kgtie. 

Congrqtul^tjons on the 4ip!ofTM! Tb^nb for being such a great sister. Have fun in college- 
it's awesome! Love, Stephen Matthew Kerr 

!|T1'.".. JtlJW,'. . 9 I .ifW'i.THJ^^WifKtsmiTtmia 



"AAoy the good lord be with you down every rood you room. 
And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you're for from home. 

May you grow to be proud, dignified and true. 
And do unto others as you'd have done to you. 

Be courageous and be brave and in my heart you'll always stay 
forever young, forever young.' -Rod stewort- 

Wc love you, Chris, and we are very proud to call you our son. 
Whatever road you choose in life, we will always be there to love 
and support you. In our hearts, you will always remain 
forever young. 

Dear Courtney, 

Believe in what makes you happfy. Believe in yourself. Give 
your dreams the chance to fly. Fill your life with special 
moments and unforgettable times. Please know that no 
matter where you go, we will be right there with you... in a 
special place in your heart. 
With all of our love, 

Mom, Dad, taid Jeffrey 

^•^ V>- i^. 

'Believe in what your heart is saying, 
hear the melody that* s playing 
There's no time to waster, there's so much to 

Believe in what you feel inside, and give your 
dreams the wings to fly. 
You have everything you need..if you just 

(Josh Groban) 


■n:xnr-. :r--mjrmwr 

Thevor, I have always felt blessed and very proud to be your mother. You have brought excitement and anticipation into my life! 
Your accomplishments ha ve been amazing both academically and athletically. You ha ve always been a kind, sensitive, and 
compassionate person. I know the future holds great opportunities for you. I have had the privilege of sharing a big part of your life 
for the past 18 years. Now the whole world is open to you and everyone you meet will recognize that privilege. 

Love always. Mommy 


You were amazing as a baby! 
You were amazing as a young boy! 
You are now amazing as a young man! 
We are proud to be your grandparents. 

Bob and Del 












m # 




My friends have always 
told me how they wish 
they could have a 
brother like you; so I do 
know how lucky I am. 
When we're not fighting 
over the computer, 
you're even a great 
friend. I couldn't ask 
for a better little brother. 
Good luck in all that 
you do.. 

Trevor. It has been 18 years of camping (Weltfleet), skiing (Ascutney). chess 
(Ch^ Hill). 'Show and Teir for Mrs. Zaniboni. late night walks to Brsrihall's. 
Fridays at Mama Mia's. Saturdays watching "A Fish Called Wanda", Sundays of 
pancake breakfast. St. Peter's, the All American Diner, and lacrosse at the Dome, 
diving lessons at Forges Field, sharing a Taed and breakfiasf in Ireland. But if s 
been a lot more than these. Ifs been 18 years of complrients. 
Congratulatkxis, Daddy 

Liz: You are a great sister. Know that I'll always be there for you. Love, Alex 

Lizzy-Congratulations on completing one of the best chapters of your life. I'm so proud 
that you are my sister and I know you are going to do amazing things in the future. 
Enjoy the next chapter, and make sure to take some risks and make good decisions. 
Know that I'm always here for you as your sister, and as a best firiend. I'll miss you so 
much next year. Good luck in everything, and remember you always have a place to 
call home. iJNt \^o\a. always, kiiU 


More than 
words con soy 
is how much I 
love you. I will miss you 
next year, but I know that 
wherever you end up, you 
will be happy. Know that 
no matter where you go, 
we are only a phone call 
away, and that we will 
always be here for you. 
You have given us so 
much joy since before 
you were bom. I 
can't believe my little 
baby is all grown up! 
Lave you, 


Til love you forever, I'll like 

you for always 

As long as I'm living, 

my baby you'll be." 
(Robert Munsch) 

I know you don't go down into ttie basement unless you absolutely tiave to; but If you 
do you may notice a picture I've kept on my workbencti for many years. It's a picture 
of you in front of NMES I find so enjoyable because It's so expressive of you. And 
what you're expressing is pride, enjoyment and accomplistiment Whether if s NMES, 
PNHS or the university you will attend^iythlng you do in life, keep expressing pride, 
enjoyment and accomplishments and always know that these are the feelings I'll have 
for you all of my life. 


rrMW J.V.' . ' '^ 'i I •■Ja:f-ti tmajTwn-rim 

Just in case you missed these the first hundred 
tinies we told you: 

Not everything is stupid. . . we are proud of you. . . park 
your car wtiere it belongs before someone hits it. . . you 
aren't that good if your tired, old father can still get a 
game off you... try to look awake when you are in the 

lifeguard's chair have fun and make your brain grow. 

We love you. Mom, Dad, David and Sarah 

Congratulations on all your accomplishments! You have always done SCij; \ 
things your own way and so far, so good! Independence is a I 1^ ' 

wonderful thing! Always remember the way home! 
We love you! 

Mom. Dad Danielle. Adam B Tyler! 


Where have all these wonderful years gone that lay still in these pictures before 
us. Watching you grow was never as touoh as letting you go now. You always tackled 
each hurtle that faced you, never giving up, and always coming up strong. With this 
drive and determination you have accomplished so many things, and they have helped 
mold you into the wonderful man you are. 

Being the last of the four oldest to go off to college, you always had Ryan and 
George looking up to you with such admiration. We know they will miss you more than 
you can ever imagine. Whether it was being there helping with homework, taking them 
to Burger King, playing basketball, soccer, or video games, you have always been there 
for them, and you will always be such an important pmrt of their lives. 

We are so proud of all your accomplishments, and even more proud of the person 
you have become. We will miss having you near us every day, but know you will be the 
best at whatever you do. So wherever the future takes you Dave, we wish you a lifetime 
of happiness and success. Always remember to follow your dreams, and don't ever 
forget we are always here for you with all our love and support 

Love always. 
Mom & Dad 


We an off so very proud of you. Youaretru(ya 
remar^Bk, BeauttfuC young woman. Trom the day you 
came into the -world, you have continued to inspire and 
amaze us. 

gio-you have aCways strivedto 6e the Best that you 
can Be and that translated to your CifepersomdEy, 
academicaffy and in the sports you participated in. 

It is easy to Be around you Because you are aCways 
cheerfuf and supportive of anyone who may need you 
'We as^oursehes aCCthe time what did we do to deserve 
such a wonderfuX daughter who seems so wise Beyond 
her mere 18 years. We ^jurw we are tndy BCessed. 

gio- as you emBar^on a whole new ej(perience into 
adulthood and independence, we have the utmost faith 
that the decisions you ma^ and the paths that you 
ta^, would Be the Best one for you and would only 
serve to ma^you more successful and even stronger 
It has, and always will Be, a privilege and an honor 
to Be a part of your l^e. 

We wotUd say good luc^But you don't needit! 

'Your Loving Tamify 


ThanKs for being a great brother. We 
are going to miss you being here with 
us so come home as opten as you can. 

Good lucK in college. We love you. 


"Ryan 4' Georgie 

You were the quiet one growing up; the one everyone would 
refer to when they asked "Who is the fourth brother?" But 
that question no longer exists. . .Dave, you have grown into a 
strong and successful young man. Your hard work and 
perseverance has inspired us. Not only have you shined on 
the soccer field, but you have succeeded academically also. 
We are all so proud of you! Good Luck next year with 
ever)Athing! And don't forget, we are all here if you ever 
need anything!!! 

We love you so muchi! 
Congratulations! ! ! 

Heather, Jenni, Mikey, Ry and Georgie 

^^^H^^^^B 't >' 















^^H '^ ^^1 



^Kw} ^1 










We love you and wish you the best! 

You have been the kind of son that went beyond any of our 
expectations. We are proud of all the choices you have made and know you 
have all the tools to excel in any dream you may have. 

As the tassel is turned, a new path you'll make. May God always guide 
you each step you take. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Chris & Scott 

You. art the 

su.kvshi.iA< of our 


Much love, many hugs, 

and lots of kisses. 
Dad, Mom, and Roger 


CongmtulaSons to my wonderful 


Where have the past 18 years gone? 

It seems like only yesterday Uisi I held 

you in my arms. 

Fdlow your dreams and reach for the 


Love you ahvays, 



To my wonderful sister! 

Congratulations and best wishes 

always! Love, Samantha 

^ • mwm ■ -wirjiv n invnmr^ 

Erin, Thank you for your help and support through my first two years of high school. You have achieved 
so many things during the past four years. I love you and hope you do well in college. Love, Cody 

Offering you space to place new steps of change 
Here, on the pulse of this fine day 
You may have the courage 

To look up and out." -MayaAngekxj 

Jjtin, 9V9. atft iop^eoudcfifiML tt\ ha^ 

to tty>ta55. /w an, thounkufM. otc 
^aduatlnM andapUut off to cotUgjk, 
^AmMfdMt ujML ¥rtll almiut If. ou^ " 
(f^inaaAA. "foim. J)ad and (/torn 


We can't imagine a child who could be more loved or more wanted than you, Abby. You have 
fulfilled every parent's dream for their child. You are the kindest, most giving and most understanding 
young woman we have ever known. 

You have loved your brother and sister less able-bodied than you with such tenderness and 
patience. You have dealt with sickness, death and your own fragile health with great courage and 
fortitude. You have faced isolation for your beliefs and risen above it. You have always honored and 
obeyed your parents, grandparents and teachers. Best of all is your wonderful sense of humor and 
optimistic attitude. 

We are blest to know you, to love you and to call you our daughter. Our hearts abound with 
unending thankfulness, that He has chosen us to love you, Abigial. 

Our deepest love to you, our incredible daughter, on yoijr graduation. May you fulfill all that 
God has in store for your life journey and keep Him close to your heart. We will always be there to love 
and support you. All our love. Mom and Dad 

Tarn, Thanks for always being there for me and 
helping me out when 1 needed it. We've had some 
great times together, going camping, everywhere we 
went. You're a great sister and I'm going to miss you 
when you go to college, but you're going to do great. 
Thanks for everything. 

Your brother, Tim 








' ^y^ 

"f 11 

Dear Jamara, 
IVe are sojrroucCto 
fiave you as our 
cCaugfiter. you are 
a funny y smart, 
active and 
ftarcCworking young 
CacCy and -we (ove 
you so mucfu 
Xave, Mom and 'Dad 

We are proud of all your accomplishments, storting with creoting 
^ your own business. You hove olwoys been o coring person, giving 
the shirt off your bock if anyone needed it. When other people found 
excuses, you found the woy. You hove soared with the eagles, now 
you have become one. Love Always, Mom & Dad 

T/ 'Jtff-^.mxfmM^UA'^'r 

"Uure are two things you give your clHQO'en, ones is roots, the other wings. ' 

Andrew, we Sinow your roots have grown deep Because they have Seen cultivated 
By years of love and devotion. You have Been Blessed with the lave and admiration 
of air that truly ^nowyou, and we have Been Blessed with theg^ of you. 
'You have Become an amazing, considerate man with a great future aheadqfyou. 

It is now time to spread your wings. It 's tone to leave the comfortaSle confines 
of your home and chiOniood for college ^e and adulthood Kfep close to your 
heart the morals andvabiesyou have Been raised with and continue to treat 
others with ^puhess The future holds great opportunities for you; do your Best 
to seize each one of them. You will always have our uncomBtional bve and support 

We love you, 
^om and (Dad 


It's so hard to believe youVe going off to cxHiege. I sail can't 

get it througf) ray head. This is one of those times u)hen I reaify wish ue 

never had to grow up because it means uje ujiii go our separate ways. 1 

will miss you so much next year. I wish I cou»d tag aKxig. liKe the o(d 

days. Good iuck and ^^ fun..youli be misssd. Vtxir irttie sister, Ashley 

Sfiftk iie auiet, sfie's sfeepina now, may fih to 
wah ^ but waitawkk /let's stare at fier 
heacefufness an/emau tfial swufness. Sneftff 
asfeep after fur sister 's sona, wakps uh f^ffy 
astftedmislana. ffien hurt's (his (ittk kkk 
Asfifeu aives when s(k awakes. Surfmsin^ aU 
witfi a tiarmless misfal(f. Ot'sadc^tty, il'sjusf 
her wau. Sfie (oves Iter dresses, makts (ittte messes, 
hlaus wild "Mom s maitfi(> hut easi^ confesses, 
^mis amazed hy €ad'sjuitar. "When it's 
out of tune, she's not too far. '* ii 

MaM A"gcl '■ay'* *atcn over you 
C)ur\_<yvc, \)ai. Mom fi'Payla 

m''. ' '.. 'jni..mL'.: \ "■■.■; ug.i'Xi imaumtrxx 

We are so proud of the kind and considerate person you 

have grown up to be and of the accomplishments you 

have made along the way. You have always set such 

high goals for yourself and always manage to achieve 

them. We know you will be successful in whatever you 

do. Good luck in college. We will miss you. 

Love, Mom & Dad 



am so proud of Mou. 

£ove, ^rammu 

Pea' Uucerv/ 

VWAevff . t ija5 se«* or ^^ay6^ 

\ea<K\ to A3 ^' 


" \ to ; 

XUff atM \fld a. OfoWOhN 

a3\ ^xft^ ^^fr Vre. tkiVdkJ 

^^ even teok — tcJ foeirto v>|Vh 

vp\ vooiM 3K\I fee w^ GkvoHfe- 

"*Be 4ArA« ^**^ -^^^ ^'^ ^^'V 'W^A^;t ^*<A. 

Oeo*- Lcuu'eni We'ore^iO'pirouxl'Of 
you/. Yoti/hiMfe/ ^roxavi' unXxythe' 
UH>ruierfid/yotA^n0^wonu!i¥\/ cu\y 
par&nt wotAld/he'thriJled/to- hcL\/e< 
But, they coWt hove'^/oti/, you/ are' 
oury We'cure/thcuikful/ tso-ha^/e/ 
bee^vable'to-hcOi/e/ ihared/the' 
pcLfC cuid/ are/thriUed/to- look/ 
{6r\ucur6i/tXfGf\e/ future/. You/hcui/e/ 
our confide¥\ce/, our hy\/e/artd/Our 
iuppovt. fiemember, paret^\tyhold/ 
their child/ yhand/for o/ihort 
time/, hutyowxoiXl/hold/Our 
hearty forever. 

Hu^£r Kiaey, Monvand/Vad/ 


Congratulations on completing high 
school and choosing the d rection you 
want to go in so confidently; such courage is not as convDon 
as you would think, and is to be corrYnended. College will 
bring many new opportunities and challenges of both an 
academic and social nature; I know the intelligent sincere 
young woman you have grown into will be able to handle 
them well. My b)est wishes for success in your endeavors, 
and always remember although you will be on your own, 
you're not alone. Mom, Dad, Sawyer and I are here for 
anything you need. Love, Evan 

'' lIHIf HW^fWfl 

^■^^- ■''■■ -^- 


You haue grou/n from a cute little girl 
to a beautiful young lady, tile are uery proud of 
you and aluays will be. Loue. tloai S, Dad 



We are very proud of the lovefy young womcai 
that you have become. You are a devoted 
daughter, sister and friend. Stay faithful to all 
that you believe in and keep each of life's 
challenges in proper perspective. When 
something is realty important to you, don '/ let 
anything stand in your way but never step on 
others to succeed. Dream larger than life and 
reach for the stars. When you achieve financial 
success, don 't forget those that you care about 
that might be on a fixed income (us!). 
All our love. Mom <& Dad 

~\Nt'Mt hfld tlie best \iwjts,. Vv*. goii^ to kvdss wow. so m<.w.cVi. i 
Love yoM. ayuX because of youc, I'U. v^vtr Ustei/v, to FolLoutt '^\\ t^1e 
sa^Ke!~U)ve \y)u., k^tie 

— Ekvdly, I Love yoM. so i^nch! yout ana artat bi.g sLster a^k 
have taught kne so M< how to davu^t fui^-i^uj whei^, I'kK 
ti^sucLted!~rU. kuiss you, Chris 

—Eku, I Love you. so kVLuch! i wLLL wiss our dai/v^e parties! i a^w. 
so YYt)\Ask of \fp\A. -for everythiiA^ that you hove o(on<! —Love, Ab 




"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. 

Henry David Thoreau 

Rob, looking in your eyes — 

I see smiles of my little boy from yesterday. I hear your laughter playing with 
buUding blocks, toy trucks, and Legos. 

I see the incredible yourig man you are today. You never cease to amaze me 
with your unwavering integrity, diligence, and sincerity. Your many 
accomplishments awe me. You believe in the goodness of all around you. 

1 see the promise of a wonderful tomorrow. 1 am truly fortuixate and deeply 
honored to share your life, laughter, and love. 

With love and Pride, Mom 

Wherever life may take you Rob,j/ou mil always make me proud. I love you. 

Congratulations, Lauren 

Rob-There really are no words to describe the pride you bring to my heart everyday. You've 
been tireless in your independent pursuit of everyday challenges for many years. Your 
consistent strides of performance, honcff, integrity, and thoughtfulness towards others have 
not, and never will, go unnoticed. Take what you have learned and build on it forever. . .Set 
your goals high, follow your heart and your dreams, and always look back vyrith a smile. 
Love... Dad 283 


MBlll wmiKRWllMMJl 


Erin-Thank you for always being 
there for me, for bringing me 
bowling, to Marc Anthony's and 
to Water Wizz with you and your 
friends. I have so fun much 
hanging out with you. I am so 
happy you are my big sister. Do 
well in college and don't be 
expecting your room when you 
come home to visit! 1 love you 
so much. ^ Lauren 

Erin- Good job. I cant believe you actually n^ade it 
through! -Jimmy- 


Remember Mommy, Daddy, brother 
Jimmy and sister Lauren love you so 
much. You're smart, you're pretty 
and you're fun to play with. You can 
do anything at all if you try and 
believe in yourself. I love you, I 
believe in you and I'm sooo proud 
of you. 

Love Dad 


Snn-The past ^eventegyi ygats have besi^ efults 
ajoumgu-ai^ quite a chaLLe^ige! Now the 
challenge is yours. 7^ni£ni.ber there are yujii^ij 
■paths to choose ii/i- Life-choose wiseLy. you have 
ei^iomtous potei^tiaL'Ctoyi t waste it. i Love you, 
I aruL proud c^ you ai^^ i wiLL aLways be there 
for you. 

Love Moni. 


Matt: You have taken many academic and life lessons from your experiences growing 
up and we are very proud of the way you have faced these challenges. You have made 
many difficult choices over the years but you have always done so by staying true to 
your values. We are very proud of the young man that you have become and of the 
fact that you have earned the 
friendship and respect of so 
many people. 

Your graduation from high 
schools marks the time in 
your life when you begin to 
pursue your dreams and we 
look forward to your 
continued successes. 

We Love You Very Much, 
Mom, Dad, and Megan 



Where has ihe time gone? It is so hard to be//eve that our StOe girt has 
grown into such a beauWui young woman so soon. You have given us so 
much joy and happiness. We are so proud of you and tffe person you 
have become. You have accomplished so much. You have made so 
many wonderful friends throughout your life. The memories you ha»fe 
made will be with you forever TNs is just the beginning of great things to 
come. Your Ability to make others smile and your determination to 
succeed will make all your dreams come true. Always remember that we 
are here for you. Go spread your wings, Kate, and sosf. 
"If I had a nvlSon dollars I would buy you a monkey. ' 
We love you so much, 

Mom, Dad, Mike, Amy, Pai and Andy 


Mom, Pdi>, 
CoLfN, EnfLy 




MOU RK4 KlflD. mm, 

m\\ mOTIKR RIK ^OR> 

I (OULD noT u 




((reAftvi cfitM tmef Wc In/c Mm - Hnn-, P<w( «-n<( M<vrM 

^x^ Con^r3its from / fnewooif Lo^^e C^m^^rotint 

C^'t believe &!s is your 
seDior ye9f. M?e vcill ne^^er 
forget ^e TOoroeDt you 
A^?ef e boTD. \\7e AA?ere so 
}i9ppy. We c^lleJ you 
suDshiDe because you }m)e 
^Jwsys gv7eD us such Joy 
md you J)Ti^ter) e^^eryoDe's d^l We ^e so proud of you. 
Keep up the ^oocf >^ofk. '^est of luck to college md 
TeTOerofeef we fre always here for youl 





Andi, you have afwam made me so hroudto m uour mom. you ftave outdone uounelf in these four short uears 
with uour outstandina acfiievements. 9 onfu want uou to he hahhu in uour fife and uour hface in it whatever uou 
choose to so in the future, just foffow uour heart and uour hassion in these endeavors, mau thisauide uou tofuffi^ina 
uour dreams uou have alwms dreamed. will he here for uou when uou need me; we mau he ahart while uou are at 

coffeae, hutu 

ou Wli 

iffafwaus he with 


me in m 



love uou honeu. Love, "Mom 

AwdREA, I CAN hARdly bdiEVE liiAT you'RE AlnEAdy a senior In hiqh 
school ANd MAkiNq pIans to ATiENd coHecje. SoMEiiMES ir stEMS like 
onIv yesTERdAy iIiat I was pushiNq you \h a stooIIer or swiNq. In so 

MANy WAyS iflis is just tIiE bEqiNNJNq of yOUR lifE. A U/ilolE new AdVENTURE 

iliE pATh JN UIe TAkEs you. I hopE ANd wish ONly liiE besT JN lik. 
ENJoy ANd qood luck AlwAys. Love, DAd 

]\q(elciic/<o / 

S isftr . . . 


■thhf I 

AdJte's «• Gootet-"' -- C/e/ff7 

;i.". 'Jii JB '■'■ v.i'3i"r'.afr.Jimr'\wm.i 

" May the road rise to meet you, may the uind be always 
at your bacK, Hay the sun shine tuarm upon your face, 
the rains fall soft upon your fields and, until ue meet 
again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand ^Q^euc Biessmg 
Loye, Mom, Dad, Conor and Brendan 

litfen to roUr keort and ToU'H be hoppy 

Live your dreams and 
you will have no regrets 

Teffevr your instincts 
vtntC'UQu -wiffBe strfe. 


-And remember, Mikey- 
Pkone Home ! Love, Mom 


nw^jwip<^— ^ 

„jMM»i iiMf.'iiyi 



w^ nR4 come 
TO fni« 
WflTdtinc qou 
PLflq. 40U 

mk TH4 M7"/ 

WITH LOV4 ^ROm qOUR BICG^^ ^flfl^, 

mom, DRD, xRifKn & ^lkr 

\ "^ "r,. 

-^V 11 \ 

V J I 


Thanks for being the greatest sister. I know I haven't made it 
easy, but we've had a lot of fun together growing up. I hope your 
next 4 years are even better than the last. I am always a phone 
call away. Good luck in college!! "Lylas", Adam 

You were never one to sit and watch life from 
the sidelines. Over the years we watched you 
dive with full enthusiasm into everything from 
the Arts to Sports. Always up for the 
challenge. Carly, your t)eautiful smile and 
personality are two of the qualities that lighten 
the hearts of those around you. Your sincerity 
and the love you show to others is why we 
know you will always have strong friendships to 
rely on. You have brought so much joy to our 
family and we are all very proud of all your 
accomplishments and the beautiful person 
you have grown to be. Congratulations on 
all your hard work. This is a new beginning 
to the rest of your life. All your experiences 
and friendships are part of you. We know 
now, that no obstacle can stand in your 
way. Enjoy life everyday. Shine on 
Sweetheart! Love always Mom and Dad 

A :iiji^%jn\.\^ . %^ M.ii'M.imuMiirmK -juhbj 



Hgvin^ you 3s an oMet- bi-othei- 

b^s been gi-eat. 1 will miss you 

when you go off to college, yet 

I know you will achieve gr-eat 

things in life and that makes me 

happy (or you. 

Love, Sam 


We have watched you become the man we are so proud to call 
our son. Go ahead and live your life. We wash you confidence, strength 
and vdsdom. Know that our love is constant and we will always be here. 
296 Love, Mom and Dad 

You atG ^ tem^tk^bh young kdy^mi^ woncjerful p^rt 

of out (kmily. Your accomplishments ate outstanding 

3n4 you continue to live life to the fullest, enjoying 

every moment of every day You live life the way it 

should be, with a passion that shines as bright as yout- 

smile. You never hesitate to accept challenges, striving 

for excellence with compassion for those around you. 

You have a heart of gold and your talents are numerous. 

iA/e are very proud of you and all you have aspired to be. 

As you venture onto your next path in life, reach for the 

stars and know that you have built a strong foundation 

that you can build on. We know the positive direction 

you will take now will guarantee you a promising 
tomorrow. Remember to face each challenge with faith, 
courage and confidence in yourself The world is a better 

place because of you, your music, your art and your 

knowledge of what life is meant to be. Continue to strive 

lor success in all you do; but most importantly, be true 

to yourself live well set the bar high and be happy. 

Remember, we love you and always will. 

Congratulations to you and the Class of2006. 

Our love to you. Mom Sr Pad 

■.." n'., jn a.:: 'wj; jj.rTmrrjr^fc^si ^m 

fjati dre. d art^t H'ite.r, I A^fn 

colitAt dri^ TcncW I Mn 
d^lW^m here, far uou. 


Nevei- p3ss up a chance to sbai-e laughter, hugs, smiles 
an4 cifeams. Never take h'fe ^o\ grantecj. Realize good 
happens to those who are gooci- An4- • ■ 'When you 
come, to a Fork in the road- take it!' Yixtt bchw 

Uie Uiislt -^ou muelt hetppiiteds 

"Mrs. 'Briskois, M. 'Caroi^n, "Mrs. Conned, "Mr. 'C. "Mrs. Crane, 
"Mn. Vownof. "Mn. "EtUf. "Mrs. Oofmnm. ~Mn. ^i/k, "Mn. 74unter. 
"Mn, fCeny, "Mr. "Marino, "JAs. "Mibikfl, "Mn. Smrt/avn, "Mn. Sarl^ 


alwaus awma me a smi 
when mvjokfs art not 
funnu, for beina mere 
wfien {ftjnaj futve 



^m{ yAosfmhorfant^, 
mankj for oeina 
everutfiina couidtvtr 
askfor in a [itt(e sister 


Cfoodiuck. next uear. 



Courfneu, Tnank tjou for afftne unforaettadu memories uou futve ftefhe^ create 
throuahout our cniuwooa. Altnouah, when we were uounaer we didnotafwaus aet 
a/ona, lytew some dm as weaot o(cUr, we would iiecome [)est offrieru^. you art 
a artai herson. Affofuour wonderful cfwracteristia skine throuah uour smile and f 
alow in the twinKje ofvour eves, you have accomhlisned so mucf> in sucli a sdort 
heriod of time. Ot is imhossidle not to tliink. of uou as a herfect role model of wfutt 

a sister, arown woman 
and an all around herson 
slwuldde! Tfumhfor 



Wc feci like it was yesterday when you 

came into our family. You are the laugnter, 

the bright spot of our family. We arc so 

prouo of you as a aaugnter, a sister and a 

young woman on Kcr way to greatness in life. 

Love, Dad, Mo"" a"^ v3ea" 



On SefiaCf of the yearSoo^stajf and the memSers of the 
for aCC that you have contriButed to this year's puBCication, 
It was through your patience and willingness to share your 
taCents that we have the unique yearSoo^cover that 
highCights ourpuSCication. 

On a personaC note, we would Ci^ to expand our 
expression of gratitude to ac^^iowCedge afXthe advice and 
artwork that you have provided over the years. It was 
through your generosity of time andtaCent that we were 
ahCe to create parent ads in a reasonaSCe amount oftime- 
andget home in time for dinner! 

%ith much appreciation, 
Chris and (Donna 

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. 
Art is knowing which ones to keep/' 

-Scott Adams 

Dear Mrs. Sampson, 

I just want to thank you for everyttiing. In ttiese past couple of years, you've done so much for me-especially this year h/ly 

portfolio never would have come together without you. Your kind and jovial nature has been a joy that I've treasured. You've 

never been hesitant to share your knowledge (and supplies!); I've learned so much from you. I've always been amazed by 

your eagerness to go out of your way with your contributions to your students; you're truly a great teacher in every meaning of 

the word. I can't fully express how grateful I am. I'll always appreciate and never forget you. Thank you so much for 



Megan Arthurs 

Throughout the years of my high school career, Mrs. Sampson has been a driving force for my growth and 
inspiration both in and out of school. As an artist and musician, innovative ideas and creation ore the key elements 
to success. We live in a society where art and music have become a business, where only the clever and 
marketable ideas sun/ive. Mrs. Sampson never tires in her effort to expand normal ideas above and beyond into 
refreshing new perspectives. She has always provided a corhfortable atmosphere with much room for 
experimentation and thought. 

Mrs. Sampson: I would like to express my gratitude for all the efforts you have made to help create the platform for 
my career in the art. You have been an excellent teacher, mentor, and friend along the way. 

Thank you, 
Alex Boris 

'TTiose who bring sunshine info the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves" 

(James M. Barric) 





Obery Street, Plymouth, MA 02360 Tel: (508) 830-4400 Fax: (508) 830-4405 

John J. Siever 


'A Community of Self Directed, Lifelong Learners' 

Mary E. Callahan 

Assistant Principal 
Dennis A. Azevedo 

Assistant Principal 

To the Class of 2006, 

Congratulations! You have arrived! Onbehalf of the faculty and staff of Plymouth North High 
School I want to acknowledge your accomplishments and thank you for your contributions to our 
school. You should be proud that your self-discipline and hard work have paid dividends. 

Please continue to strive for excellence and I hope in the future that you will remain educated, 
informed, responsible and productive citizens of your community. 

Best wishes. 

John J. Siever 

We make a living by what we get; 
we make a life by what we give. 

Sir Winston Churchij 

In recognition of all that our retirees have given to the Plymouth North High 
School con>munity. We wish you health and happiness os you move on to the 
next phase of your life. 





futurt 4rtMn$ CMi nex^tr iMt 
y^^ktn ii(rui\n^ vjffuntlf lix^ina 

%u.ff tnn/ina on to kiaktr armn^ 
holcina for tkt W(Km tint 

H^1u. tke. Wst 

cVtrutkifUj Will 

CMfnt in tifne, 

L Heywood 

May your uearboolc 

bring much happiness, 

laugnter, and 

cnerisned memories. 
May CJoa £>less you 

and keep uou safe. 

Love, Christine Sampson, 
JAsfiCey, Day la. Josh, Lindsay, 
JMex, JAdam, Taige, & "RacheC 

frOYn/(ira4%d/vna/Eddy, Tyler, Awicvvxjdx^/dc CcCU/ 

MfliA^Lj thfli/vles to «U stflff \, who -put couv\tless hours, iv±o m.a)R,lv\^ our Q.00(e> 
utarboo\z fl success. Mflw yow. all rtallze how Lm^portfli^t your co\/d:rlbutlo\A.s wtrt to 
oov\tl\A.ulv\^ a Plijmouth North H-lgl^ School trfldLtloiA,. with Love, Mrs. Bddij 

Imaginjj all \h^ pjzopljj living lifjj in pmQ^- you may say I'm a driiamjir, but I'm not 
thjz, only onji. I hopji somjiday you'll join us, and \h^ World will liV(i as onji. (johnLennon) 



Cynn/wmaiia^ dO' dm ClaAA> U 20Ub GymrnjjmiA^ dy dm C(a&^ op 20ub Cynjo/iaUm/ynAf 






Dear Class of 2006, 

It seems like Just yesterday when we watched you 
enter the auditorium for our first class meeting in 
September of 2002. We must admit that we were 
a little stunned by your immature manners, and 
we wondered what we were getting ourselves into 
having requested to be your co-advisors. Time and 
experience have certainly Improved the Class of 2006. 
Of course, your advisors have also mellowed during 
these past four years. We are very proud of your 
many accomplishments and how you have matured 
into such a wonderful group of young men and women. 

Thank you for the wonderful memories these past 
four years: car washes, class dances, baseball games. 
Papa Gino nights. Spirit Weeks, etc. We have enjoyed 
many laughs and great times! May you continue to 
contribute to society and always enjoy life to its fullest. 

Qurbest wishes, 

Mrs. Dolloff ^^^ 


VzJa/v..^ la>-^_ 

'rs. Bernstein 

« VWRE Orr TO ClffAT PLAeCS ! 


voui^ (BoufiTAin IS wAmnc, 

SO.„en' Ofl VOUI^ WW ! » or Seuss 

CUss of 2006 

for ^11 the 
Goo4 Times 

Melanie DollofF, 
Ti-evor N^dile, 
/ M mk A jenna Bi-oclenck, 

Karen Bernstein, 

Brian na Ma honey, 

Emily Turner, 

Sara Balboni 



Ji^ Jw (m d ^OOb Gmammlm/!^ d9' dm Uwa^ 4 200b GmmUaJbmJ^ Jo 3L otiA^ »f 


■ ■null. i^ iMiiy iHip^ ip^ IJPP.MI'1'J^»^^^ !■ 'fJMTl^lieWtAjy^rtr.Qa^i.liJi'^. g'^T T'/M"'?TtTl»;g^ET 



- •''^ 

.-.. #*: 


' • -•